Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 463

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 463

Morris immediately glanced at her.

Elaine choked in fear.

However, when she thought of her motive for coming here today, as well as the faint pain on her face that was still there until now, and the pain in her mouth because her teeth had dropped and were swelling up, she instantly shouted, “Captain Ford, you have to get Miss Smith to give me an explanation! I’m handling the case normally here, but she suddenly rushed over.

I wanted to check if there was anything wrong with her identification documents.

Besides, I only delayed her for a few seconds.

Who asked her to come so late? Even if I gave in back then, it was too late! It was clearly her own mistake, but she still vented her anger on me!

“There was such a thing? When the reporters heard this, they immediately picked up their cameras and snapped photos.Someone even asked , Sir, may I know what’s going on?”

Elaine turned back to look at them.

“Now that things have come to this, I’m also very angry, so I won’t help her hide it.Because the suspect is her friend, she used her authority to s****h the case away from our department and forcefully took the person away! This is really wrong! Captain Ford, Miss Smith is an external forensic doctor.Did you not tell her the rules of our system?”

Morris’s expression instantly darkened.

He narrowed his eyes and slowly said, “Doctor Elaine, this case involves our department.Our department’s nature is confidential to outsiders.I think it’s because you don’t know the rules, right?”

Elaine’s heart sank when she heard this.

The worst-case scenario had indeed happened.

Morris had always been a protective person.

Even if someone in his department made a mistake, as long as it was not a matter of principle, he would help them bear it.

Now, he even protected Nora? Indescribable jealousy welled up in her! She looked at Morris and shouted, “Captain Ford, I know you’re protective of your team, but even so, are you going to protect someone who secretly let a suspect go?”

A reporter took the lead and shouted, “That’s right.Do you always let murderers be released?”

Morris looked at the reporters sharply.

“Please watch your words.Ms.Tanya is not a suspect anymore!”

The reporters were stunned.


Elaine also frowned and became a little flustered.

She swallowed her saliva.

“Captain Ford, y-you’re actually talking nonsense in order to protect your own people? This case was solved by our team.I participated in the treatment and autopsy of the deceased the entire time.It was clearly Tanya who poisoned her and caused her death ! This is our team’s verdict.What do you mean she’s not a suspect.Morris frowned and looked at her.

“The case has been handed over to us, so we’re in charge.I don’t need to report to you”

With that, he looked at the reporters.

“I don’t need to report anything to you.However, in order to clear Ms.Tanya’s name, I will explain and clarify! We’re arresting a major criminal, and Hillary’s sudden illness in prison was caused by that person! Hillary’s true cause of death was not the drug Ms.Tanya used!”

These words were spoken forcefully.

Although there was no concrete evidence, the reporters were already shocked by Morris’s masculinity.

No one dared to doubt such a fair man.

The reporters did not dare to say anything.

Elaine bit her lip.

This case had been solved very quickly.

Because of this, she had been praised by the team and had even gained a lot of experience.

She could only apply to join the special department because of this qualification, but now, Morris was saying that he wanted to overturn this case?’ She did not dare to go head-to-head with Morris, so she expressed her surprise.

“Captain Ford, are you mistaken? I was the one who wrote the autopsy report.She was only sick previously because of her spleen and stomach issues, which led to endocrine disorder! When she was unconscious, all her bodily functions were normal! How could she have suddenly died? You can’t just say whatever you want here.It’s wrong to accuse me of writing a wrong autopsy report!”

Anyway, the body had already been burned.

It was impossible for these people to get any evidence.

Elaine wanted to insist that her autopsy report was correct .

Otherwise, she would have been severely negligent! After saying this, she looked at Nora and sighed.

“Miss Smith, Captain Ford’s conclusion was given by you, right? But you’re a modern medicine doctor.It’s understandable that you couldn’t find out the reason for Hillary’s coma back then.But you can’t pretend to know something you don’t understand and spout nonsense here!”

Nora raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

Before she could say anything, Morris rushed to scold her.

“I never speak nonsense! The reason I said this is because I have evidence! Hillary was injected with a new drug!”


Elaine swallowed.

Only then did she suddenly realize that Nora stopping her from burning the corpse might really have been a request from the special department! In that case, did she really delay the important matters of the special department? But even so, she could not admit it now! She frowned.

“What new drug? When Hillary was sent to the hospital, I did a full body checkup for her.This new drug doesn’t exist at all.Her blood sample was normal!”

When Nora heard this, she thought of the situation that Lily had investigated and slowly said, “The drug doesn’t produce any external effects when injected into the body.The equipment can barely detect it, either, but it will slowly take effect.It can cause a person to die suddenly in three to four days!”

Tanya had injected a psychotic drug and caused Hillary to act up in advance.

However, that was definitely not the reason for her death! When Elaine heard this, she felt even more guilty.

However , she still braced herself and said, “How can you prove what you said? I have reason to suspect that you’re talking nonsense.How could there be such drugs! I’ve never even heard of it!”


Nora smiled faintly.

“Then you must be quite dumb”

Elaine: She was furious.

“Miss Smith, I suspect that you’re fabricating a reason! You said that the drug in her body will only act up in three to four days, but now that the corpse is gone, how can you prove it?”

After saying that, she looked at Nora proudly.

As long as the body was gone, this case would be locked.

There was no way to turn the tables! If she insisted on it, she could even continue to complain to the higher-ups that the special department was using their power to vent their personal desires! When the higher-ups blamed her, Captain Ford could only fire Nora, who was an external forensic doctor.

Elaine herself could also take advantage of this wave of popularity to increase her qualifications and enter the special department.

Just as Elaine thought about this, she heard Nora say with a faint smile, “Who said that the corpse is gone?”

Elaine was stunned.

“What do you mean?”

“It means that…the corpse is lying in the autopsy room of our special department” Nora said lazily.

“If you don’t believe me, Captain Ford can take you in for a walk?”


She recalled that day.

In order to quickly close the case, she had personally supervised the cremation.

And because her corpse had already been burned, Nora even beat her up angrily! But it turned out…

the corpse had not been burned at all! Nora was acting that day! She had even beaten her up…

Anger surged in Elaine’s heart.

“You stole the body?”

“What do you mean by stealing? If you don’t know how to talk, you should shut up.Can a corpse transferred away by the special department be considered stealing?”

Brenda walked out of the special department in her beautiful seven-centimeter high heels.

Her wavy hair was spread out behind her, her dress red and beautiful.

When she walked, her waist twisted and turned, bringing with it her own charm.


The word described her perfectly.

When she saw Brenda, Elaine’s eyes instantly revealed fear.

She took a step back and knew that she had offended the wrong person this time! However, she could not admit her fault.

Therefore, Elaine patted her head immediately.

“So this case really involves your secret department! But Captain Ford, Captain Brenda, why didn’t you say so earlier? If you had said so earlier, I wouldn’t have made this mistake! Also, when the deceased was sent to the hospital, I did a full body checkup.

She was indeed in a coma because her body was out of tune.

I never expected it to be like this!”

She sighed.

“This is all a misunderstanding.In that case, I won’t bicker with you.After all, you didn’t do it on purpose.”

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