Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 389

Chapter 389
The indicator light outside the operating room was turned off.

At the same time, Victor walked out of the elevator.

Ivan, who had been waiting at the elevator, immediately greeted him, “Mr.Sullivan.”

Acknowledging his presence, Victor nodded at him.

The door of the operating room sprang open, revealing the doctor who was taking off his mask.

He glanced at the people waiting outside and asked, “Who is the patient’s family?”



“I…I am her mother.Doctor, how is my daughter?”


It was Tammy who responded first.




She hurriedly approached the doctor with a worried expression.Her gown and hair were both in a mess.Her poise and elegance were gone because of what had happened tonight.


“Mrs.Salazar, your daughter just had a gastric lavage.But don’t worry, she’s safe now.You just have to wait for about an hour before she wakes up.”




The doctor took a form from the nurse and handed it to Tammy.


“Mrs.Salazar, please sign this and go through the hospitalization procedures.”


Relieved that Susan was out of danger now, Tammy exhaled deeply as if she had been holding her breath for a long time.


“Thank you,” she said and then signed the form.


Once the doctor was gone, Tammy asked someone to arrange Susan’s admission procedures.


Only then did she remember her husband, who had been silent the whole time.


Just as she turned around to talk to him, James had already walked up to Victor.




James’ appearance was no better than Tammy’s; his suit was crumpled, and his tie was crooked. But he quickly straightened it and forced a smile when he saw Victor. “As soon as the video went viral online last night, tons of reporters and Miss Salazar’s fans flocked outside Waterfront Hotel.The police only arrived in the afternoon to help Miss Salazar leave the hotel.But when she went home, she took a lot of sleeping was their servant who found her unconscious,” Ivan explained. He didn’t have to explain what happened after because Victor had already heard what the doctor said.


A trace of embarrassment flashed across James’ face when Ivan mentioned the video.He had watched the video himself. A nd even though others might not be able to recognize Susan right away, he did. A fter all, she was his was just hard to believe that at her birthday party, she… But that was not what was important now. James was problematic about the Salazar Group. His phone almost exploded with the number of messages and calls he received from the board directors.


If he failed to give them a reasonable explanation, he might lose his position as the CEO. “Mr.Sullivan, the video last night was a was a trap.Someone wanted to ruin Susan’s reputation.” In a hurry, James thought of an excuse.He knew that if he didn’t say anything, his entire family would be doomed. “A trap?” The corner of Victor’s lips raised.His voice was dripping with sarcasm as he spoke. “Did Susan tell you that?” James was stunned with his question. Of course, it was just a guess.


He had assumed that since Victor was the best man out there, Susan wouldn’t dare to choose a scumbag over him.


Even if Victor didn’t want to marry Susan anymore, James believed that his daughter wouldn’t settle for less.


So naturally, he thought it was a trap.


“Ivan.” Victor didn’t want to explain anything to James.


Understanding what he meant, Ivan clicked on a video and showed it to James.


Although the latter was confused, he still took the phone and played the video.


The video was short and had low quality, but James could easily tell that the person in it was Susan.


It was shot at the entrance of Waterfront Hotel.


There was no sound, but he could tell from the video that Susan seemed to have a pleasant conversation with the man whom she made out with later.It meant Susan knew him.


If it was indeed a trap, the mastermind wouldn’t use someone she knew.


Moreover, the man went to the villa after he and Susan separated.


By the time the video ended, James’ face was already gloomy.


“It…There must be some misunderstanding…”


The evidence was shoved into his face, but James still found it hard to believe.He was lost for words.


“Mr.Salazar, there is one more thing you have to know.We found out that Miss Salazar’s assistant transferred money to this man’s bank account five minutes after they separated.”

A s he explained, Ivan took the phone from James’ hand and looked for the transfer record to show it to him. When James saw the amount, his eyes widened in shock. ‘Five million dollars? Yes, Susan’s assistant transferred five million dollars to the man’s bank account.


How could an assistant have so much money? The money transfer happened after Susan met that man.Did that mean…? James’ lips parted, but he couldn’t say anything. He suddenly felt that his head was spinning.He had thought that someone must have plotted against Susan, but now he was told that he was wrong.

It was stupid of him to hope that he could beg for Victor’s help one last time since he used to be Susan’s fiance. Now it was impossible. How could Victor help them after his daughter cheated on him? Thinking of this, James staggered. His chest hurt as if it had been stabbed with a knife.


“Lit’s all my fault. lf Susan did this, 1…1 will tie her up and ask her to apologize to you, Mr. Sullivan. Please, Mr. Sullivan, have mercy on us.”

Having no intention of staying for a long time, Victor checked the time on his watch. Taking the hint, Ivan handed a folder to James. With a puzzled expression, James accepted it. But he hesitated to read it. “What’s this?” “Termination contract.” It was just two words, but James felt like a bomb had exploded in front of him.


His hands trembled, causing him to drop the folder on the floor. A piece of paper fell, which clearly stated that the cooperation of the Sullivan Group and the Salazar Group had ended. “As for the penalty, our lawyers will contact you soon. lf you have any questions, you can contact them at any time,” Ivan continued in a low voice. A s if he was struck by lightning, James stood there speechless and unmoving.


Chapter 389

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