Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 479

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 479

“Hah, even if you claim that everyone in the world is full of hostility towards alternative medicine and despises alternative medicine, there’s no way she would do that!”

Silvester sounded very sure, which made Jon even more bewildered.

“Are you that partial towards her? Why? Did the Smiths or the Hunts give you some kind of benefit? Dr .Zabe! What are you afraid of when you’re already so old? How can you give in to the allure of such worldly possessions?!”

Silvester became even more speechless when he heard this.

He gave his son a look, upon which his son immediately summoned the butler over and sent Jon out at once.

Jon was ruthlessly driven out of the Zabes’! When the door slammed shut, Jon was still standing there , unable to react.

Why was Silvester so sure that Nora would never say those things? Nora was Anti.

As an internationally renowned surgeon, wasn’t it logical and reasonable that she would look down on alternative medicine? Nora must have given him enough money just now! This was unacceptable! To think even Silvester had been bribed.

Were the alternative medicine practitioners of the States…really doomed for a downfall?! Nora wasn’t aware of the events at the Zabes’.

She had already returned home.

With the stack of books in her arms, she went upstairs and entered the study.

After sitting down, she began to read and immersed herself in research.

She wanted to cure Quentin.

It wasn’t until a hand pulled away the book in front of her that she finally stopped.

Nora frowned with displeasure, turned her head, and rebuked, “Cherry?”

Cherry was usually the only one who would be up to mischief while she was reading.

Unexpectedly, when she turned her head, she instead saw Cherry and Pete seated on the sofa beside her and looking at her worriedly.

The person who had taken her book was actually…

Justin? Nora’s frown instantly deepened.

As soon as this expression of hers formed, Cherry immediately whispered to Pete, “1 think Daddy is finished, Pete!”

“_..Why is he finished?” asked Pete.

Cherry continued to whisper, “Mommy’s about to explode! She will definitely smack Daddy’s bottom!”

Pete: Nora:”..”

She touched her head awkwardly.

Then, she looked at Justin…only to see that the man’s chiseled face actually looked kinda…expectant? Uh…Her eyes must be playing tricks on her.

She rubbed her temples and asked, “What time is it?”

Justin: “It’s seven o’clock.You have to eat something and then wash up.It’s time for bed’ Nora:”..”

She coughed.

“It’s too early”

Justin said, “You usually go to bed at this time.You can continue reading when you wake up tomorrow!”

Nora, however, tried to grab the book from him.

“I don’t have any appetite.Let me read for a couple more hours.But as soon as she stretched out her hand, the nimble man took a step back, Nora did not manage to grab the book.Justin raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

“Go and eat.” Nora got up.

Just as Cherry was worried that Mommy would give Daddy a huge thrashing, she instead unexpectedly saw Nora turn around and head downstairs.

She was actually…

obediently getting something to eat? Eh? Had Mommy changed? When she got downstairs, Nora found that dinner that evening was pasta.

After she sat down, she took out her cell phone.

When she turned it on, she found that several people had sent her messages.

One was a text message from the little psycho: “My little servant, are you ready for my challenge? I’m going to hire Q at a high cost.Do you think I will succeed?”

A gleam of light flashed in Nora’s eyes as she took a bite of pasta.

She replied: ‘No’ The little psycho: “Hehe, let’s have a competition, then!”

Nora slowly typed: ‘Why should I compete with you?’ Sure enough, the little psycho fell for it.

He wrote: “Then let’s make a bet.If I can get Q on my side, then you are to become my little servant.If not, then I will answer one of your questions in return.”

A question! Nora’s lips curled upwards.

That was exactly what she wanted! Nora had too many questions she wanted to ask the little psycho, including how she became pregnant, why she would die if she didn’t give birth, and even about her mother…

Also, she had already discovered a long time ago that the little psycho actually kept his word.

At least, he hadn’t deceived her the other time.

She narrowed her eyes and replied: ‘Deal!’ 

After sending the message, she happily accessed the Hacker Alliance’s website.

Lying quietly in Q’s private message inbox was an email.

This was the only place that outsiders could send messages to when they wanted to hire hackers.

Because this was the Hacker Alliance, there was no need to worry about being attacked by other hackers.

After all, the world’s most powerful hackers were all there, no one would dare to challenge them.

At the other end of the dining table.

Cherry and Pete sat respectively on either side of Justin.

All three of them sat quietly as they watched Nora eat.

However, Nora didn’t even spare them a glance.

Cherry heaved a silent sigh.

“Who is Mommy texting? She actually smiled! Surely Mommy hasn’t found herself other handsome guys out there, right?”

When Pete heard this, he gave Justin a pitying glance.Justin’s expression darkened and he said in a low voice, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Cherry rested her chin on her chubby little hands and pouted.

“I’m not talking nonsense, Daddy.I know Mommy too well.Sigh, when we were abroad, I told Mommy to find me a Daddy, but she said that she wasn’t interested in foreigners.Now that we’re back in the States, as expected , she must have become all starry-eyed after seeing handsome guys!”

Justin: Pete asked hesitantly, “But what if Mommy is making a business deal with someone?”

Cherry rolled her eyes.

“Pete, when have you ever seen Mommy making money?”


Cherry sighed like a mini grown-up.

“She only has 75 million dollars worth of savings.In spite of that, she doesn’t bother doing anything every day.If not for my grandaunt overseas, I would probably have been raised in poverty!”

Pete was stunned.

“Mommy only has 75 million dollars?”

The amount of money he had at his disposal when he played around with investments whenever he was bored was already more than 150 million dollars! Cherry nodded.

Pete said ‘’…Mommy really is very poor, then.”


Cherry looked as if she had expected better from Nora.

She said, “If Mommy really wants to make money, she can make a lot right away, but she instead said that 7 5 million dollars are enough! How is that enough? It can only buy four sports cars! Sigh!”

Pete nodded hard empathetically.

“I will make lots of money and support Mommy in the future.”

At this point, a weak voice suddenly came from the door.

“Say, um, do the two of you mind supporting an uncle, too?”

Cherry and Pete turned in unison to see Louis standing there.

He was looking at them eagerly with his eyes glowing.

Both Cherry and Pete looked away and started talking to each other again.

Cherry said, “If Mommy doesn’t want Daddy anymore, then we will have to be separated in the future.Who are you going to follow?”

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Pete gave Justin a disdainful look and replied, “Mommy.What about you?”


He was about to reprimand the two of them for talking nonsense, but when Pete popped the question, he immediately turned and looked at his daughter! Surely Cherry wouldn’t also abandon him and pick her mother over him, right? Fearing that he was not the most important person in his daughter’s heart, Justin had been working hard during this period of time to bond with Cherry! Sure enough, Cherry looked like she had difficulty choosing.

She sighed and said, “I can’t go with Mommy.If I do that, Daddy would be really pitiful.”

Justin was touched at once.

As expected, his daughter really was his precious and understanding little baby! She was simply so sensible! However, the next moment, Cherry said, “How about this? I ‘ll get Daddy to build a house for me and put lots of handsome young men inside.I just need one to c**k for me, one to clean the house, one to sleep with me, and four more to play games with me! This way, I won’t disturb Mommy and Daddy’s new lives, and all of you can also come and visit when you miss me! Isn’t my idea great?”


It seemed like there was something a little wrong with his precious little baby? It was to the extent that he felt like his hands were itching a little! The corners of his lips spasmed and he repeated silently in his heart: “She’s my daughter…She’s my daughter…Endure, endure…!”

Pete, however, advised her earnestly.

“Cherry, you mustn’t let Aunt Brenda lead you astray.You mustn’t think of handsome young men all the time!”

Cherry tilted her head.

“Then shall I think of beautiful young ladies?”


As Justin listened to their conversation, he thought of how he had panicked when he mistakenly thought that Pete was secretly a little princess in his heart.

He mustn’t have the little princess whom he had just acknowledged become a dude deep down in her heart! Therefore, Justin immediately said, “It’s better that you like boys instead!”

Cherry immediately applauded.

“Oh yeah! Daddy’s the best!”


While the three of them were talking, Nora had already read the email that the little psycho had sent: ‘Q, as long as you leave the Smith Corporation, you can name your price: Name her price…

Tsk, the little psycho sure was rich! Nora ate a quarter of the pasta on the plate in one bite.

As she chewed, she typed a reply and sent it to the little psycho.

In the hotel.

The man leaned back on the sofa.

The curtains were tightly drawn together, and no light could shine through at all.

In the room, someone’s coughing suddenly rang out.

“Cough, cough, cough! If you continue to fool around like this, you will bring about your own downfall sooner or later.I’m warning you, don’t go against her!”

The little psycho’s sharp voice rang out next.

“Are you being nosy again?! I told you, I’m in charge in New York! I am the little master whereas you are just my servant! Besides, why do you care about her so much? Have you fallen in love with her, so you cannot bear to part with her anymore? You’d best not forget our plans!”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

After another coughing fit, the rich and mellow voice rang out once more.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why would I fall in love with her?”

The little psycho broke into a grin.

“No? Then why do you keep stopping me from harassing her? Haha!”

“That’s because…cough…she is harder to deal with than you think!”

“Hard to deal with? That little fatty grew up under my nose, how could she possibly be hard to deal with? You’re overthinking it too much! Haha, I shall use Q to completely suppress her now! And show her how dark and sinister the world is!”

“Cough, cough, cough! Can you really convince Q?”

“Money makes the world go round.If I can’t, then there is only one possible reason why”

“Cough, what is it?”

“That I’m not offering enough money!”

As he said that, a beep indicating the arrival of a text message rang out.

The little psycho immediately raised the phone excitedly like a child and said, “See? Q has replied to me! Now, let’s see how much Q is asking for!”

As he said that, he opened the email…

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