Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 405

Chapter 405 A Long Way To Go


The Maybach was steadily traversing along the highway. A stark contrast to the darkness overwhelming the vehicle were all kinds of neon signs flashing from both sides of the street seen outside the window.


Settled in the passenger seat, Ivan glanced at the back seat through the rearview mirror and saw Rachel and Victor sitting on two polar sides, with Joey sitting between them, serving as the only barrier of the adults.


Without the muffled hum of the engine and the rhythm of their breathing, the inside of the car would have been completely muted, contributing more to the awkwardness in the atmosphere. Ever since they hopped in the car, Rachel and Victor did not say a word, nor did they look at each other. Whoever saw them would think that they were each other’s enemies who were forced to sit in the same car.


Ivan did not dare linger his gaze at them longer than he intended to. He looked away, and then inwardly sighed at the situation they were in. ‘Mr. Sullivan, you still have a long way to go before Miss Bennet forgives you.’


“It smells so good.” An irresistible fragrance wafted on Joey’s nares, and he could not help tilting his head and looking out of the window.


There was a snack street near Gentlefolk, but the roads leading there were all blocked. Since the vendors could not set up their stalls in the snack street, they had to instead set up their stalls on both sides of the road the Maybach was travelling along. The particular fragrance Joey smelled emanated from the roadside barbecue.


A low rumbling sound reverberated in the stillness of the car. Soon after Joey finished his words, his stomach growled uncontrollably.


The sound was not that loud, but the silence in the car was almost deafening that they could hear a pin drop. So the sound of complaint from Joey’s stomach was particularly clear. Joey hurriedly covered his stomach and was red with embarrassment.


Seeing that Joey tried his best to save himself from complete humiliation by covering up his stomach, the restraint shackling Rachel crumbled, and a faint smile appeared on her face. “Do you want to eat?” she asked.


Her question roused the boiling excitement inside the child. Joey blinked his eyes and asked expectantly, “Can I?”


In fact, a snack street was also near the Red Hackers headquarters. Although the food sold there was not as abundant and famed as the snack street they were now traversing along, many people would still be seen there every day. Quintin took Joey there once, and they had a taste of all the delicious food on that street.


Because they were unrestrainedly eating left and right, Joey suffered from diarrhea later that night and was put on intravenous drip at home for a week because of dehydration.


Rachel took Quintin to the boxing gym and beat the latter. That should make them learn their lessons.


Since then, Joey had never been to that snack street again. The thought alone of feeling unwell for a whole week was enough of a strain for him to not come near the snack street. To Joey, the food in this street looked much more appetizing and delicious.


Another yap escaped; Joey’s stomach growled again. Although the humiliation was eating the child alive, Joey managed to look up at Rachel awkwardly.


“Okay, but you can’t eat too much.” Seeing Joey’s flickering eyes, Rachel could not refuse him. Considering how his stomach was growling, he must be famished.


Looking back at the time she was still conceiving him, she had difficulty giving birth and almost had a post-natal massive hemorrhage. After Joey was born, he did not fancy drinking his mother’s breast milk, causing him to be weaker than other children his age. From then on, he had to follow a strict diet prepared by Rachel and he rarely ate deep-fry food outside that was not part of his meal.


In particular, Rachel also remembered that when Quintin came back from getting around over the snack street with Joey, Joey had to endure diarrhea and dehydration.


But as Joey grew up, his physical condition was getting better, so it did not matter anymore that Joey would occasionally eat snacks.


With this in mind, Rachel had no reason to refuse one of Joey’s rare requests.


Joey avidly wrapped his arms around Rachel’s neck and kissed her on the cheek. He could not contain his fervor. “Mommy, you are so kind!”

“Ivan, please drop us off ahead.” Rachel lovingly squeezed Joey’s cheek on one hand. “Sue Garden isn’t that far from here, and we can take a taxi home later.”


“Well…” Ivan drawled as he took a glimpse at Victor’s expressionless face through the rearview. He was not sure what to do at that moment.


“I’ll wait for you in the car with Ivan,” Victor said to Rachel. “There are a lot of people here, and the roads around the Gentlefolk have been blocked. You can’t possibly hail a cab in that situation.”

“That’s right, Miss Bennet. We’ll wait for you and Joey here. Since we offered to send you back, we have to send you home safely.” Before Rachel could say anything to turn down Victor’s suggestion, Ivan echoed in a hurry.


Rachel pressed her lips and kept her thoughts to herself.


She was then contemplating whether or not to let them wait for her and Joey.


What Victor said was right. There were a lot of people in the snack street, and even the people who were living in Gentlefolk were also gathered here. It was unwise to have them dropped off in the middle of the street. With such a packed throng, it would indeed be difficult to call a taxi. If she were alone, she could manage to walk back. Anyway, it was only a half an hour’s walk, so what was there to worry about?


But the problem was that she was not alone; Joey was with her.


If others wanted to hurt them, it would be difficult for her to guarantee both hers and Joey’s safety. So, Rachel was in a dilemma.


“Uncle Ivan, you misunderstood my mommy.” Just as Ivan was thinking about whether he should say something to ease the atmosphere, Joey spoke.

“My mommy just doesn’t want to bother you more than we have. She can’t let you wait for us. But… I have a solution.”


His remark left question marks written all over the adults’ faces.



Ivan was too flabbergasted to say anything. Even though Joey was winking at him, trying to hint

Chapter 405

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