Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 472

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 472

While she was thinking about it, Nora said, “No, it’s fine”

Brenda was taken aback.

“Huh?” Nora’s lips curled into a smile.

“Q alone is more than enough to deal with her.” Brenda was a little dumbfounded at first.

The next moment, however, she suddenly realized something.

She swallowed hard.

“Nora, you…you have Q helping you out? W-where is he?”

No wonder Nora wasn’t in a panic all this time!

 “..Q has been here all along”

Brenda became even more astonished.

“But we did not notice a third person in the room!…Oh, I see!”

Brenda exclaimed.

Just as Nora thought that she had finally understood what she meant, she instead heard Brenda say, “Does Q only need to provide support online? So, he doesn’t have to be present at all?!”


Never mind.

Since she had misunderstood, then so be it.

Seeing that she wasn’t saying anything, Brenda assumed tacit agreement.She immediately started to tease her.

“Nora, have you seen Q in person before?”


After all, she had to look in the mirror every morning after she woke up and went to wash up, right?! Brenda became even more interested.

“Then…is he handsome?”


“He must be very handsome, right?! People with technical skills are usually very handsome! Nora, how sneaky! How can you hide a handsome guy all to yourself and not introduce him to me?!”

Nora, who found her really noisy, cut her off.

“I’ve found Yvonne”

Morris’ voice rang out in a timely fashion.

“Arrest her at once!”

In a small dark room somewhere.

Yvonne had been brought there after she came out of prison.

This was a room in a small guest house and was only a few square feet big.

Apart from a single bed, the only other thing in the room was the computer.

Even the toilet in the room she used to occupy when she was living in the Smiths’ manor was bigger than this! But she knew she had no right to protest.

She and Hillary had both taken the genetic modification drug.

Hillary had died because she couldn’t withstand the drug’s effects.

But she had succeeded.

God knows how excited she had been when she discovered that her understanding of hacking had become so clear that it was like the fog lifting! She knew that she would be able to take her revenge very soon! Those among the Smiths who had looked down on her, those who had bullied her…all of them would receive retribution very soon! She was in a very good mood.

Those people would be suffering while she welcomed a new life and became the new god of hacking! Q? Y? What was the big deal about them? From now on, the world of hackers would be hers to triumph in! Yvonne was so excited at the thought that she was even trembling a little.

Why did the computer in front of her suddenly blackout, though? Yvonne’s first reaction was that the computer’s electricity supply had gone out—because, given her skills, she didn’t think that anything would go wrong with her hacking! But when she went to look at the power supply, she found that the power supply was plugged in.

She was taken aback.

When she stayed there and thought for a while, the computer screen turned on again.

A few words appeared on the screen: ‘Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you know a little bit of hacking?’ 

This was…she had been invaded! She stared flabbergasted at her flawless defensive firewall.

Her fingers trembled as she typed: ‘Who are you?’ 

The other party: ‘Q’

 As the alphabet appeared, Yvonne immediately understood something.She sprung to her feet.

Just as she was about to run to the door, someone suddenly kicked the door open.

Then, a group of people rushed in!


“You’re under arrest!”

“We’ve caught her”

When Morris’ voice rang out in the earphone, Nora had also just received a text message on her cell phone—it was from the little psycho again.

“You’re still not giving in even now? Looks like you really wish for the Smith Corporation’s downfall! “

“Hehe, the Smith Corporation’s stocks have already fallen 20%.Are you still not gonna beg for mercy?”

 “C’mon, my little servant, make up your mind! Otherwise, even if my new toy lets you guys off, the Smith Corporation will still suffer heavy losses! How can a company that cannot even guarantee their network security be trusted?”

Nora raised her eyebrows as she read the text messages.

She ignored him and looked at the time—all the servers had successfully rebooted.

Her long, slender fingers landed on the keyboard and she started to type away at high speed.

Five minutes later, all the computers in the company returned to normal! The Smith Corporation—including all their subsidiaries that relied on the servers—was back to normal!! Outside.

As Samuel looked at all the trending topics on social media that Yvonne was showing them flash by on the computer, he became so infuriated that his blood pressure soared to the high heavens! To be honest, he also owned some of the Smith Corporation shares and received dividends every year.

Although he and lan didn’t get along and he didn’t like Joel, should the Smith Corporation really be ruined, he would also be implicated! This was also the reason why even though Samuel had kept on making an appearance in minor incidents over the years, apart from ruining lan and Joel’s moods, he had never actually done anything during major incidents! Of course, he didn’t have any authority to make any decisions, either.

However, he had never colluded with outsiders to cheat his own family’s company.

But now! Samuel was so mad that he was practically stamping his foot.

He pointed at the things on the computer screen and yelled furiously at the people around him, “Didn’t she say that she knew Q, and would ask the real Q for help? Is this what the so-called Q she invited can do? “She’s such a jinx.She has never done anything good ever since her return to the Smiths! 

“Why did she offend Q for no reason? She’s too much!”

“Oh, my shares! They have already fallen by tens of millions of dollars!”

Samuel clutched his heart and shouted to the people around him, “Remember this, if I collapse here today, it’s all because of that unfilial Nora Smith!”

The executives: No one said anything.

All of them stared at the screen nervously.

Although no one was saying anything, all of them were still nervous.

Given how things had already come to this point, they felt that Mr.Smith was simply too calm! Someone swallowed.

“I think it’s better that we get Ms.Smith to borrow Y from the Hunt Corporation!”

“Sigh! The Hunt Corporation’s Y is like a national treasure.How would they loan him to us so easily? Don’t even think about it!”

While they were talking—in fact, they couldn’t even bear to look at the screen anymore—they suddenly saw the one-click Delete button for the computers’ hard drives appear on the screen! Right away, everyone panicked! The executives looked at Joel’s office.

Someone even rushed over and said, “M-Mr.Smith! If all the data in the computers are deleted, we will suffer heavy losses!”

What came out of the office was Joel’s voice that still sounded as calm and collected as ever.

He said, “Got it”

The people outside were close to going crazy from their anxiety! However, a minute later, someone suddenly let out an exclamation.

Everyone turned and followed his gaze to see that the computers had restarted…

They had succeeded! Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Surely it’s not because they have already deleted all our data, so they decided that they can restore the computers for us now, right?”

Hearing this, the executive assistant hurriedly rushed to his workstation, opened up his hard drive, and then found that…

“Nothing was deleted!”

When the rest heard this, they all ran to their workstations excitedly! A girl sighed emotionally and said, “Oh my god, my computer is okay now! Nothing has happened to it at all, it ‘s exactly the same as before! It’s as if it hadn’t been invaded at all! Ah, the picture of my idol is still here!”

Another man exclaimed, “F*ck, even my p**n videos are still here?”

There was a moment of silence in the executive assistant department.

The man suddenly raised his head in embarrassment and scratched his head.

“I…I was just joking…”

These people, who had stayed in the office and worked overtime, were the first to discover that the network had been restored.

However, spreading the news required a certain amount of time.

In a hotel room somewhere.

A man leaned against an armchair with one leg perched over the other.

His black suit-clad legs were long and straight, and his leather shoes were also smooth and shiny.He looked very smug.He grinned and said, “My little servant will be reporting very soon, heh heh…”

But as he said that, the assistant next to him suddenly exclaimed, “Sir, I look at the trending topics on social media…”

The man was taken aback for a moment.He glanced over, upon which he became dumbfounded.Then, someone suddenly rushed over in a panic.

“Sir, it’s over! Yvonne has been arrested!”


The man cursed in a low voice.

“Useless piece of rubbish! You’re all a bunch of rubbish!” Nora had just repaired the network when someone knocked on the door.

Joel’s executive assistance said, “Mr.Smith, look at the number one trending topic!”

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