Author: Novelsyou
Romance novel
Number of chapters: (Ongoing)
When Sonia carefully tucked his two arms into his sleeves and was about to turn him over and button his front, she suddenly saw that there was actually a faint scar on his left chest. The scar was almost 10 centimeters long. If she was not looking carefully, she would have missed it. Moreover, that scar was also clearly sewn up before. There was only one type of scar that could be sewn, and that was a surgical scar.

So, Toby had open-heart surgery? When did this happen? Why have I never heard of it?

During her six years of marriage to him, he had never done any surgery, and it was impossible for him to do so in these months because this scar looked some years old. Thus, it was inferred from this that Toby should have undergone it six years ago. Just what was his illness for him to undergo open-heart surgery?

Sonia touched the scar on Toby’s chest, her eyes full of doubts. She suddenly found that she actually did not know Toby as well as she thought she did. At least she didn’t understand why he had this scar on his chest.

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