Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 410

Chapter 410 We Need To Talk 

When they were in the hospital, Ivan didn’t tell them everything about Lewis’ accident. He skipped some details.

He didn’t tell them that Victor planned to go back to the Gentlefolk to get some document in person, but he let

Lewis go there because there was something wrong with a project. He didn’t tell them the old lady who begged Lewis to save her grandson was still missing. He missed out on the part that Lewis was even pushed down the stairs during that time. And it seemed that he was pushed by the people facing him. He hurt his back badly. Now Dr. Turner had a car accident and died on the spot. Ivan thought there was something amiss, but he couldn’t find any clue.

“Mr. Sullivan,” Ivan called out.

Victor caught sight of someone in his peripheral vision. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the figure on the corner of the second floor. He interrupted Ivan in a deep voice, “You go to the police station first and wait for the investigation results. Also, ask someone to investigate the background of the driver.” Ivan understood what Victor meant. It seemed that Victor also felt uncomfortable at what was happening. “Okay, I’ll do it right away.” Ivan turned around and started walking away, Rachel was halfway down the stairs when she saw Ivan going out. From where she was, Rachel could only see half of the living room. There was a partition that was blocking her view. She thought that Victor had left too. She had already put her bag away but didn’t go downstairs. She wanted to wait until Victor left. She stood outside and watched Victor carry Joey into the house. She even wondered whether he planned to stay in the house tonight.

That was the reason that she didn’t come in at once. Thinking that Victor might stay in the Sue Garden tonight gave her mixed feelings. She didn’t refute the possibility and yet, this stunned her. This didn’t help her mood any. So, when she saw the back of Ivan leaving, she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Victor also had left. Rachel continued to walk down the stairs. Not expecting to see Victor downstairs, she got nervous again. ‘I thought he left. Why is he still here?’ Rachel stopped in her tracks. The servant had already heated the dishes. When Lukas came out of the dining room, he saw Rachel and said, “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan, the dinner is ready. Do you want to have it now?” “Okay,” Victor answered in a deep voice. His voice was so deep that it alarmed Rachel that it brought her back to her senses. “Thanks, Lukas, but I’m not hungry. You can eat. I’ll go upstairs to see Joey. ” Rachel withdrew her hand from the armrest and lowered it. Soon, she calmed herself down. “But the food…” Lukas looked at Victor instinctively. Rachel didn’t give Lukas a chance to finish his words. She turned around and went upstairs. Victor followed Rachel with his eyes until she disappeared at the corner of the second floor. Lukas, on the other hand, turned to look at Victor. “Mr. Sullivan, the dinner…” “If you want to eat, go ahead. If not, throw the food away.” Victor’s voice was cold and so was his look.

Lukas opened his mouth, and yet, he didn’t know what to say.

He shook his head. He had the food heated and now it would go to waste. He sighed as he looked at the food on the table.

“Meow!” Katie, the snowy white cat, quietly walked into the room. Perhaps she recognized the familiar smell, she went straight to Victor and clawed at his pants. Victor looked down at the cat.

Katie then sat upright and wiped her face with her front paw.

Victor bent down to pick her up. Katie immediately arched her back, her fur stood on end. When she realized that the hand belonged to Victor, she relaxed and nestled comfortably in the crook of his arm.

Victor looked intently at Katie while stroking her soft and white fur with the other hand from time to time.

Reaching the second floor, Rachel went straight into Joey’s room.

Joey was sleeping soundly. His quilt covered him from his waist down. Rachel thought that Joey felt hot in his sleep so he pushed down his quilt. The heating in the room was on and the windows were closed. Rachel walked to the bed to tuck Joey into the quilt.

When Rachel stood up, she noticed that the bedroom door was ajar. Someone had cracked it open but it was softly that Rachel wasn’t sure if she heard the sound. She got a bit alarmed as she had been on tenterhooks all the time since she knew that Victor hadn’t left the Sue Garden, Rachel walked hurriedly to the door to see if someone was outside.

She thought it would be Victor.

Seeing no one, Rachel started walking toward Joey’s bed.

Rachel pursed her pink lips. She thought she was feeling unnecessarily suspicious when she felt something tagging her trousers. She looked down and saw Katie standing at her feet.

“Meow!” Katie stopped at what she was doing and held her head up. She meowed as though she was telling Rachel that she would welcome her touch.

Rachel then thought that she hadn’t closed the door properly so Katie was able to get inside the room. Cats moved quietly and that was the reason Rachel didn’t hear Katie. Rachel laughed at the thought as she bent down to pick Katie up. “Are you here to play with Joey?” Rachel asked as she scratched Katie behind the ears. “Meow!” Katie loved being petted so she closed her eyes and made a gurgling sound.

“Well, sorry. You came at a bad time. Joey is asleep,” Rachel told the cat. “You know, I just bought cat food on the Internet a few days ago. I think it has arrived. Let’s go to my room to open the package and you can have a taste.”

Rachel looked at Joey and then walked out with Katie in her arms.

Once inside her room, Rachel put Katie down. She looked for a pair of scissors so she could open the packages. One of these should contain Katie’s food.

She had opened a few packages before she found Katie’s food. Rachel excitedly turned around and said, “Look, Katie, I found your food!”

As she was opening the package, a man’s face came into view.

Rachel’s smile disappeared. She looked stunned. When did Victor come in? Why didn’t she notice it at all? When Rachel looked down, she didn’t see Katie. It seemed that the cat had already left. She turned around to look at Victor, and it dawned on her.

When she entered Joey’s room, she didn’t leave the door ajar, Victor opened it just wide enough to let Katie in. He used the cat to distract Rachel and put her defenses down.

Rachel’s eyes turned cold when she realized the underhanded way Victor had employed to get to her. “Mr. Sullivan, do you still have the habit of entering someone else’s room casually?” Rachel’s tone was harsh, her voice was clear but cold.

Victor looked Rachel in the eye and then said, “Rachel, we need to talk.”


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