Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 408

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 408: Worries


Dr. Turner could see the truth mirrored in the eyes of the man before him, and he then knew that Victor was a man of his word.



He did not have any bargaining chip to negotiate with the man in front of him. To be more precise, he was not the least bit qualified to even converse with Victor ever.


Although it was bold of him to declare he was not afraid of death, in fact, how could he not tremble in horror with the mere sight of death flashing before his eyes?


He had dedicated ten years of his life in studying medicine, and he landed on his current position thanks to that much experience. He had not been able to get a higher position yet, but he still enjoyed the benefits that came with his status quo. So how could he die like this without being able to achieve even more than what he had?




That thought made him contemplate on what to do. If he did not go with them, he would definitely die.



But if he went with them minus the struggle, he might have higher chances of getting out of their grasps unscathed.


“I’ll go with you.” His voice came out more hoarse and dejected than he had intended.




Dr. Turner then willingly trailed behind them out of the ward. He wondered whether he would be able to stay alive as he hoped.


They had passed many closed doors as they made their way out. Amidst the clacking sound of the soles of their shoes against the floor echoing the aisle, a low thud caused by a door being shut reverberated from behind them. Dr. Turner could not help but pause in his



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