Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Pity Victor 

Rachel didn’t realize that after she allowed to let Victor stay for one night, he never moved out again Rachel headed up the stairs with Joey in her arms and did not come out of her room again. She sat on the edge of the bed, gently stroking Joey’s back and singing a lullaby. Katie curled up into a small snow-white ball of fur and started to yawn, feeling sleepy. Rachel lifted her eyes to give Katie a look. For some reason or another, the image of Victor standing behind her just now flashed through her mind, and the image of Victor clenching his fists and saying in a low voice he wanted to talk to her also shot through her mind.

Rachel pursed her lips tightly and turned away, forcing herself to think about other things. She bowed her head down and looked at the little face of Joey who was now fast asleep. Then she raised her hand and touched his face.

In fact, she could turn down Joey tonight. And Joey would not say a word. Victor had no right to say anything either. At the same time, she still agreed.

On one hand, she didn’t want to disappoint Joey. Maybe she realized Joey wanted his father’s love. Every time Rachel caught sight of Joey’s bright eyes, she didn’t have it in her to refuse him.

On the other hand… Rachel had no idea what the other reason was. She had been a little absent minded at that time. When Joey told her that Victor was homeless, she suddenly knew that Victor might really not have a place to stay tonight like Joey said. Now that the house had quieted down, Rachel started to feel regretful for agreeing to let Victor stay.

She even couldn’t figure out why she had pitied Victor like that.

Victor was homeless? Rachel couldn’t contain her laughter. Even if it was true that all the people in Apliaria had no place to stay, the CEO of the Sullivan Group would never become a homeless person.

Rachel should be the one to be pitied, but it was ridiculous that she was feeling bad for her enemy.

Rachel placed her hand into her pocket and felt around for the praying pendant in it. She pressed her thumb against the sharp corner to remind herself not to forget everything with the pain.

‘Rachel, you can never forget. You can never forget the death of Abby, the huge effort you made to leave Victor, a devil in disguise, and also the difficult time you had after Joey was born.’

Watching Rachel and Joey disappear around the corner, Victor turned his head away.

Lukas was overjoyed and said, “Mr. Sullivan, I’ll have someone clean up your room.” As soon as Lukas said this, he was already asking the servants to clean up the room, but the room actually didn’t need any cleaning. Victor’s room was basically the same as before. Even though Victor didn’t return during this period of time, Lukas would come in and clean it regularly every day.

It had already been a month since Victor was injured. It was late autumn now. When Lukas found out that Rachel was still alive and that she didn’t look at Victor with the same eyes anymore, he knew that she didn’t love Victor anymore. But when Rachel moved back into Sue Garden later, he saw a glimmer of hope again.

Lukas was there to see Victor grow up and knew Victor worked hard every day in the past four vears. like a robot that never rested. He knew that Victor did this to numb himself. He started to harbor expectations that Rachel and Victor would start over. In this way, even if he happened to die, he could fulfill Carolyn’s wishes. But just like that, more than half a month had gone by and Victor did not come back to the Sue Garden but moved to the Gentlefolk. Later, Victor would always return when Rachel was away from Sue Garden as if the two people had made a clean break with each other and did not want to see

each other.

Though Lukas was feeling anxious, he could do nothing but watch. Now that Rachel had agreed to let Victor live there, did that mean they were very likely to start over again? “Lukas, is Joey very sick?” Victor asked. “Joey’s sick?” After hearing this, Lukas appeared puzzled. “No, Mr. Sullivan. Who told you that? Miss Bennett has been taking real good care of Joey ever since Joey caught a cold and fever last time. I haven’t heard any word that Joey is sick.” Victor’s eyes darkened noticeably when he recalled what Ameer had told him over the phone.

Ameer had said that Rachel went to the doctor’s today. If Joey wasn’t the one who was sick, then it must mean it was Rachel who was sick. Victor recalled what happened that night at the Waterfront Hotel. Even though he was drugged that night, he still remembered everything that had happened. He thought back to how he had touched the protruding scar on Rachel’s abdomen at that time. She had told him it was caused when she jumped into the sea. At that time, Victor was doing everything he could to make Rachel stay and not leave him.

But it slipped his mind to ask what Rachel had experienced in the past four years. What had happened shortly after she jumped into the sea? Was she hurt anywhere else? He had heard the rescuer say that the situation in the sea was very tumultuous. If a living person jumped into its waters, the chances for survival were very slim. Under such a low probability, how could Rachel survive and what exactly did she face at that time? As he was thinking about this, Victor felt a sharp pang in his heart and even his fingertips grew numb. He did not have the heart to think any further. He was afraid he would ask Rachel and he knew after he found out, he would use all the despicable means to make her stay with him.

But he knew he couldn’t do that now.

When Victor came back to his room, he pulled out his phone and saw a text message from a strange


“Did you block me?”

After looking at this text, Victor knew that Carson had just used his servant’s phone to send him this

message. After deleting the message, Victor blocked the phone number Carson used just now and stopped blocking Carson’s number. As soon as Victor did that, his phone started to ring. The call just so happened to be from Carson.’ It appeared that Carson had never given up calling Victor. “Come on, don’t bother hiding! Where is my teammate? D**n it! Why are you rushing to get in front of us?! What’s wrong with you?” As soon as the call was connected, Victor could make out the voice of Carson and the background music of the game he was playing.. “Ah? Why is there no sound right now? What is wrong with my phone?” Carson was completely caught up in his game and he didn’t hear the beep. He suddenly paused right then. He was actually calling Victor while playing a game. Carson turned his head around and discovered that the call was connected. “Aced!” The game system suddenly notified Carson that he was the only remaining survivor of the red team. Carson was startled when he found out that the phone had been connected. He was immediately hit by his enemy and it was game over for him! All the people of the red team were killed in the game. But Carson no longer had any time to play the game at this time. He quickly picked up his phone and shouted out loud, “S**t! Mr. Sullivan, you finally stopped blocking my number?!” There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. Please help me investigate something.”

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