Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 474

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 474

When Nora looked over, the man was browsing Facebook.

On Facebook, there was a small-time user called “Nora-Justin Couple”

Below, it posted: [Ahhh, what should I do? Did you see what Hunt Corporation said at the critical moment? I’m at your beck and call! I feel so spoiled!] 

[I’m a fan of a couple from two companies!] 

[The domineering Mr.Hunt is seeking attention.The cold Beauty Smith has rejected him!] 

[He has Y while she has Q.The emperor and queen of the hacker world are in their hands.They look more compatible!] 

[Ahhhh, I saw a text, it’s so sweet! Link attached!] 

Justin’s slender fingers opened the link, and inside was a short piece of a text: “Actually, Hunt has always been deeply in love with Smith.Smith has long had her heart set on Hunt, but the two strong people have never learned how to express themselves.They only worked hard to show their best sides in front of each other.Smith tried hard, but she was tripped by someone.

The moment she fell, Hunt suddenly realized something.

It was too tiring for Smith to chase after him.

Hunt stopped in his tracks and reached out to her.

‘My hand is right here.Come as you wish” Smith looked at that hand but did not clench it tightly.

Instead, she stubbornly pressed her hand against the ground and stood up.

“I have my own hand.”

Smith did not notice that when she said this, her tone was filled with shyness…To be continued…”

Justin looked at the words and smiled, liking this Facebook post.Justin was currently logged into Hunt Corporation’s official account.

This little like immediately made the netizens hype up again.

Everyone shouted, — Ahhhh, the couple is real’! Nora was speechless.

No matter what Justin did, he was always serious and very vigilant.However, she had been standing behind him for so long, yet this man still did not notice her arrival.

The corners of Nora’s lips twitched.She watched as Justin liked every post that praised them.When he had liked more than ten, Nora could not stand it anymore and turned around to go upstairs.When she increased her pace, she attracted Justin’s attention! He looked up suddenly and smiled when he saw Nora.

“You’re back?”

Nora: “…Yes.”

She wanted to say something, but when she turned her head back to look, she saw that Justin had already lowered his head again and was looking at his phone.

He had started his journey of likes again.

Nora: The “thank you” was stuck in her throat.

This fellow had deliberately created a “V” that could be used at will in a high-profile manner.

He had even shouted loudly on the Internet and bought the top trending searches just to help them.

Nora shook her head slightly and sighed.She prepared to go upstairs.She had just taken the first step when she heard Justin’s bright voice.


Nora stopped in her tracks and looked at him.

Justin finally looked up.His eyes were still smiling, and his dark eyes were as bright as the stars.

“Is Q you?”

Nora: She was silent for a moment before asking, “Then is Y you ve In the silence, they looked at each other.Suddenly, they smiled again.No words needed to be spoken.Nora went upstairs to sleep.When she woke up again, the sky was bright.She picked up her phone and glanced at it.

She realized that many people had contacted her, but most of them seemed to know that she was resting, so they had only left messages.

Nora ignored Brenda, Morris, and the others.

Her gaze first landed on Lily’s message.

Usually, Lily would not look for her for no reason.

Now that she was suddenly looking for her…

Nora hurriedly unlocked her phone and dialed her number.

Lily picked up immediately and said, “Boss, Old Maddy seems to have regained some rationality.He kept nagging about looking for you! I’m trying to calm him down, but I think he has something to say to you.”

If he had something to say…

Nora thought of the secret her mother had left behind and sat up immediately.

“I’ll be right there!”

She got out of bed, put on her clothes, and rushed downstairs.

Then, she went to the car park and drove straight to the hospital! In the hospital.

Nora came to the door of Old Maddy’s room.

Before she entered, she heard Old Maddy shouting, “Where’s lan’sdaughter? Where’s Yvette’s daughter? I want to see her! Her mother has a secret that she wants me to tell her! Shh, I won’t tell you.I’ll only tell her! I can only tell her!”

When Nora heard these words, she hurriedly pushed open the door and walked in.

Lily was pressing on Old Maddy’s arm.

Ever since he was poisoned by Yvonne, his body had not been well, and his mind had not recovered.

His expression was still not good, and the burns on his body were terrifying.Lily comforted him.

“Boss is coming soon.Don’t be agitated…”

Old Maddy danced around and kept shouting, “I want to see Yvette’s daughter! Quickly call her to see me! It’ll be over if she’s late! I want to tell her a secret…”

Lily almost couldn’t control him anymore.

At this moment, Nora entered the door.

When she heard the door opening, Lily turned back to look at her and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“You’re finally here!”

Lily stood up and said with resentment, “If you hadn’t come soon, Old Maddy would really have gone crazy this time!”

Nora ignored her nagging and walked straight to the bed.

When he saw her face, Old Maddy calmed down.

His turbid eyes suddenly became clear.

He looked at Nora quietly for a while before smiling.

“You’re here”

“I’m here,” Nora held his dry hand.

His fingers were especially dry because they had been burned before, and his skin was very wrinkled.

She asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

Old Maddy looked at her and his eyes gradually calmed down.He smiled.

“I want to tell you that you need to have a child!”


She was stunned.


“You need to have a child! Now, now! Hurry!”

Old Maddy suddenly became anxious and pushed her out.

“Do it now.His words were incoherent, making her even more confused.However, Nora’s heart jumped a little.She seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Why?”

“Why?” Old Maddy was stunned.

“Yes, why?”

He was pushing Nora’s hand, but he suddenly quietened down.He scratched his head hard.

“Why? Why can’t I remember why? Why? Why? Why ?..””

He muttered softly to himself.

After saying these words, he grabbed his hair hard because he could not remember the reason.

A few strands of hair had been plucked off by him from his already barren scalp, but he still could not seem to remember.He suddenly slapped his head angrily.

“Why? Tell me quickly.Why?”

Nora saw that he was gradually losing his mind and seemed to be getting more and more anxious.She hurriedly held his hand.

“Old Maddy…”

When Old Maddy saw her, he did not think about why anymore.Instead, he held her hand.

“Quickly go and have a child.Go!”

Nora: “…l already gave birth”

“You gave birth?” Old Maddy was stunned.

“It really happened?”

“It’s true.There were even two of them.Nora did not say the last sentence.She only stared at Old Maddy.When she saw that he seemed to have heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief.Then, he slowly closed her eyes.His emotions seemed to have calmed down.

Nora asked tentatively, “Can you remember anything else?”

Old Maddy whispered, “I can’t remember.I can’t remember.I’m old.I’m crazy…And I can’t think.My head hurts.My head hurts so much…”

“Okay, don’t think about it yet.But if you remember anything else, you have to tell me.”

Nora reminded him softly.

Old Maddy nodded.

“I’ll remember.I know…”

After Old Maddy fell asleep, Nora walked out of the ward.

Lily looked at her.

“Anti, I think Old Maddy’s condition has improved.At least he was talking to you normally just now.But he’s so strange! Why did he want you to have a child?”

Nora shook her head to indicate that she did not know.

She told Lily, “Take good care of Old Maddy.When his physical fitness reaches a certain level, I’ll continue his treatment’ 

Old Maddy might be someone who knew about some things back then! Only by curing Old Maddy could she possibly know some of her mother’s secrets.

Since she was at the hospital, Nora went to visit Quentin again.

Quentin lay there and was getting another nurse to feed him fruits.

As he ate, he said, “Don’t look at how I’m paralyzed on the bed now and can’t even lift a cup of water.You don’t know how powerful I used to be”

At this point, he took a bite of an apple and continued, “My martial arts are especially good.It’s not a problem for me to fight ten people alone! What’s with your expression? When I’m done, I’ll fight ten for you to see!”

When Nora heard this, she stopped in her tracks.

As she stood at the door, she heard the nurse say, “Okay? How big is your heart? Do you know how serious your injuries are?”

Quentin smiled.

“Do you know who my cousin is?”

The young nurse: “…I know.It’s Anti!”

“Other than Anti, she’s also Big…Forget it, I won’t tell you anymore.You won’t understand even if I tell you.Anyway, she’s very good at fighting!”

The young nurse asked, “Is she better than you?”

Quentin: “…D**n, she’s just a little better than me.Really, just a little.When I recover, I’ll practice for another ten years.I’ll definitely beat her! Because she’s too lazy.She only knows how to sleep every day…If she doesn’t practice, she’ll only worsen! Why should I tell you about fighting? What I want to tell you is that with her around, I’ll definitely be able to stand up!”

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