Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 386

Chapter 386
Victor raised his head, sensing that Rachel was staring at him.


Their eyes met all of a sudden and she quickly averted her gaze.



Victor’s eyes darkened as soon as he noticed that she avoided eye contact with him.


No one could guess what was going through his mind.


“Mommy, try this!”




Joey observed that Rachel didn’t eat much, so he placed a sparerib onto her plate and urged her to try it.



The little kid assumed his mother had no appetite because of Victor’s presence.


Hearing this, Rachel turned to face Joey with a smile.






She tried to regain her composure and forced herself to forget about the events of last night.




Soon, lvan entered the restaurant, looking like he was in a hurry.


“Mr.Sullivan,” he said as he approached their table.His eyes widened when he spotted Rachel sitting next to Victor. “Miss Bennet.” “Ivan,” Rachel replied casually. It suddenly occurred to Ivan that Victor had asked him to bring him two sets of clothes this morning. He was confused as to why Victor requested for women’s clothing, but after reading today’s news, he assumed it was for Susan.He never expected it was for Rachel. “What’s the matter?”


Victor asked as he looked up at him. Hearing his question, Ivan came back to his senses.He walked over to him and glanced at Rachel. A fter hesitating for a moment, he leaned closer and said, “Mr.Salazar wants to see you, Mr.Sullivan.” A s soon as the video was posted on the internet, Susan’s name had been trending along with the Salazar Group. Because it was regarded as a major scandal, it had a detrimental impact on the Salazar Group’s stock price. James was in shock, unable to handle the fall.His last resort was to ask Victor for help.He was the only person who could give him assistance. “I’m not seeing him,” Victor coldly remarked.


Rachel was eating the sparerib with her eyes down and appeared to be uninterested, but the talk between Ivan and Victor caught her attention.


If Ivan hadn’t mentioned James, she would have forgotten about Susan.


Her mind was telling her to check her phone and read the news, but as soon as she placed her hand in her pocket, she remembered her phone battery was dead.


Rachel pursed her lips, realizing she could only read the articles once she returned home.


“Understood, Mr.Sullivan.”


Victor’s refusal came as no surprise to Ivan.


Susan had done such a thing, yet the Salazar family still expected Victor to help them? The rest of the lunch was very awkward.


After they finished eating, Victor and tvan headed out without saying anything.


Rachel prepared to leave as well.She had no desire to be here any longer.She asked Joey to stay here for a bit, then went upstairs to get her phone.


But when she came down, Joey wasn’t in his spot anymore. “Miss Bennet, Mr.Sullivan and Joey are waiting for you outside,” Ivan remarked. Rachel was surprised to see him waiting by the entrance. She thought Ivan had already left with Victor just now. Didn’t Victor leave? Rachel pressed her lips in a thin line and walked out of the restaurant. When she came outside, she saw a Maybach parked at the door. “Mommy, I’m here!”


The window of the back seat rolled down, revealing Joey and Victor sitting next to each other. Why didn’t he leave? Why was Joe with him in the car? Did he expect her to just go inside? Rachel’s mind was filled with questions as she slowly approached them. She slung the coat over her arm and unconsciously clenched her hands. Ivan opened the back door for her and said, “Miss Bennet, please.” Joey moved closer to Victor in order to leave some room for Rachel. “Mommy, get in the car.We’re going home.”


Chapter 386

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