Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Rachel’s Uneasiness 

“Did you not get Joey’s paternity testing report a long time ago?” Victor asked with a frown. “Yes, I did. But the people from the testing center said that this result shows the blood relationship between Joey and you,” Ivan explained. “They must have made a mistake by carrying out this particular test. But, I don’t remember sending any blood sample of yours to the testing center. It isn’t something I would just forget, is it?” At this juncture, Ivan became lost in thoughts. ‘Perhaps, I mixed Odin’s and Victor’s blood samples accidentally and sent them to the testing center.’

After listening to what Ivan murmured, Victor looked at the dark blue folder.

He was about to open the folder when someone knocked at the door.

As a result, he stopped and put it in a drawer. “You can come in.”

The door was pushed open from the outside. His secretary came in and spoke in a respectful manner. “Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Scott is here. “I see. Please show him the way to the meeting room.” Victor’s mind flashed back to Carson’s words from the previous night. He said that his father would come today in order to discuss the cooperation with the Gordon family. The secretary nodded in response and left. Ivan also exited the office to prepare for things. Victor stood up and looked at the closed drawer. Then, he picked up his coat on the armrest of his office chair and walked out of the office.

In Sue Garden “Mommy, take me along. I want to go with you!” Joey held Rachel’s arm and acted like a spoiled child. “I will be back in no time.” Rachel pinched Joey’s face tenderly. “My good boy, just wait for me here, alright?” Joey curled his lips and let go of Rachel’s arm. “Okay,” the boy said sulkily. “When I come back, I will prepare a very delicious meal for you, okay?” Of course, it was obvious to Rachel that Joey was unhappy. She touched his head gently and tried to pacify him. “Besides, don’t you have an appointment with Quintin to play games together today?” “Yes, I do. But he is not good at playing games.” Joey made no secret of his dislike for Quintin. This left Rachel at a loss for words. She stood up and picked up her bag. “If Quintin hears about this, he will definitely fight with you in the games over and over again!” “Perhaps he will. But it doesn’t change the fact that he is not good at playing games, does it?” Now Joey smiled widely, revealing his canine teeth.

“Well, I have really got to go,” Rachel said to him.

In response to that, Joey stood up from the sofa and stretched out his hands to let her hold him.

Rachel leaned over. Then the boy put his arms around her neck. He raised his head and kissed her on the cheek. “Very well then. But you must come back early.” “Okay, I will.”

At last, Joey let go of her and winked his big and bright eyes. He looked so childish and obedient.

Rachel said goodbye to Lukas and was about to leave. But when she stepped out of the porch, it was as if her heart

began to beat faster than usual. She felt somewhat uneasy,

She turned around and took a glance at Joey. He was sitting on the sofa. Lukas was seen bending over in order to ask Joey if he wanted to drink some juice. And the little boy nodded when he heard what was said to him. He was busy playing games on the iPad. Nothing unusual seemed to be going on at that given instant,

Rachel pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes. Maybe she was just thinking too much. Besides, Joey was safe in Sue Garden. How could something possibly happen to him?

She suppressed the uneasiness in her heart and left Sue Garden, going to the Bennet Group. 2

The white Audi A6 ran steadily on the highway. After some time, it stopped at the traffic lights which was about fifteen minutes away from the Bennet Group. Suddenly, her phone began to ring. Rachel took a quick peek at the caller ID on the screen. “Andy, what’s wrong?” she asked. “I’m almost at the company.” “You do not have to come to the Bennet Group,” Andy replied from the other end. “The client of my previous case heard about the Bennet Group’s project. He said that one of his friends also wanted to sponsor a welfare house. This aforementioned person is very interested in the project. Hence, he wants to have a chat with you.” At this time, the red light had turned off and the green light came back on. Rachel stepped on the gas and crossed the road. And Andy continued to speak to her. “This man in question just came back from a business trip yesterday. He has been very busy recently. Therefore, he only has a little time this morning. So my client has made an appointment with him for us.” “Did you just say this morning?” she asked him. “Where exactly is the place?” “The Crown Club.”

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