Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Failed To Rescue 

The elevator tinkled to a halt on the fourth floor of the emergency facility. After a long and deliberate opening of the elevator doors, a long and slender corridor was revealed. The operation room was at the end of the corridor, with a closed door. The sound of the elevator’s doors opening jolted Rachel back to reality. Seeing the operation room’s red light after exiting the elevator, it became clear to her where she was! “Miss Bennet? Outside the operation room, the guy heard the clatter of the elevator. Then he turned around and saw Rachel there, which caught him off guard. Rachel turned to face the guy as she heard him speak. For some reason, Rachel’s vision was blurry for a time before she could make out the man’s face properly because of the bright red light on the operating room door. “It’s you, Ivan,” Rachel said. Aš Ivan approached, she instinctively gripped her phone.

“I…” Words became trapped in Rachel’s throat as she tried to speak.

What brought her here?

Rachel blinked and her soft lips opened, but she had no idea what to say. She had no idea what she was doing here The elevator doors had already opened by the time she regained consciousness. After arriving from the inpatient facility a few hundred meters away, she stood here and entered the emergency building. She was listening to two nurses talk about a patient who had been brought in from Gentlefolk shortly before that. Sullivan Group, a guy with the surname Sullivan who had significant injuries… After hearing this, Rachel could not help but think about Victor’s face. His phone was unanswered when she tried to contact him again. Then, here she was.

On the way here, she was still certain that the guy mentioned by the two nurses was not Victor, despite the fact that the man’s surname was identical to Victor’s. The moment she saw Ivan, the little hope she still had in her dwindled. Because of this, Rachel could count on the fact that there were thousands of individuals who had the Sullivan surname. The Sullivan Group employed a large number of people, and it was probable that the individual with the surname Sullivan worked there. Ivan’s presence was just not fitting into the picture. Ivan was Victor’s personal assistant, and he exclusively followed Victor’s directions. Ivan was now standing outside the wounded man’s surgery room. Why wasn’t anything. making any sense?

It possibly could be Victor in the operating theatre.

Rachel’s heart instantly ached as she realized this.

“Gentlefolk was ablaze. As a result, Andy was seriously injured while trapped within the burning building at that particular moment.” Eventually, Rachel spoke in a scratchy voice, but her gaze was continually drawn to the closed door behind Ivan as if she were afraid to look away. It felt as if a small hammer was pounding on her temples, telling her that the guy laying inside was the man named Victor. “Does Andy seem to be doing well?” Ivan inquired, oblivious to Rachel’s poor appearance. Rachel made a conscious effort to avert her gaze. She took a deep breath and tightened her grip on her phone once

again. “He seems to be doing alright. He has a fractured arm. He’ll be fine after a while of relaxation.”

“That’s great.” That was the last thing Ivan said before he headed to the surgery room.

When Rachel saw Ivan’s side face, she paused.

She had a question for Ivan about his purpose for being here. Who was there in the surgery room? Was Victor inside his apartment during the Gentlefolk explosion? However, who was she to ask? What was the underlying motivation behind her inquiry? If Victor were to die. wouldn’t she be the happiest person? Was it possible for her to be concerned for Victor’s well-being?

The red light outside the operation room was switched off with a click. Immediately, Ivan and Rachel were alerted to

the sound of the light being turned off in the silent hallway. The operation room door was pushed open. Before the doctor could get out of his dark green surgical gown, he walked out of the room. Ivan took a few steps ahead. Eventually, Rachel decided to follow him after a brief moment of hesitation. “Please accept my apologies. We failed to save him since he was severely hurt and had lost too much blood,” the doctor said somberly and lowered his head slightly in sortow. The doctor then turned and entered the operation room, leaving the nurse in charge of communicating with Ivan. With a death notice in hand, the nurse pointed to the spot on the document where Ivan would be signing it. Rachel, on the other hand, was unable to make out what the nurse and Ivan were saying. The doctor’s words, “We failed to save him,” reverberated in her ears. In no time, Ivan had signed and returned the nurse’s pen to her. “Thank you,” he responded with respect. “You’re doing a good job.” The nurse shook her head, catching a glimpse of Rachel behind Ivan. “Miss, are you okay?” she asked upon seeing Rachel’s pale face.

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