Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 462

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 462

The other reporters held their cameras.

The reporters’ values were still correct.

After Nora went out, they immediately surrounded her.

“Miss Smith, are the Smiths really protecting Ms.Tanya?”

“Although Ms.Tanya’s murder is pardonable, she is not a symbol of justice.It is wrong to kill someone in private.If the Smiths adhere to the law, they should send Ms.Tanya to court.I believe they will give a fair judgment! She will not be bailed out like this!”

“Is it legal for you to bail Ms.Tanya out now?”

Amidst all kinds of questions, Nora turned back and looked at the Smiths.

Although the butler could stop them and prevent them from entering and could even call the police to say that they were disturbing the residents, this would make the Smiths seem like they were bullying others.

Her eyes turned and she suddenly smiled.

“Of course, it’s legal.”

“Impossible!” a reporter said.

“Ms.Tanya’s case has complete evidence.She’s not allowed to be bailed out!”

Jill roared, “Yes, you’re clearly using the Smiths’ power to bail her out and plan to smuggle her out of the country! Don’t think I don’t know! I won’t let you succeed!”

The others also said, “That’s right.How could they have bailed her out?”

Nora did not look at Jill, who had aged 10 years in a single day.

Instead, she looked at the reporters and raised her eyebrows.

“Since you don’t trust me so much, why don’t we go to the police station to take a look? I’ll get the Smiths to prepare a car and take everyone there”

When the reporters heard this, they looked at each other and finally nodded in unison.

“Then let’s go take a look!”

Nora nodded and instructed the butler behind her.

Jill shouted, “You can’t go to the police station.You have to wait here with me.Let Tanya turn herself in! Go and get sentenced! You…”

Unfortunately, the reporters had received benefits from the Smiths previously.

In their hearts, the Smiths were reasonable and a good family.

This time, going to the police station to check the bail procedures was also an important report, so everyone ignored her.

In the end, the Smiths’ butler arranged a few cars and took this group of reporters and Nora to the police station beside the special department.

The special department in New York was located in an office building.

At first glance, it looked like a company.

Right next to it was a police station.

Elaine was a government doctor and belonged to their system.

Therefore, her complaints were registered in the police station.

Nora had just gotten out of the car when she happened to see Elaine driving over.

Her face was still swollen, and she looked very funny and ugly.

The teeth in her mouth had fallen off, blurring her words.

However, she saw the reporters behind Nora and heard the reporters questioning her.

“Will they really show us her bail documents?”

“Is Ms.Tanya’s bail really legal?”

Elaine narrowed her eyes and suddenly took a step forward.

She said to Nora, “Miss Smith! You came at the right time! I’m here to complain about you today! I know that you’re on a different mission from me, and your position is higher than mine! But does a high position allow you to beat up your colleagues at will?”

At this point, she lowered her head and looked like she was about to cry.

“I know you’re unhappy that your best friend has been arrested and has become a murderer.But I’m an upright forensic doctor.Hillary’s death is under my jurisdiction.Just because I showed evidence that is unfavorable to Ms.Tanya, are you going to take revenge on me?!”

As soon as she said this, the surrounding reporters immediately captured the information in her words.

The reporters looked at Elaine and held microphones in front of her.

They asked, “Madam, may I know what’s going on?”

“How did Miss Smith become your colleague?’ “Why did she beat you up?”

Elaine wiped her tears and looked up at Nora.

“Miss Smith is a famous surgeon both domestically and overseas.She’ s..! The special department was a mysterious existence and was not publicly known.

Elaine paused for a moment before saying, “She was hired as a forensic doctor by our higher department.She used this privilege yesterday to transfer Ms.Tanya’s case from our police station.Ms.Tanya had already confessed and was waiting for her sentence.I didn’t expect that after she was transferred to Miss Smith’s department, she would actually be bailed out!”

She said aggrievedly, “This is a case that I’m handling.I definitely won’t allow anyone to escape the law! Therefore, I came here today to get Miss Smith to withdraw from this case and return this case to us! I’ll make sure Ms.Tanya receives the normal sanctions of the law!”

She was wearing a uniform, and her words were very trustworthy.

Furthermore, Tanya’s bail was indeed abnormal.

Coupledwith Elaine’s swollen face and the content of her complaint…

The reporters instantly believed her.

They started to attack Nora again.

“Miss Smith, is this the truth you want to show us?”

“You’re hired as a forensic doctor, so you can use your authority to suppress others? I object!”

Nora stood in front quietly.

Before she could say anything, her phone vibrated.

Two messages were sent over.

It was still that mysterious number.

[Miss Smith, is it fun?] 

[If you want to overturn the case, you can only beg me.If you call me master, I’ll help you.How about that?] 

Master? Was there something wrong with this person’s mind? Nora sneered.

Her slender fingers tapped on the keyboard .

“Call you what?”

The other party: “Master.”

Nora: “Good boy-“

After sending this message, her phone exploded.

The other party had sent several consecutive messages: [I’m not calling you Master.I’m asking you to call me Master] 

[You’re doing this on purpose.You’re taking advantage of me] 

[Heh, you still say she’s your best friend? I think you don’t care about her life or death at all! In that case, let your best friend go to jail! Not only your best friend, but everyone related to you will suffer’] 

[I want everyone around you to die!] 

The last message made Nora’s pupils shrink suddenly.

She suddenly clenched her fists.

Since the other party knew how she had gotten pregnant, it meant that they had orchestrated the whole thing! Then they probably also knew that she had two children and that Justin was the child’s father…

The words “everyone around you will die” made her anger rise.

Her pretty face was cold as she typed word by word: “If anyone beside me loses a single hair, I will make your organization barren!”

After sending the message, the other party seemed to be frightened by her tone and did not reply for a moment.

However, Elaine was already fuming in front of her.

“Miss Smith, is this your attitude when we talk to you? You keep playing with your phone and ignore us? Why? You’ve entered…the department and become a leader.Your priorities are higher than ours.Am I not worthy of talking to you?”

Nora then put down her phone.

She looked up and said calmly, “Why are you still so noisy if you know that?”


She was stunned.

She did not expect Nora to be so arrogant in front of her reporter friends! She said angrily, “People are not divided into levels.Even if your position is higher than mine, you’re too much! Furthermore, I’m about to apply to join you.When the time comes, we’ll be colleagues of the same level…No, according to my qualifications, I’ll be ranked higher than you.Why are you so arrogant?”

Nora looked at her in surprise.

“If people don’t differentiate between levels, why do you care so much about it?”


Nora raised her almond-shaped eyes slightly and said again, “Also, I’m not looking down on you.I just…don’t want to talk to you: Elaine: This woman spoke very little, but every now and then, she would say something that would make one choke to death ! She said angrily, “I came here today to complain about you .What kind of attitude is this? Wait and see! I’ll look for your leader now!”

Nora turned her body away.

Her posture was still calm.

“Oh, do as you please.”


At this moment, knowing that Nora was here, Morris welcomed her personally.

Dressed in a black jacket, it accentuated his narrow waist and long legs.

He was tall and straight like a pine, making him look righteous.

When he saw so many reporters at the door, he frowned and looked at the person beside him in dissatisfaction.

“This is a heavily-guarded place.How can outsiders make a racket here?!”

The security guards immediately understood and stopped the reporters.

When Elaine saw this, she immediately said loudly, “Captain Ford, what’s the meaning of this? Our reporter friends are only here to seek justice.Is there anything we can’t announce to the public?”

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