Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Homeless (Part Three) One tablet of sildenafil was insufficient to attain the desired results. So the aphrodisiac effect was only inhibited because there were other substances. If the aphrodisiac chemicals didn’t get flushed out of his system, one would be able to feel the effects after a while. Victor had been taking the medication for half a month. It was indeed half a month’s dosage. “Dr. Turner recommended this medication for you, Mr. Sullivan. Is it possible that Dr. Turner was the one who…” Ivan was unable to complete his thoughts, but the truth was clear. Everything was handled by Dr. Turner, from the prescription through Victor’s first dose of the medication. The medicine couldn’t have been tampered with by anybody else if not him.


“What could be Dr. Turner’s reasons for doing that?” For financial gain? Victor gave him a salary of almost $10 million every year. In addition, the hospital paid him a salary. Prior to employing Dr. Turner, Ivan had conducted a thorough background check on him. Dr. Turner’s family was well-off and in good health. He didn’t have a lot to spend his money on. More than half of the additional healthcare subsidies he received were donated to a nearby welfare home. He didn’t seem to be the kind to do anything like that for money. Ivan scowled, puzzled as to why Dr. Turner would take the risk of tampering with the medication. Victor remained silent, his black eyes fixed on the clear bag containing the tablets in Ivan’s hands. The look on his face shifted when he heard Victor’s question. Whatever he was thinking, only he could tell. “Mr. Sullivan, I’ll request that someone immediately bring Dr. Turner here.” To understand Dr. Turner’s motivations, this was the quickest and most convenient route to take. With his thumb rubbing across his knuckles, Victor made a minor adjustment to his index finger. A line was drawn between his small lips. His jaw was well-formed. When he wasn’t talking, the atmosphere was always tense. No one could tell Victor’s mood. Ivan concluded that his silence meant that he concurred with his proposal. If Victor didn’t say anything, it signified that he didn’t object to the situation. Ivan sent his men to the hospital right away and bring Dr. Turner with them. Ivan’s guys called him ten minutes later. He scowled significantly after picking up the phone. “What time did he leave?” After a while, Ivan ordered, “Continue your search for him. Increase the number of guards at the hospital.” After Ivan ended the call, he turned to Victor, who stared at him deeply. “Mr. Sullivan… The head of the hospital said that Dr. Turner requested an annual leave this morning and he has left the hospital,” Ivan finally responded after a period of contemplation. “Ah, I see,” Victor said softly as if he was unsurprised by the outcome.  ?

Seeing Victor’s indifference, Ivan asked, “Mr. Sullivan, could you possibly know Dr. Turner’s whereabouts?” “I don’t have any information about that.” That was all he said. “Dr. Turner just asked for leave this morning. If he is going to leave Apliaria, he probably hasn’t left the city yet.” Ivan peered through the French window. The clouds were dark and heavy, and it seemed as though it might rain hard. “Today and tomorrow are expected to be very wet days. As a result, all trains and flights will be grounded for a while. I’ll ask our people to keep an eye on the hospital, airport, and railway stations. Whenever Dr. Turner shows up, we’ll have him in our grasp.” Victor shook his head and peered out of the window. “I don’t think he’ll be leaving Apliaria.” “How so, sir?” Ivan was taken aback at first, but his shock quickly gave way to confusion. Why would it be a surprise if Dr. Turner switched the medication and then requested an annual leave? Was it possible that Dr. Turner imagined that the most perilous location on Earth was also the


This puzzled Ivan. “Where could Dr. Turner go if he didn’t intend to leave Apliaria?” “Get your men out of the hospital.” Victor’s voice sounded huskier and colder. “Send people to monitor the Salazar family’s residence.” ‘The Salazar family? Does it have anything to do with the Salazar family?’ Ivan was abruptly struck by something. Was Dr. Turner connected to the Salazar family in any way? According to what Ivan had found about the Salazar family, Dr. Turner had just a few interactions with them.


Among the Salazar family, there was one individual that Dr. Turner had met and known. That was obviously Susan. Dr. Turner and Susan, the birthday celebration, the drugging… Ivan saw a brief glimpse of what seemed to be an invisible thread linking these three things.

Rachel contacted Clara twice on the night of the birthday celebration, but Clara was busy taking care of Riley, so she didn’t answer the phone. There was no response when Clara tried to call again, and the phone number she dialed was off. Clara assumed the call was a sales pitch and stopped calling. It wasn’t until the second day that she discovered just how much news was on the internet about Susan. She had just gotten out of bed when she heard on the television about what had occurred the previous night at Waterfront Hotel. Ameer and his mother afterward paid a visit to the Jimenez family. Megan and Clara’s mother talked about what happened at Waterfront Hotel. They all had a collective loathing for Susan. Clara, who was sitting next to them, did not want to join in the conversation. She was responding to a colleague’s text message on her cell phone. Ameer’s mom had been talking about this with other rich ladies at least five times in the preceding two days. Ameer so badly wanted to get out of that place when he heard the topic again.

Megan stopped him by grabbing his hand and asked, “Where are you going? Your cousin just arrived. You can’t miss dinner today.” “I’m going for a brief stroll. Furthermore, I’ve had enough of hearing what you’re discussing.” “You holy terror…” “Let him leave if he wants to. I, too, am itching to venture out for a little. In fact, it’s been a long time since Ameer visited us here. I’ll take him out to the yard.” Clara despised the slanderous chitchat of the other women. She didn’t give a second thought to the gossip. Let alone Ameer, she would be fed up with the same rumors. That was why she decided to speak for him. Megan remained silent after hearing this. She allowed Ameer to go. Having been granted permission by his mother, Ameer departed from the living room and headed for the backyard. Clara was right behind him. She got a phone call from one of her coworkers. She answered the phone and talked to her coworker for a while. After hanging up, she saw Ameer staring at his phone in a daze.

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