Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Homeless (Part Two) When James finally regained his senses, Ivan and Victor had already left the premises. He remained standing motionless with a blank expression. Watching him from across the room in silence, Tammy couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Her husband didn’t even care to ask about their daughter’s wellbeing. All James could think about was the Salazar Group. However, she knew that they were in big trouble now, so she kept her thoughts to herself instead and picked up the file from the floor. “I have to go back to the company before it’s too late.” Before Tammy could even respond, James left in a hurry. Seeing that her husband cared more about the company than their own daughter, Tammy felt her blood boil in an instant. She rushed after him and grabbed his arm. “What is the matter with you? Are you going to leave our daughter here while she’s struggling to recover? She needs both of her parents!” Tammy raised her voice and pushed him in frustration. But all James could think about was the imminent termination of the contract. Once the cooperation between the Salazar Group and the Sullivan Group ended, the consequences would be severe. The Salazar Group might have to file for bankruptcy, and James couldn’t allow that to happen. He was in no mood to listen to Tammy’s complaints. Shoving her aside impatiently, he glared at her and said, “Get out of my way. I have no time for this.”

James was a strong man, and the brute force sent Tammy staggering a few meters away. How dare he push her like that? She clenched her fists in anger and shouted, “What the hell is wrong with you?” At this moment, the elevator doors opened. Tammy quickly stepped forward and blocked the entrance, preventing James from leaving. “What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? I said get out of my way!” James was in no mood to argue with his wife. He was getting annoyed by her constant pestering. “Oh, so you think I’m insane? James Salazar, have you forgotten that you are a father? Our daughter is in the hospital, fighting for her life! We almost lost our little girl! And look at you now! Have you stopped to ask about her? What have you done as a father? From last night until this moment, you have been busy talking about work on the phone, and you never once showed concern for our daughter! Have you forgotten about your responsibility to her?” Tammy fired her words of disappointment and resentment at her husband relentlessly. Her eyes turned red with tears at the thought of Susan, who was still unconscious in the hospital bed.

Amidst all the turmoil and issues surrounding them, Susan was still her beloved daughter. She had been the apple of her mother’s eye since she was born. It broke Tammy’s heart to see her precious child in such a dreadful state. “Excuse me? Are you questioning my role as her father? What do you want me to do? Tell me. Let’s hear another one of your bright ideas. Do you want the entire Salazar Gro i opinie down with her? Do you know how much I sacrificed for this family?” Whenever Tammy cried in

the past. James would hold her in his arms and comfort her with words of endearment. But now that she wept in front of him, he only felt irritated. A moment of dreadful silence hung in the air. “Huh? What do you mean that the Salazar Group is going down with her?” After a minute of waiting, the elevator doors closed automatically, and the lift began its descent. James threw his hands up in frustration, then pressed the button as he waited once more. He tried to calm himself down, but his patience was running thin. “Just read the document.” Tammy frowned in confusion as she slowly opened the folder in her hand. The words “termination contract” immediately caught her attention. With a wave of anxiety in her heart, Tammy quickly browsed the file. There were several business terms with underlying conditions, but a few key phrases stood out, such as “the Sullivan Group” and “the Salazar Group.” No further explanation was needed. Like a splash of cold water on her face, she suddenly realized the severity of her husband’s situation. Her expression became livid. With seething eyes, she voiced out her anger. “What is this? How could Victor break his promise? This is unacceptable! Even if Susan slept with someone else, it doesn’t matter anymore because they’re no longer engaged. Besides, it’s obvious that it was Victor who didn’t want to proceed with the wedding anyway!” Having been raised in a wealthy family, Tammy tended to view matters differently from the rest of society. There were several instances wherein she failed to see the bigger picture and only cared about herself. She didn’t need to be reasonable. After all, other people constantly adjusted to her needs and beliefs all her life. However, the truth was that the Salazar Group was nothing compared to the Sullivan Group. Something needed to be done to save the cooperation, or else Tammy and her family would suffer the consequences. “Do you hear yourself? Do you really think all this trouble is caused by infidelity? The Sullivan Group has funded countless projects of the Salazar Group in the past years. When Mr. Sullivan broke off the engagement to Susan, he signed a new strategic partnership with us. Do you really think that he would terminate the cooperation just because he thought Susan cheated on him?” Tammy was stunned. She gulped nervously and asked, “Then, what could be the reason for this?” With a loud ting, the elevator finally arrived at their floor once again. “Why don’t you go and ask your precious daughter what she has done?” James didn’t want to waste more time reasoning with Tammy. He brushed past her and entered the elevator.

Tammy stood still with the folder in her hand, lost in thought. She didn’t come to her senses until the elevator doors closed.

The controversial video spread like wildfire online and sent shockwaves in the news industry. Becky had been busy the whole time managing her workload in the company, and Susan hadn’t responded to the scandal at all. It was as if she was waiting for the issue to simply blow over and for everyone to forget about it.

However, the stock price of the Salazar Group continued to plummet, and it was about to go bankrupt soon. Both distraught shareholders and concerned employees began to gather at the gate of the Salazar Group headquarters to protest. Earlier that day, the Sullivan Group officially announced that they would soon terminate the cooperation with the Salazar Group. This revelation became shocking news in both the entertainment and the business world. On the 33rd floor of the Sullivan Group building The elevator doors slid open to unload its sole passenger. Ivan stepped out into the hallway and went straight to the CEO’s office with a serious demeanor. The door to the office was slightly ajar. Ivan raised his hand and knocked politely to announce his arrival before coming in. “Mr. Sullivan, the paternal test result had been sent here,” Ivan said as he put the paperwork on the desk. Putting down his pen, Victor looked at the document with a blank expression and said, “Open it.” Hearing this, Ivan unzipped the file bag and took out the test result. There were a few pieces of paper with all kinds of data and professional terms printed on each page. He quickly scanned each paragraph, but he didn’t understand what they meant. In addition to the test result, a small bag of pills had been delivered by the clinic. At a glance, Ivan immediately recognized what they were meant for. They were all white round pills with the letter “T” printed on each piece. It was a new medicine that Victor had been using recently for his sleeping problem. But why did he send the pills to be tested? While Ivan began to wonder, he turned to the last page of the test result and saw the word “Sildenafil.” It was one of the main ingredients of the medicine. “What?” Ivan’s jaw dropped in shock. How could there be sildenafil in the medicine? Wasn’t it some kind of aphrodisiac? How could it possibly be used to treat a sleep disorder? With several thoughts running through his mind, Ivan quickly checked the composition list and discovered that the dosage was not that high. “There’s something I need to tell you, Ivan. I was drugged that night in Waterfront Hotel,” Victor said in a low voice. “What? You were drugged? By whom?” Astonishment was written all over Ivan’s pale face. He returned his gaze at the word “Sildenafil” on the paper and then something quickly formed inside his mind.  Daily Latest update

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