Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 507: I’ll Go With You (Part Two)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 507: I’ll Go With You (Part Two)

Seeing Rachel, Joey shouted with glee.

“Mommy!” He ran to his mother to hug her.

Roger stood up and smiling, he greeted Rachel.


Rachel stroked Joey’s head and looked into Roger’s eyes, smiling.

“Is Joey going to the hospital for his medical examination this afternoon?” Roger asked.

“My sister has been busy with surgeries these days.My mother is really worried about her and she asked me to bring something to my sister.Maybe we can go to the hospital together.”

Rachel stepped away from Joey so she could lift him and sit him on the chair.She then sat next to her little boy, an arm around his shoulders.

Joey looked up at Rachel, anticipating his mother’s answer.Of course, she knew what was on Joey’s mind.She gingerly pinched his nose and then glanced at Roger.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” she said good-humoredly.

After they had lunch, Roger and Joey worked on a jigsaw puzzle.

They were so engrossed in fitting puzzle pieces together that they didn’t notice that a couple of hours had already passed.

By this time, they had fairly completed the jigsaw picture.

By mid-afternoon, Rachel and Roger, with a very excited Joey, headed for the hospital.

The Bentley stopped in the open-air parking lot of the hospital.

The three got out of the car.

Roger carried Joey and walked towards the gate of the outpatient building.

Rachel walked with them side by side.


It was a sweet voice that called out to Roger.It came from a little figure in light yellow who was walking towards them.

With one hand around Roger’s neck, Joey turned his head so he was able to see a girl with a chubby face.She was now standing in front of them.

Joey looked her up and down, and the girl did the same.

“Why, Riley, you’re here!” greeted Roger, smiling at her as he put Joey down.

Riley smiled and walked over to Joey.

“Oh, you’re so cute! You’re like a doll.”

Joey felt a bit uncomfortable so he instinctively reached out to grab Rachel’s hand.

Riley followed Joey’s movement so that she saw Rachel.

Her eyes lit up.

“Auntie! We meet again.”

The last time Ritey and Rachel met was at the banquet.It was their first meeting after four years.It was a brief meeting.

They didn’t see each other well because the light was dim and the view was blurred.

“You still remember me?” asked Rachel.

She remembered that Riley was then having an allergy attack.

Rachel carried Riley to the lounge on the second floor.

The little girl was so much in pain that she was oblivious to the people around her.

This was why Rachel was a bit surprised when Riley recognized her.

Riley held Roger’s hand and smiled at Rachel.

Her smile revealed her dimples and she looked sweeter and lovelier.

“Of course, I remember you.It’s pretty hard not to remember you even if I don’t want to.”

Rachel raised an eyebrow.She didn’t get what Riley meant.

“Oh? You don’t know? You have a photograph in my uncle’s room.It is displayed quite prominently on his bedside table.Every time I am in his room to play with him, I’d catch him looking lovingly at your photograph,” Riley explained.

Rachel was stunned.

Roger immediately put his hand over Riley’s mouth.

His eyes narrowed when he saw that Rachel’s face was devoid of any reaction.He was a bit disappointed but he tried not to show it.

“Rachel, don’t listen to her.It’s just kid’s talk,” Roger said, laughing nervously.

Rachel nodded, acknowledging what Roger had said.She then looked at her son and said, “Joey, this is Riley.She is Roger’s niece.”

“Hello, Joey!” said Riley in a friendly tone.

Joey looked at her like he was gauging her.

When he thought she was friendly, he let go of Rachel’s hand.

His eyes on Riley, he said, “Hello!”

Riley stepped closer to Joey and said hello again.She was older than Joey.She felt like a big sister to him and she somehow felt good about it.

“Let’s go,” she told Joey.

“I’ll take you inside.”.

Joey didn’t like being touched by others.

When he saw Riley holding out her hand, he put his hand behind his back like it was a reflex action for him.

Riley didn’t know what to do.Her hand paused in mid-air awkwardly.

Joey was also stunned by what he did.

Rachel knew how the situation had become awkward.

She looked at Riley and explained, “Joey’s hand is injured, which is why he doesn’t like others touching it.”

“Oh, I see.”

Riley’s eyes turned to Joey’s arm which was held by a cast.

Pointing at it, she asked Joey, “Does it hurt?”

Joey blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore,” Joey replied, and his ears began to turn red.

“Riley! Why did you run? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?”

It was Clara, wearing a white lab coat and walking out of the outpatient building.Her tone didn’t sound angry but dotingly.

Clara then looked at Rachel and Roger.

Smiling at them, she said, “Rachel, Roger.”

“Mommy, look, this Joey!” Riley said in a tone like she was introducing a very special person.

Joey remembered Clara.

“Hi, Miss Jimenez!”

“Hi, Joey! It’s nice to see you again,”

Clara greeted back, smiling at him.

Riley’s eyes widened.She asked, “Mommy, you know him?”

“Yes, I’ve met him before.” Clara nodded.

Riley frowned.

Why was she the only one who didn’t know Joey? Pouting, she reached out to hold Clara’s arm.

Clara didn’t know whether to laugh or not.

She lovingly touched her daughter’s face and said, “I remember that you told me that you didn’t want to be a big sister?”

Riley looked at Clara’s slightly bulging belly.

“That was in the past, Mommy.But didn’t you tell me that people change? Now I think it’ll be nice to be a big sister.”

And in a soft voice, Riley added, “It would be wonderful if he is as beautiful as Joey.”

Even if it was almost a whisper, everyone heard her.

“You naughty girl!”

Clara tapped her forehead with her index finger while Riley playfully stuck out her tongue at her mother.

Clara then turned her head at Rachel.

“I’ve asked a colleague at the orthopedics department to secure an examination for Joey.She would have already queued it at the clinic.You can go in there.”

“Thank you,” said Rachel graciously.

“No worries! It’s really not too much of a bother.”

Clara looked at Roger, who was taking out what her mother had asked him to give her.

After thanking Roger, Clara went back to work.She had received a call from her department.

Roger and Rachel stood outside the examination room.

Rachel, in particular, was keeping an eye on the situation in the room.

“Rachel.” Roger’s tone was tentative, even sounding nervous.

“Roger, I have something to tell you,” Rachel interrupted him.

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