Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Homeless (Part Six) 

Justin was stunned

Joey, who had been fidgeting with Rachel’s fingers, was also taken aback ile raised his head and glanced at Justin right away

“I’m sorry, I thought you were the person Clara told me about Justin immediately came to his senses and apologized Although he was surprised, he had seen a lot of patients who needed psychological help As a paychologist, it was his job to help patients

with their problems. He was known to be one of the best in the field of psychotherapy at homna

“Mommy?” Joey looked at Rachel in confusion, Rachel said she was going to see her friend. Why did he seem to be the senter of

their discussion? He clenched Rachel’s finger unconsciously

Noticing the uneasy expression on his face, Rachel withdrew her hand, squatted down, and looked at him. “Joe, would you like to

speak to this uncle alone? Mommy’s going to wait for you outside.”

“No…” Joey frowned almost immediately and shook his head. He finally understood what was going on. This person wasn’t his mother’s friend, but a psychologist she found for him.

The little child felt so upset the moment he realized his mother’s intentions.

He disliked seeing doctors and hated to stay with people he considered strangers.

Rachel was well aware of Joey’s personality, so she didn’t inform him that she had taken him to see a psychologist. But now she

realized that it was probably a big mistake to hide the truth.

“Joe, you do know it’s necessary for you to see a doctor, don’t you?” Rachel gently soothed his forehead with her thumb. Joey pressed his lips into a thin line, his eyelashes trembling. Despite hearing Rachel’s words, he remained silent. In fact, he knew that he needed to see a doctor. The day after the car accident happened, Lukas noticed that Joey couldn’t sleep well and his face was pale. He was clearly traumatized by the car accident and the gunshot. Even though the little boy pretended to be an adult at times, he was still a child. He would still get scared and couldn’t remain calm when confronted with gunshot, blood, and danger at close range. Even adults were scared to witness something so horrible. After that, Lukas told Victor about Joey’s condition, and Victor arranged for Joey to be counseled by a psychologist. However, Joey didn’t like the idea at all.

He pretended to be fine, but deep down, he didn’t want to see the psychologist any longer. He acted obedient and cooperative with the psychologist, but he refused to reveal his genuine feelings. He never mentioned his recurring nightmares in front of them. He even made Lukas and the psychologist believe that there was nothing wrong with him and that he wasn’t affected by the car


During the last thirty days, Rachel accompanied him to sleep. Since Joey felt safe and comfortable with her presence, his nightmare episodes gradually decreased. It was the reason why Rachel didn’t realize he was still affected by the car accident. And two days ago, Joey went to Waterfront Hotel early in the morning to pick her up. But when he got home, his nightmares triggered again. That was when Rachel found out that his condition was getting worse.

Rachel held his little face and comforted him, “Don’t worry, Joe. No one will hurt you here. I’m sorry for lying to you about seeing my friend today.”

“Mommy, I want to go home…” Joey said in a sorrowful tone. He really didn’t want to be left with the doctor.

Rachel let go of him. She peered at his big, sad, pleading eyes and shook her head firmly.

“But Mommy, I’m really fine! I don’t need to see a doctor at all. I don’t have nightmares anymore.”

“Joe, do you still remember the story I told you about the king who got sick?” Rachel’s tone was soft, but she remained firm. “The king became ill, but he refused to see a doctor, and there was no remedy for him at the end.” Joey eventually understood what

Rachel meant, but he still felt conflicted.

He refused to acknowledge that he needed help from a psychologist.

He asserted that he was well and that his nightmares were nothing to be concerned about, and that he no longer had nightmares

Thanks to his mother’s company

Joey looked at Rachel and paused for a moment. He knew that she wouldn’t change her mind no matter what, so he had to go

with this session.

“Mommy… Will you wait for me outside?”

“Of course. Didn’t say you hadn’t seen Aunt Abby since you got back? Mommy will take you to see her after you see the doctor,


“Hmm… Deal!” Joey consented to see the doctor at long last. Rachel rose up, turned to Justin, and said, “Thank you, Dr. Hall.” “There’s no need for thanks, Miss Bennet. It’s my duty.” He had been listening to Rachel and Joey’s conversation the entire time. As an adult, Rachel didn’t force Joey to agree with her arrangement. Her tone was gentle, and she put herself in an equal position to converse with Joey, despite her firm stance. She made him listen by telling him that his refusal would lead to bigger problems

in the future.

He had seen a lot of parents that would take their kids to see a psychiatrist. Most parents treated their children harshly, which contributed to a big part of their children’s mental illness. Rachel was clearly a wonderful, gentle, and strong mother. Thinking of this made Justin smile as he took a few more glances at Rachel. “Little man, would you like to come upstairs with me and talk for a bit? What do you say?” Justin turned to face Joey with a kind


As soon as Joey heard this, his first reaction was to look at Rachel. After seeing Rachel’s faint nod, he agreed with Justin and followed him upstairs.

The consulting room was on the second floor. Since psychological counseling required a peaceful environment, Rachel and Clara had to wait on the first floor.

“Dr. Jimenez, Miss Bennet, please have some tea.” The nurse, who was also Justin’s assistant, led them into the building earlier.

She treated Clara and Rachel respectfully and served them two cups of freshly brewed scented tea.

Clara was delighted to smell the faint scent of roses coming from the teacup on the table. She thanked the nurse and took a sip, and then placed the teacup down. She then looked at Rachel, as if she wanted to say something. After a moment, Clara called out to her. “Rachel.”.

This immediately made Rachel turn to her.

Just now, I heard Joey call you… Mommy?”. Clara didn’t notice Joey was calling Rachel his mommy at first. But later, he kept addressing her like that multiple times, which sparked her curiosity. She knew it was Rachel’s personal matter, and it wasn’t any of her business to pry. As a friend, she didn’t want to invade her privacy.

But she couldn’t help asking because it felt so natural for Joey to call her his mommy. When her eyes fell on Joey’s back, she was in a trance for a moment, as if she had seen Victor. They strikingly looked similar, and people might think of them as father and son if they stood together side by side. Did uncle and nephew looked like each other to such an extent?


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