Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 417

Chapter 417 The Paternity Test 

Tvan stood in front of the desk with two documents in his hands. He then placed them on top of the desk and said, “Mr. Sullivan, the police claimed that the collision last night was an accident. A forensic expert analyzed the driver’s body and discovered that he drove after drinking a lot of wine. Before the accident, the driver had already injured someone five hundred meters away from the traffic lights and quickly fled the area. So the police speculated that the driver panicked and was speeding after hurting someone. Eventually, he ended up crashing into the car where Dr. Turner was.” Ivan rushed to the hospital last night as soon as he received the phone call. After checking on several injured bodyguards, he proceeded to the police station to learn more about the accident and asked to see the surveillance video. 

The driver who caused the car accident died on the spot. The white vehicle he used appeared on the monitoring screen around 10:13 p.m. He was driving quite fast, and his route was erratic. It certainly matched the actions of a drunk driver who fled the scene right after injuring someone. Ivan could see from the video that the white vehicle on the monitoring screen was still seven hundred or eight hundred meters away from the car where Dr. Turner was. It would take at least two minutes for the two vehicles to collide at a normal speed. However, just at 10:14, the white car bumped into the car where Dr. Turner was due to the extremely high speed it was running. Dr. Turner’s car was hit in the front, and the vehicle instantly overturned. The white car’s hood was destroyed, and black smoke billowed from the impact. Although Ivan wasn’t present at the scene of the accident, he could feel the tragedy to a great extent from the short footage, which lasted less than a minute. “Hurt someone and ran away?” Victor replied bluntly as he opened his eyes. He seemed to be dissatisfied with the results. Ivan also found it rather strange. However, the police conducted a thorough investigation of the surrounding area and checked the account of the person who caused the collision, but didn’t find anything. It was all just an accident. “The first document is the police statement regarding the investigation,” Ivan said. “I’ve also asked someone to do a background check on that driver. He is forty-seven years old, divorced, and working as a freelancer. He usually makes a living by being a taxi driver.” Victor reached for one of the folders and looked down at the driver’s personal information while listening to Ivan’s report.

On these two pieces of paper, the driver’s background and life experience ever since he graduated from high school were written in full detail. If people looked at it, they would assume there was nothing special about him. But they could tell that the man had lived a very poor life. The driver got married when he was twenty-five and got divorced when he was thirty-seven, and had no children throughout his entire marriage of twelve years. His wife divorced him because of his infidelity. Later, the company he was working for had poor operations, and he, a middle-aged man, was cruelly laid off. After that, he had to leave the house that he and his wife had bought and took nothing. He rented a tiny one-room apartment and worked as a cab driver to support his living expenses every day. The driver’s life was very ordinary and mundane. Thousands of words were written on the two pieces of paper, but Ivan couldn’t figure out why the driver would want to take the bribe and put his life in danger by crashing the car on purpose. Ivan stared at the document all night, asking himself the same question over and over. ‘Did it really happen by

The driver’s life was very ordinary and mundane.

Thousands of words were written on the two pieces of paper, but Ivan couldn’t figure out why the driver would want to take the bribe and put his life in danger by crashing the car on purpose.

Ivan stared at the document all night, asking himself the same question over and over. ‘Did it really happen by

chance? Is everything purely coincidental?’ The accident happened when their men found Dr. Turner and was about to bring him back. But if the car crash wasn’t an accident, why did the driver do such a thing?

“Did the autopsy report come out already?” Asked Victor.

“Not yet. But with what I heard from the cops yesterday, the forensic expert said that the driver had consumed a significant amount of wine and could smell it without even starting the procedure. This is also why the authorities have stated that the car collision only happened because of drunk driving and concluded it as an accident.” “It’s not an accident,” Victor remarked firmly. “Check this driver’s whereabouts for the past fifteen days.” “His whereabouts? Isn’t that already shown in the document, Mr. Sullivan?” Ivan was surprised to hear Victor’s words and asked in confusion. Investigating the driver was his priority. To make sure that he was getting all the necessary information, he went to a lot of places and interrogated the people the driver had met with recently. However, he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary “Not enough.” “Not enough?” Ivan checked his iPad right away and quickly found the softcopy version of the document, and carefully examined all the driver’s records and history. “Hospital,” Victor reminded.

The hospital?

Ivan raised his brows and zoomed into the part where the driver had gone to the hospital, which revealed that he had received an order from someone. When the client got out of the cab, he didn’t leave the hospital until fifteen

minutes later.

A sudden thought flashed into Ivan’s mind and he quickly looked at the duration of the driver staying put in the area where he dropped off his other clients. The interval between almost every order was no more than three minutes, but the driver had spent fifteen minutes at the hospital. What was the reason? He also turned off the signal and refused to accept orders at that time. He didn’t turn it back on after the fifteen minutes passed. Ivan felt like he was starting to connect the dots. “Mr. Sullivan, do you mean to tell me that the driver went inside the hospital for fifteen minutes and took something?” Victor looked up at him but said nothing.

“I get it now! I’ll head to the hospital right away.” Ivan felt enlightened in an instant, and he assumed that something had occurred during the fifteen minutes the driver was inside the hospital. Maybe it had something to do with his motive. “You don’t have to go. If there really are clues at the hospital, most of the evidence was probably cleaned up already. Send someone to wait for further updates at the police station. Report to me as soon as the autopsy results come out,” Victor said in a low and deep voice.

Ivan didn’t get it until now.

Victor was right. If there was a mastermind behind this car accident, that person had already prepared for

everything. If he went out to investigate now, he wouldn’t be able to find anything “Mr. Sullivan, who do you think planned out this entire thing?” Ivan asked with a frown. After a brief pause, Victor replied, “I don’t know.” He reached for another folder after saying that.

Following Victor’s sight, Ivan suddenly remembered something and said, “Mr. Sullivan, this is from the paternity

testing center. They said they found it when they were sorting out some documents a few days ago. I got it back this morning.”

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