Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Homeless (Part Ten) 

All of a sudden, Rachel felt a sharp pain in her fingertips. And in response to that she withdrew her hand from

Joey’s. It was an impulsive reaction.

This made Joey come back to his senses. When he saw what had happened to his mother’s fingers, he felt guilty. After the driver told them that the road before Gentlefolk had been blocked, Joey clenched his fists subconsciously. It was unbeknown to him that he was pinching Rachel’s fingertips. “Mommy, I’m really sorry,” he said remorsefully. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Rachel turned her head to look at him. She was stunned by how red his eyes had become. She was of the opinion that Joey behaved in such a manner because he was worried about the fire in Gentlefolk. To be more precise, it was actually because of his deep concern for Victor’s well-being.

When Rachel noticed how sorry he felt for hurting her, she didn’t want to blame him. “Joey, I’m fine, alright?” She touched his frowning brows with her thumb. “There’s no need for you to feel guilty.”

Joey had no reason to be so wary in front of her. It didn’t matter whether or not he was really worried about Victor. She wouldn’t really blame him.

“Mommy, can I blow your fingertips for you?” Joey blinked his eyes while he asked her the question in a childish voice.

“Of course, you can!” After giving him a reply, Rachel stretched her hand towards the little boy.



The Cayenne kept on moving albeit extremely slowly. This was as a result of the traffic congestion. After about twenty minutes, the vehicle only managed to cover a distance of two hundred meters. And it was completely dark

He looked out of the window every now and then. It was as if his eyes were searching for something. But there was nothing outside except other cars just as stuck in the traffic as theirs. But if someone carefully observed Joey for some time, they would notice that he always looked in the same direction that led to Gentlefolk.

“Are you hungry, Joey?” Rachel asked him a question when he least expected it.

Joey stopped looking out of the car window and turned to look at her. “Maybe we will be stuck here for a while. Let us get out of the car in order to get something to eat. There is a snack shop over there.” Joey looked hesitant for a while. He pressed his lips against each other. But after that, he nodded his head in agreement.

Rachel told the driver to take the car to Sue Garden alone. She and Joey alighted the vehicle. After crossing the traffic, they went straight to the commercial street across the road. The boy was still a little absent-minded. But he continued to follow Rachel closely.

Finally, they arrived at a Chinese restaurant. But Joey’s mind was elsewhere. It wasn’t until the waiter asked him enthusiastically what he wanted to eat that Joey came back to his senses. He saw that his mother was staring at him penetratingly. “Wed like to have these,” Rachel said. Then she closed the menu and handed it to the waiter. “Okay, kindly hold on for a moment. I’ll inform the chef and will serve the dishes in no time.” The waiter stopped looking at Joey. When he was done talking, he took the menu from Rachel respectfully. The waiter quickly and expertly registered what Rachel ordered on the iPad. After that, he left the room and shut the door behind him. Joey could tell that his mother knew that he lied just now. Hence, a feeling of guilt unsettled him. “Mommy!” He called out to her.

“What is it?”

osobout to explain the reason behind absent mindedness, he saw that his mother didn’t seem to notice

-. So, he swallowed the words. Then, he got down from his chair and walked to Rachel with his arms wide opened. Mommy, can you hug me?” Dey didn’t even know what was wrong with him.

Vhen he heard that there was a fire in the Gentlefolk, he couldn’t help but think about his father who lived there. his made him very worried despite not being sure whether or not his dad was affected by the incident. Because he yas afraid that his mother would find out that he was worried about his father, Joey tried his best to cover it up. -ut the more he tried to do so, the more clues he gave his mother. Cachel held the little boy up. Then she let him sit on her lap. Mommy, I’m deeply sorry that I lied to you.” Joey raised his head to look at Rachel. He felt despondent. Jotwithstanding, after pausing for a brief moment, he said what was on his mind. “Mommy, can I call him? I… I’m – little worried about him.” oey tried his best to hold back his concerns. But it was to no avail. He failed. Rachel was on the verge of giving him an answer when her phone started ringing.

When she took a look at the caller ID, Rachel discovered that the call was from Andy. Rachel knew that Joey still anticipated a reply from her. But when she was about to hang up, Joey answered the phone and turned on the hands-free profile.

Hello! Are you a friend of Andy? I am speaking to you from the emergency department of the Flowerence Hospital!”

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