Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Depression 

“You’re Victor Sullivan, and you have access to everything. Is there anything in this world you can’t find out?” Carson slumped back with his brows raised, and half of his body sank into the sofa. Victor raised his eyes toward the second floor. After a moment of silence, he said in a low voice, “Help me check where Rachel went today.” Carson stopped playing with his phone in an instant “Do you think Rachel and Ameer…?” “No.” Victor’s eyes darkened as he abruptly interrupted him. He moved his hand and reached for his pocket and felt the dark blue diamond inside. He didn’t stop until his fingertip touched the edge. He then spoke in a low, cold tone. “I won’t allow it.”

The sky was pitch black. It was already two o’clock in the morning. Victor had been working remotely in the living room, and he would occasionally look up at the second floor. It was quiet there. After he finished his work, his phone suddenly rang. He took off his glasses and rubbed his temple, then picked up his phone and called for the servant who was standing not far behind him. “Make me a cup of coffee,” Victor ordered. The servant nodded, turned around and headed toward the kitchen. At the same time, Victor’s gaze was drawn to the message sent by Carson. It was a yawning emoji. Right after that, another notification popped. Victor tapped the screen and entirely displayed his next message. “I checked it. Rachel took Joey to a psychological hospital this afternoon. I had no idea Apliaria had one until today. The psychologist they visited earlier today has a master’s degree and graduated from Harvard.” ‘A psychologist?’ Victor’s eyes narrowed after reading Carson’s text. Victor exhaled a sigh of relief after learning that Rachel wasn’t ill, but when he thought about the fact that she had gone to see a psychologist today made him feel uneasy.

Why would she see a psychologist? Did something happen when she jumped into the sea four years ago? Had she been receiving psychological treatment?

Victor was heartbroken just thinking about it.

“Mr. Sullivan, your coffee is ready,” the servant said as she placed the cup of freshly brewed coffee on the table.

“Okay.” He picked it up and took a sip, then he received another message from Carson. “I forgot to mention that this psychologist is an expert in treating depression. But what was Rachel

doing there? ‘Depression? Victor was taken aback and froze in place. Rachel… Had she been suffering from depression all this time? When did it start? Why hadn’t he noticed it when they were together? He put the cup of coffee down with a thud and suddenly stood up. The servant’s face grew pale when she saw this. She lowered her head quickly, assuming that he didn’t like the coffee she had prepared for him. “…I’m sorry, Mr. Sullivan. I will make you another cup of coffee right away.” Trembling with fear, the servant kept her head down. She reached out and was about to pick up the coffee on the table. She was expecting Victor to say something, so she prepared herself. However, after a long while, the servant still didn’t hear Victor’s voice.

Soon, she couldn’t feel his anger anymore, but she still remained nervous. She kept her gaze on the floor, sweating buckets, and didn’t dare to move.” She stood there waiting, to the point her feet were already numb. And because of nervousness, she started to feel a little dizzy. She didn’t think she could go on any longer, and if she had to, she would beg for his forgiveness.

When she was done contemplating, she shut her eyes in fear and raised her head slowly.

Her heart was pounding like crazy, but when she opened her eyes, Victor was nowhere to be found in the room.

The servant’s legs wobbled, and she fell to her knees. Victor couldn’t care less about coffee right now. His mind was preoccupied with the possibility of Rachel being depressed. He felt something stuck in his throat and didn’t know what to do. He eagerly wanted to ask Rachel about her current situation, and why she hadn’t told him about how she was doing. He also wanted to know what happened to her in the past four years when she had gone missing. But he held himself back. Whenever Rachel was involved, he would always seem to lose control. When he came to his senses, he was already standing in front of Joey’s room.

Surprisingly, the door wasn’t completely closed, leaving a small crack. Victor assumed it was for better ventilation. He leaned in closer and peered through the crack, seeing Joey’s bedside lamp with dimmed yellow light, illuminating a small part of his room. When he pushed the door open, he saw what was going on inside.

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