Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 468

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 468

“Oh my god, has something gone wrong with the Smith Corporation’s network? Can we still trust the Smith Corporation?”

“Why were they hacked? Do they take cyber security so unprofessionally when they are such a big company?”

“My personal information registered with the Smith Corporation won’t be stolen, right?”

“This is unacceptable! How can they still call themselves the second-best enterprise in the country when this is all they can do? Is a company whose network defenses were breached so easily really trustworthy?”

“This is too much! I finally took time off today to play games for a whole day, yet they are suddenly telling me that the server is down, so I can’t log in? What the hell? I’m uninstalling this! Goodbye!”

All sorts of rumors flew all about the Internet.

Everyone in the company could only keep watch on the ongoings with their own Internet hotspots.

All of them were terribly anxious, yet also helpless.

The IT department was even starting to call up people for help.

However, the moment IT experts heard that it was Q targeting them, no one dared to come over and help.

The people in the IT department had no choice but to work overtime! But no matter how hard they tried, they simply weren’t the other party’s match! Q was constantly online.

Once they found a flaw and fixed it, Q would attack again.

It was impossible for them to guard against him! Everyone panicked.

“Mr.Smith, this is terrible! Our stocks are plummeting!”

His executive assistant delivered another piece of bad news.

All the trending topics about their server downtime had finally ushered in the most terrifying crisis for the Smith Corporation! Once the stocks reached the lower limit, their company would be in danger! Joel narrowed his eyes and said, “Find a way to intercept Q and stop him from damaging the servers further for now .I will look for someone to help.’ 

The assistant nodded.

Just as he was about to leave, someone pushed the door open again.

It was Samuel.

He looked at Joel furiously.

“What’s the matter with the Smiths’ stocks? The price has fallen so much! Are all the people the Smiths are raising all rubbish? They can’t even repair a lousy Internet network?”

Behind him was his executive assistant’s assistant.

She looked absolutely flustered as she said, “I’m sorry, Mr.Smith.I couldn’t stop him.Joel glanced at her and then looked at his executive assistant.The executive assistant nodded and left the office with his assistant.

Samuel sat opposite him.

“I heard that it’s Nora who offended Q? I knew that the woman was a jinx! She caused so much trouble the moment she returned to the family! Since they are just doing this because they’re angry, how can you still fight him so stubbornly and put our entire business at stake?! Our stocks are plummeting right now, and it is very likely that we’ll be delisted after hitting the lower limit! The Smith Corporation is a listed company, it is not something you can use to defend her for her nonsense!”

Joel corrected him.

“He claims that he is Q, but he may not necessarily really be Q.I am already looking for someone to confirm his identity.”

Samuel was so furious that he was dumbfounded.

“How would he be able to take down our network and put so many people at a loss if he wasn’t Q? Besides, why would he pretend to be Q? Just what are you thinking about all day long?! Is the problem him being Q right now?’’ Joel ignored him.

Instead, he took out his phone to confirm something first.

He dialed Nora’s number.

“Nora, I heard that there’s some bad blood between you and Q? What exactly happened? At the Smiths.At the sight of Joel rushing out as though there was some kind of trouble going on, Nora narrowed her eyes.She felt that it might have something to do with herself.She turned and walked to the car, planning to go to the company to take a look.

Unexpectedly, before she could get into the car, Cherry and Pete rushed over and clung to one of her legs each.

Cherry raised her head.

“Mommy, where were you the whole day? Why didn’t I see you?! I miss you so much!”

Pete didn’t say anything, but his eyes, as he looked at Nora , were full of attachment.


To be honest, she had never neglected Cherry just because she was busy with work.

At the most, she wouldn’t spend time with her to make up her sleep hours.

However, Cherry was by her side even when she was asleep.

Therefore, it was true that the two children rarely saw Nora so busy that she didn’t even come home.

Nora ruffled Cherry’s hair.

“Mommy has something important to do.Let Mommy go first, OK?”

Cherry bit her lip.

“But I miss Mommy!” Nora looked at Justin helplessly.

The man sighed, and a hint of a doting look appeared on his handsome face.

He thought about it for a moment and then said, “Alright, let Mommy go to work.Daddywill accompany you to sleep tonight, okay?”

Cherry and Pete could only nod.

Nora finally got into the car and went after Joel.

However, his car was already out of sight.

After a moment’s thought, she went one round and finally headed towards the Smith Corporation.

After tucking both the children to bed, Justin went out.

As soon as he came out, he picked up his phone and called Brenda.

She picked up very quickly.

“What now, Justin?”

There was a very cold look in Justin’s eyes.

“Has Nora met with some kind of trouble?”

Otherwise, given how much she loved sleeping, she would be asleep with her children at home at this time! Brenda replied, “No, we’re just trying to solve a case.”

Justin subconsciously asked, “Would she still be out this late if all you guys are doing is trying to solve a case?”

Brenda, however, laughed when she heard what he said.

“My word, Justin, do you know what you sound like? You sound like a housewife who waited at home the whole day, but her husband didn’t come home in the end! Hahahaha! Are you feeling lonely?”


Had it been any other time, he would have hung up on her a long time ago.But when he thought about Nora, he nevertheless said, “Tell me what it is.”

Brenda replied,’…I can’t tell you about it.It’s confidential”

Upon hearing the word ‘confidential’, Justin immediately realized even further how important the matter was.He didn’t say anything else, much less force Brenda into making a mistake at work.Instead, he disconnected the call and prepared to enter their system on his cell phone to take a look.But before he could, his phone rang.It was Lawrence.

When he answered, Lawrence said, “Mr.Hunt, something has happened to the Smiths.”

Justin narrowed his eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

Lawrence replied, “Ms.Smith supposedly offended Q, so Q has approached the Smith Corporation, hacked into their entire network, and is giving them a lot of trouble! He wants Ms.Smith to bow down and apologize!”

A lot of people from the IT department had seen the content of Joel’s chat with the other party that time.

Although it wasn’t spread to outsiders, it was nonetheless easy for people in the industry to find out if they wanted to Lawrence was a source of gossip himself, so he knew all the news about everyone.

Justin, however, frowned and said, “He isn’t Q-“

“He isn’t Q”

At the same time, Nora, who had just arrived at the lobby of the office building, also received a call from Joel.

Upon hearing what Joel said, she immediately gave that answer calmly and coldly.

Joel was not surprised.

“Then who is he?”

“..A psycho”

“..Well, if it’s not Q, then I will continue looking for other people for help.”

After confirming that the other party was not Q, the rest of the hackers would dare to help now.

Joel completely believed what she said.

He immediately started arranging for an assistant to spread the news that the hacker was not Q.

Samuel was furious as he listened at the side.

“Joel! Is he not Q just because she says he isn’t? Who else can beat Speedy so quickly besides Q and Y?! No one else in the world is that good at hacking!”

Joel glanced at him.

“Granduncle Samuel, I have things to attend to here.If there’s nothing else you want, then you can leave now!”

Samuel became even more furious.

“Joel, I’m saying this for the company’s sake! It’s not worth risking the Smiths for the sake of a child who wasn’t even raised by the Smiths!”

Joel looked at him and suddenly smiled.

“I think she’s worth doing so: Samuel wanted to say more, but Joel was already looking out the door aggressively.

He ordered, “Take him outside!”

“Yes, sir!”

His executive assistant rushed into the office with bodyguards and surrounded Samuel.

Samuel shouted at him angrily, “Joel, you are even more authoritarian than lan! This is too much! Too much!! With a CEO like you, the Smiths will be finished sooner or later!”

He was dragged out of Joel’s office.

Outside the door to the CEO’s office on the top floor were several managers waiting to report urgent work-related news.

When Samuel saw them, he immediately yelled, “Did all of you see that? He’s such a b*****d!

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