Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 411

Chapter 411 A Call From A Stranger 

Rachel took a step back and held the cat food in her hand tightly. She paused a while before she said in a composed tone, “We have nothing to talk about. I want to rest now so please go out.” He avoided eye contact with him. Yet, she was alert and on guard against Victor’s approaching.


“If you won’t go out, I will,” Rachel cut in. She put the cat food on the table, went around Victor, and started walking to the door

Victor moved toward Rachel and attempted to grasp her wrist to stop her from going out. But he stopped himself. “I’m sorry.”

Rachel held the doorknob and pressed it down. The door was partly opened when she heard Victor’s voice, which was low and deep. Hearing his apology had stirred her feelings. “I’m sorry for what happened that night.” Victor said, his eyes on Rachel’s back. Rachel tightened her grip on the doorknob, acting like she didn’t hear a thing. Victor’s apology reminded her of what happened that night in the Waterfront Hotel. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Feeling calmed down, she told Victor, “I accept your apology. And I hope you won’t forget what you have promised.” Rachel then turned around and looked at Victor. “You have told me that you wouldn’t have to lay eyes on me. Please keep your word, Mr. Sullivan.” She was not stupid. She knew she had complicated emotions towards Victor and this was not a good sign. Moreover, Joey was getting closer and closer to Victor. She knew that there would be times that she would somehow run into Victor

This was not the only thing she was worried about. With Joey and Victor getting closer, Rachel was afraid that Victor would know about Joey’s identity. If that would happen, he might take Joey away from her. So this time, she put on an inscrutable countenance toward Victor.

“I’ll go downstairs to drink water. When I come back, I will be glad to see that you have left.” Rachel didn’t wait for Victor’s reply. She simply opened the door and walked out of the room. Victor was left standing in the middle of the room. He watched the back of Rachel disappear from his sight. He was deeply hurt by what Rachel did. It was like a blunt knife cut through his heart. Victor put his hand into the trouser pocket. When his fingertips touched the cold thing, the pain was alleviated. He took the thing out of his pocket. He unclasped his clenched hand. He was holding an exquisite dark blue diamond that emitted faint light in the light. It was the Beloved. If anyone cared to look at the Beloved, he would see a blush of red in the blue diamond. It was Victor’s blood. His blood had stained the Beloved one night four years ago in the cemetery. At that time, he held the Beloved as tightly as he could.

Although the diamond’s surface was smooth after being cut, there were rough edges that cut Victor’s palm.

But Victor didn’t seem to feel the pain at all. He didn’t loosen his grip, and blood continued to flow down his palm.

Carson and Ivan found out about Victor’s hand being injured. The Beloved, which used to be dark blue, was stained with Victor’s blood. The stain eventually became a faint blush of red on the dark blue diamond.

A phone rang.

Victor took out his phone instinctively, but it was not his phone that was ringing. He looked around and saw Rachel’s phone on the table.

Someone was calling Rachel

An unknown number flashed on the phone’s screen. Rachel had just come back. Who would call her at this time?

The phone rang for about one and a half minutes before it stopped. The caller seemed insistent. The phone rang again when Victor was about to leave the room.

Victor looked at the phone number on the screen and then answered the phone.

“Hello? Miss Bennet?” It was a man’s voice. Victor could tell that he was a little nervous. “Miss Bennet, this is Ameer. Have you gone to bed? Did I bother you when I called you so late?” 1 Victor didn’t answer. He just pressed his lips together. But he was breathing heavily. “I’m really sorry to bother you.” Ameer said, sounding anxious. “I just heard from my cousin that she accompanied you to see a doctor today. Is something the matter with you? I felt I needed to know so I’m calling you.”

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