Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Let Him Go 

For a fleeting moment, something flashed across Joey’s mind as he stood next to Rachel. “Mornrny, i saw the driver

downstairs just now”

“Really?” “I thought you came to the hospital to see Uncle Andy and assumed we would be home very late. And the driver told me that his child was waiting for him at school, so…” Joey drawled. He raised his hand to nudge the tip of his nose but stopped halfway. Instead, he brought his hand to touch the back of his head to rid himself of the embarrassment that was hitting him and look natural. “So, I let him go first.”

Rachel did not know how to respond to that. “I’m sorry, Mommy,” joey apologized as he innocently fluttered his eyes in an attempt to be exonerated. Face to face with the pitiful and innocent look smeared across Joey’s face, Rachel did not have the heart to blame or even reprimand him. After all, he was a child who was clueless about some things. Besides, it was hard to admit but she was nowhere near Andy’s ward at that time, so even if Joey intended to tell her that he let the driver go on without them, he would still not be able to find her. And if she only knew that the driver’s child was waiting for him at school, she might have asked the driver to pick up his child first. That was not something she should be strict about

“In that case, let me send you and Joey back,” “We can hail a taxi,” Rachel interrupted Ivan. Without sparing Victor a glance, she took out her phone to call for a taxi through a car-hailing app. Rachel made it obvious how she was shunning Ivan by cutting him off mid-sentence, and so the latter could not say anything more. As soon as Rachel finished her words, she took Joey by the hand and was about to leave. But as she stared at her phone screen after two minutes, she did not expect that not a single cab was available at the moment to pick up their request.

All of a sudden, a notification prompted from the car-hailing app, but it was not what she was hoping for. “Dear customer, at present, there are a few cars that you can take, and the estimated waiting time is 45-90 minutes.”

At least nearly an hour? The app alerted her that there were no cars near the hospital. Aside from that, the map showed that several roads near Gentlefolk had been blocked, making it difficult to pass through at present. It would take nearly half an hour to go back to Sue Garden from where they were. Although Sue Garden was not that far away from the hospital, it was not that near either. On another note, some of the roads were blocked because of the explosion that occurred in Gentlefolk. If they wanted to go back, they had to take a detour, making the journey back even farther. Normally, this could not have been a problem since Rachel could afford paying a higher fare, but now she could not call a taxi and not even a single taxi was in sight.

Rachel glanced at the time on the top right of the phone screen, and it was already half past eight in the evening Joey was with her and it was getting pretty late.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Joey felt strange seeing Rachel stopping in her tracks and frowning right after taking two steps.

Rachel turned off the screen, switched her attention to the worried Joey, and said, “Nothing Let’s go

“Okay,” Joey answered. He stole a glance at Victor, but the man stood there, indifferent to what was about to happen

-it was as if he couldn’t care less whether Rachel left or not. Joey could not remind Victor openly in any possible way since he was trying to match Rachel’s pace, so he could only


open his eyes wide in anxiety. When Rachel was about to pass by Victor, Joey could only silently sigh and look away despite being confused. ‘What’s wrong with Daddy? Didn’t he say that he would do whatever it took for my mother to be with him again? Why is he so calm now? Mommy is going to take me away, yet he’s doing nothing! Forget it. I couldn’t do anything since he is not even the least bit concerned!’ “I’N drive you home.” Right when Rachel was passing in front of Victor, the latter suddenly held her wrist and spoke in a low voice. Rachel stopped. “Mommy, how about we let Mr. Sullivan drive us home? Besides, I’m really hungry. I didn’t have dinner in the restaurant just now.” Joey shook Rachel’s hand and spoke like a spoiled child. “Okay? Please, Mommy!”

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