Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Homeless (Part Five) 

Seeing the look on Ameer’s face, Clara immediately realized that what she said to him was in vain.

Ameer and Roger had been best of friends since childhood. Their closeness caused them to have many similariti

For instance they were both determined and stubborn. If there was something they liked, nothing and no one could

stop them from pursuing it. Unfortunately, they fell in love with the same woman. Considering their characters, who would want to back down? Clara sighed at this thought. On the other hand, Ameer excused himself since he knew Clara and Rachel had something private to talk about. “I’m a little thirsty. I’ll just go fetch some water.” With that, he turned around and left

The phone kept ringing. It looked like Rachel wouldn’t stop calling her. As Clara watched Ameer’s receding figure, she answered the phone. “Hi, Rachel.”

During the first few weeks of this month, the weather was cold. Luckily, today, the sun rose high in the sky so it was warm. 

From a distance, Clara saw a Cayenne approaching the villa where she was waiting. When it pulled over, she walked closer to greet the woman who just got out of the car. “Hi, Rachel.” Clara and a nurse wearing a pink uniform welcomed Rachel. “Hi, Clara.” Rachel smiled at the two women politely. The door on the other side opened and closed, revealing a small figure of a boy. Joey walked to Rachel and held her hand tightly. Then, he looked up at Clara with a hint of curiosity in his eyes. Clara was surprised when she saw Joey. It was her first time to see Joey. When she noticed how much the kid resembled Victor, she was astonished. “Is he Mr. Sullivan’s nephew?” “Emm…yes.” Rachel could only give a vague answer. In order to change the topic, she looked down at Joey and introduced Clara to him. “Joe, this is Clara, a great doctor. Only then did Clara come back to her senses. She bent down and offered her hand to Joey for a handshake. “Hello, little guy. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too. My name is Joey. Since you are my mommy’s friend, you can call me Joe, too.” Joey’s innocent face and his sweet greeting captured Clara’s heart immediately. Perhaps she was too focused on his cute little face that she subconsciously ignored how he addressed Rachel. The nurse behind Clara stepped forward and reminded them, “Dr. Jimenez, Miss Bennet, it’s almost the time for the appointment.” Hearing this, Clara glanced at her watch and then at Rachel. “Let’s go inside.” What Joey knew was that his mother came here to meet a male friend. Therefore, when he saw a beautiful female and heard about the appointment, he was a little confused. “Mommy, is Aunt Clara the person you’re going to meet? Didn’t you say you’ll be meeting a male friend?” . The nurse walked ahead of them, leading the way. Clara was beside Rachel and Joey, so she heard what he said. She figured that her friend didn’t tell the kid what kind of place this was. 

But Rachel didn’t answer any of Joey’s questions.

The inside of the villa appeared to be completely different from the outside. This three-story structure had been constructed for a few years and its outer walls were clad in Boston ivy. The leaves of the Boston ivy turned yellow in the late fall season, which added to the melancholy vibes of the villa from the outside as if an old man was resting in a rocking chair, peacefully bathing in the sun.

But the interior of the villa was relatively different from the exterior. It was simple, and the color palette that had been used was warm. Below their feet was the floor made of wood. Above was the high ceiling where the sunlight streamed through. There was a slight floral scent in the air, which could help people feel a little relaxed. When Joey was thinking about where his dad’s rival in love was, he heard footsteps coming from the stairs. “Clara.” A gentle voice of a man rang in the quiet villa.

In an instant, Joey became vigilant. He looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man wearing casual clothes

walking towards them. Clara greeted him first. “Hi, Justin. Long time no see.” “I’m surprised that you remember me. I couldn’t believe it when you called me this morning. How long haven’t you contacted me since you graduated from school?” As Justin teased Clara, he took a glance at Rachel and Joey. He frowned at the feeling the latter gave him. It was as if the little boy was looking at a thief. But this feeling quickly disappeared, which made Justin think that he was just imagining things. When he looked at Joey again, the little boy lowered his head while holding Rachel’s hand, seemingly lost in thought. “You have the nerve to blame me, huh? Aren’t you the one who’s always busy? You’re always nowhere to be found, either giving a speech or furthering your study somewhere.” Although it sounded like an accusation, Clara was smiling “If it is you who asks me out, how can I not spare time to meet you?” Justin joked. After that, he looked at Rachel and asked Clara, “aren’t you going to introduce her to me?” “This is the person I told you about this morning. She’s Rachel, my friend.” Turning her attention to Joey, Clara added, “This is also the first time I’ve seen this cute little boy. He is my acquaintance’s child. My friend will take care of him for a while.”

The man reached out his hand in front of Rachel. “Hello, I’m Justin Hall!

“I’m Rachel.” The handshake was brief because Rachel quickly took back her hand. As always, when it came to other

people, she was cold and aloof.

It was the first time that Justin had met a woman who didn’t hesitate to show her resistance to him.

It somehow sparked his interest. “Would you like some warm water? Since you are Clara’s friend, then you can consider me as your friend too. Although we’re in my office, you don’t have to treat me as a doctor. Don’t be nervous, okay? You can say whatever you want to say as long as you feel comfortable.” Yes, the reason why Rachel called Clara this morning was to ask for help in making an appointment with the best psychologist she knew. It was not that Rachel didn’t know any. In fact, the headquarters of the Red Hackers had hired some professional psychologists. It was just not convenient to go there at this moment. She urgently needed a psychologist. Therefore, she asked Clara for help. It just so happened that Justin thought Rachel was the patient, so she corrected, “Dr. Hall, I think you misunderstood me.” Her tone was always cold, giving people a sense of alienation. “It’s not me who wants to see you. It’s him.”


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