Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Homeless (Part Four) 

Clara patted Ameer on the arm. She did so gently and stood beside him. “What are you thinking about? You appear to be lost in thoughts.” Ameer put his phone away in a hurry. He calmed himself down and touched the tip of his nose. “I am not thinking about anything.” But it didn’t look like nothing was on his mind. Clara didn’t believe what he said. Still, she refused to ask him any more questions. Instead, she led him along the path in the backyard, Ameer heaved a sigh of relief since Clara didn’t continue to ask questions. He put his left hand into his pocket and touched the edges of the mobile phone. There was a trace of hesitation in his eyes. He stared at her and asked, “How is Riley?” As soon as Clara heard what he said, she stopped and turned around. She didn’t understand what he meant. “Riley?”

“Yes. Didn’t he have an allergic reaction on the night of the birthday party?” Ameer looked at her.

“Oh, I wasn’t quite sure about what you were talking about at first. Well, she is at her grandmother’s at the moment. And she is doing fine.” A soft smile appeared on Clara’s face. After that, she thought of something. “But how did you know that she had an allergy?”

On the night of the birthday party when Riley suffered from an acute allergic reaction, Clara took her to the lounge on the second floor. The two of them just stayed there for a short time. But after noticing that Riley was really uncomfortable, Clara quickly asked the driver to take her to the hospital. This was done without the knowledge of


Clara recalled that Ameer had been absent-minded with his phone in his hand. After taking a guess, she asked him tentatively, “Did Rachel tell you about it?” “Yes, she did. I met her on the way.” Ameer touched his neck subconsciously while he was still talking. “She asked me for your phone number and also made mention of the fact that Riley had an allergy. She went out to buy the medicine. She tried to contact you. But it was to no avail.”

Two days passed, yet Ameer couldn’t stop himself from thinking about the night when they were in Waterfront Hotel. Rachel was sitting alone on the big stone. The breeze blew her hair. At that time, the light was not bright. The faint moonlight shed a soft glow on her. As a result, it was as if half of her body was almost hidden in darkness. There was a perceivable coldness in her. The scene looked like a painting.

Her figure had gotten so stuck in Ameer’s mind that it couldn’t be erased. Ameer sent Clara’s phone number to her that day. And in the process of doing so, he got Rachel’s number. Just now, he had been staring at her number on his phone. He had been very hesitant to give her a call.. “Oh, now it figures! At that time, my attention was on Riley. I was taking care of her. It didn’t occur to me to check my phone. It was later that I saw two strange calls. They must have been from her.” Clara looked at Ameer’s face. She appeared to be somewhat surprised. She knew that Ameer had a crush. And judging from his burning passion for Rachel, Clara was quite convinced that he really loved her. It was only one night. How could such a big change have happened during that time? “Ameer, you…” Clara opened her mouth and wanted to say something. But she didn’t know how to express her opinions aptly. It was quite difficult to say that Rachel was not a good match for him. There was no denying the fact that her own brother was deeply in love. He could not even extricate himself. Clara had tried to persuade him. But in the end, it was all in vain. Ameer was her cousin. Notwithstanding, she wasn’t sure whether or not it was possible for her to talk about this. “Is there a problem?” Ameer felt strange. He wondered why Clara didn’t finish what she was saying.


“No, there isn’t,” Clara replied with a smile. “How long have you known Rachel? Are you very familiar with each other?” Ameer anticipated her response. Clara pursed her lips. She turned around and walked forward. Ameer followed her. There was a glimmer of light in his eyes. She could not resist his penetrating gaze. Therefore, Clara had to talk to him. “Ameer, you know that Rachel is two years older than you, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” It was quite obvious that he didn’t expect what Clara said to him. Ameer looked like a shy boy whose secret had just been exposed. His earlobes became slightly red and he touched his neck. “So you figured it out, huh?”

“Of course. It is quite obvious.” Clara inhaled and exhaled deeply. At this juncture, she opened up to him. “I don’t think Rachel is right for you.”

In the wink of an eye, Ameer’s countenance changed. He forced a smile and said, “Why is that so? You are the second person to tell me that.” “Artt who is the first person to mention that to you?”

“Rachel.” After a brief pause, Ameer continued, “She told me the same thing. She said that we were not right for each other. I asked her why. Do you know what response she gave me?”

“What was her response?”

“Rachel told me that she didn’t like tall men.”

At first, Clara was a little surprised that Rachel had already refused Ameer. But when she suddenly heard the reason behind it, she choked on her saliva and coughed several times. After that, she couldn’t help laughing.

Ameer looked at her without a trace of laughter on his face. “Well, that sounds like something Rachel would say.” Clara found it a little too much to smile so happily in front of someone who had been rejected by his love. And the man in question happened to be her cousin. So she quickly suppressed the laughter. Notwithstanding, the smile at the corners of her mouth could not be hidden. On the other hand, Ameer seemed like he couldn’t care less. “Does she always use such outrageous reasons to refuse others? This is the first time that I’ve heard such a reason. I am too tall. Isn’t it ridiculous?” Clara didn’t know if she had ever used the same reason to refuse others. But it wasn’t unlike Rachel to behave in such a manner. And it was quite understandable why Rachel said so. She didn’t want Ameer to keep being fascinated by her. Clara’s mind wandered. She recalled what Rachel had said to her four years ago at the hospital. Both of them were sitting on the balcony of the ward and looking at the scenery outside. Rachel told her that she liked freedom. At that time, she just got divorced. Everyone thought that Rachel loved Victor so much that she even did everything to stay with him. Clara thought so too. However, Rachel was no longer in love with Victor. She made it clear that she wanted to escape. She wanted to be free. And when the time was right, Rachel went away! After waiting for a long time without getting any response from Clara, Ameer had to speak to her a little louder than usual. “Are you even listening to me?” he asked discontentedly. “What?” Clara came to herself and smiled. “Oh that! I heard everything you said.”

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Ameer sighed slightly. It was evident that he was a little upset. Clara looked at him and said, “You have to listen to

me. Give up before you get any deeper.”

Ameer had thought that she would be supportive as regards what he felt for Rachel. He found it hard to believe that

when he finally loved someone, everybody kept on persuading him not to go on with it.

“You are not a good match. And as a result, you can’t be with her,” Glara said earnestly. “Even if it was not because of your height, there would have been something else. You ought to know that the reason why Rachel said so was that she wanted you to give up.” Ameer heard everything Clara was saying to him. It made his face darken.

He understood that she was making a point.

Still, he couldn’t get Rachel out of his mind.

Suddenly, Clara’s began to ring She took a look at the caller ID. It was a strange phone number. But as soon as Ameer saw it, he could tell who was


“The call is from Rachel,” Ameer said.

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