Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 506 I’ll Go With You (Part One)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 506 I’ll Go With You (Part One)

“I’ll pick you up then.” Quintin sighed in relief when he heard that Rachel had finally agreed to return.

“Okay.” Rachel glanced at the time on her phone screen. It was late in the night. “It’s getting late.”

“Boss, I have one more question,” Quintin interrupted her abruptly.

Rachel paused to listen to what he had to ask.

It was not until a while later that Quintin’s voice came through from the other end of the call. “Boss, people in the Sullivan Group still don’t know that Odin is back, do they?”

After all, Odin’s funeral two months ago had been such a sensation that it made the headlines for a couple of days. Everyone thought he was dead.

He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Boss, are you going to tell Victor that Odin is alive?”

“No,” Rachel said deceivably without even thinking about it.

Quintin couldn’t hide his surprise at that. She didn’t even care to explain her reasons.

The next day, Tucker received a letter of termination from the Bennet Group officially cancelling their cooperation.

Everyone in the Bennet Group was both disappointed and confused when they heard the news.

But at the end of it all, it was Rachel who made the decision.

If she didn’t explain why she made such a move, they had no right to question her.

Losing such a deal made all the employees in the company lose their morale.

In just a week, they all seemed to be out of spirits.

Rachel’s assistant knocked on the office door and went in.

“Miss Bennet, this is the schedule from our planning department for the sprint at the end of this year.”

Rachel took the folder, opened it and was bombarded by all kinds of data and tables, which made her dizzy.

She rubbed her temples and asked, “How’s the new cooperative project going?”

The assistant just stood and said nothing.She didn’t know how to respond.

When Rachel didn’t get an answer from the assistant, she looked up from the document.

The assistant shook her head.

“The project team has visited all the companies recently.But we don’t have a solid foundation.Also, at the end of the year, we won’t have much money to spare.The companies on the list either said that their project directors were out of town on a business trip, or that they weren’t considering cooperation at the moment.”

Previously, the news of the cooperation between the Jimenez Group and the Bennet Group had attracted a lot of companies that were interested in partnering with the Jimenez Group to visit the Bennet Group, hoping to connect to them through the Bennet Group.

However, when the news and tabloids said that Tucker had cancelled the cooperation with the Bennet Group came out, those same companies were just as quick to retreat one after another.

Although the Bennet Group employees all knew that they were the ones who took the initiative to cancel the cooperation with Tucker, the public would naturally think that it was Tucker who had done it.

Although Tucker hadn’t developed well in the country, it was still a famous overseas brand, while the Bennet Group was at best a piece of dead wood floating on water, which could sink at any time.

Tucker had shown great interest in the Bennet Group, but now that the cooperation had been cancelled so suddenly.

It was inevitable that people would think that there was something wrong with the Bennet Group.

Because of this, protects themselves were more important to the companies rather than clinging to the Jimenez Group.

“Miss Bennet, since we cancelled the cooperation with Tucker, everyone has been so down.”

The assistant sighed.

“They can’t go on like this.”

“It seems that you have a good solution.So let’s have it.”

Rachel raised her eyebrows, waiting.

“It can even be counted as an idea though.It’s just that we’ve been too nervous recently.We all hope that the company can recover as soon as possible, so we’ve been putting in our best.”

The assistant blinked nervously.

“As I passed by the pantry just now, I heard a few colleagues say that they want to relax a bit.Miss Bennet, I heard that a hot spring health care club has just been opened, and it is doing a special promotion.Since Christmas Eve is coming.How about we go there and relax?”

Rachel tapped on the desk as she thought about it.

The assistant stared at her expectantly.

“A hot spring health care club?”

“Yes! I’ve checked their site.The price is 200 dollars per person per night, and 20% off for a group of more than five people! Although there are five or six hundred people in our headquarters, some of them don’t want to go.If only four hundred people go to the hot spring, then…”

The assistant started calculating.

“Let’s do that,”

Rachel agreed even before the assistant could get the actual sum.

The assistant was a little surprised but as realization set in, her eyes lit up at once.

“Miss Bennet, you mean it’s okay?”

“Everyone has been so working hard.You are free to arrange it the event.”

“Yes, Miss Bennet.That’s very kind of you! Thank you on behalf of everyone!” the assistant said in excitement.

Rachel signed the schedule and handed it back to her.

“But tell them to work hard after relaxing.”

The assistant took the folder and placed it on top of the ones she had.

“Okay, I’ll pass on your words to them.”

The assistant was still smiling as she said this.

Holding the folders, she turned around and left the office.

The door closed and her footsteps could be heard outside.

Rachel’s eyes narrowed.Her phone on the desk vibrated.She picked it up and found a message from Joey.

“Mommy, don’t forget that you promised to take me to the hospital this afternoon.”

A week had passed since she had met Odin that day.

There was still a week left before the plaster cast on Joey’s arm could be removed, but in order to confirm the recovery, the doctor had arranged for an examination a week in advance.Rachel replied as she checked the time.

It was almost noon.

She stood up to go back to the Bennet family’s villa.

After having lunch, she would take her son to the hospital.

As soon as Rachel’s car entered the yard, she saw a black Bentley parking there.

Rachel knew who the owner of the car was.

But she checked the license plate just to be sure.

Before she could react, she heard Lila’s voice coming from the house, and then she came out.

“Miss Bennet, welcome back.”

“Lila, is Roger here?” Rachel asked, her eyes still on the car.

Following Rachel’s line of sight, Lila also looked at the Bentley.She smiled and nodded.

“Yes, Mr.Jimenez is here.Joey said that he wanted Mr.Jimenez to go to the hospital with him.”

Rachel had been busy with the company, so she hadn’t seen Roger very often in the past few days.

She was stunned for a while by what Lila had said, and then she laughed.

“I see.Let’s go in.”

As soon as they entered the living room, they heard the voices of Joey and Roger coming from the couch.

The two of them were trying to solve some jigsaw puzzles.

“No, no, no.It should go over here.”

Joey looked at the picture and pointed at an empty place.

“Really? I don’t think so.”

Roger followed Joey’s instruction and put the puzzle on the place he had pointed out, but it still didn’t match.

Looking at the two, Rachel couldn’t help recalling what Lila had just told outside.

“Joey, Mr.Jimenez, Miss Bennet is back,” Lila said with a smile.

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