Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 484

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 484

Nora was very polite to him.

After all, this person was in the same generation as her mother.

Actually, she still had to call him uncle.

Caleb said, “Since you recognized me, why didn’t you bring anyone with you?”

These words made Nora pause.

After some thought, she suddenly smiled.

“I believe in my mother”

Caleb was stunned.

Nora said, “She handed me to you, so you probably won’t harm me.By the same logic, since I don’t know the truth, I can’t have you arrested just like that”

Caleb’s deep eyes revealed a hint of relief.He lowered his head and coughed twice before smiling.

“I understand”

Nora glanced at him and could not help but say, “If there’s anything you need my help with, please feel free to ask”

After all, he had protected her for so many years.

If he asked her to help treat an illness, she would definitely not reject him.

Caleb nodded.


After saying this, Nora left with Justin.Caleb stood at the same spot and watched the two of them leave.

Suddenly, he lowered his eyes, revealing a lonely look.He returned to the hotel.

As soon as he entered, he heard Trueman’s sharp voice.

“What were you guys talking about?” Caleb coughed.

“It’s nothing.You don’t need to know”

Trueman sneered.

“Caleb, have you forgotten who you are?”  Caleb did not say anything.

Trueman seemed to see through his thoughts as he smiled.

“I know.You like her!”

For the first time, Caleb’s tone became serious.

“Don’t speak nonsense!”

“Hahahaha, this is the first time I’m seeing you angry.To be able to make the usually gentle you so angry, it looks like I’ve exposed your thoughts! Are you regretting now that the person engaged to her back then was not you? Moreover, it should have been you!”

“Shut up! Cough, cough, cough, cough…”

“Tsk, it’s so fun to see you so exasperated right now.Hahaha…If you don’t tell me what you were talking about, do you think I won’t know? I’ll definitely find a way! Caleb, you better recognize reality and not betray the organization, okay?”

Nora did not know about the dispute in the hotel.

At this moment, she was driving with Justin on the way back to the Smiths.

The man sat in the front passenger seat and did not say a word.

Nora glanced at him from the corner of her eye.Her lips curled up slightly.

“Why do I smell jealousy?” Justin sighed.

He really couldn’t do anything to her.He was about to say something when Nora’s phone rang.

She picked up the call and Maureen’s voice came from the other end.

“Nora, where did you and Mr.Hunt go? Mrs.Hunt is here!”

When he heard this, Justin’s phone rang.

He picked it up and Brenda’s voice came from the other end.

“Justin, Grandma went to the Smiths!”



At the Smiths.

Joel looked at Mrs.Hunt politely.

“Mrs.Hunt, it’s already so late.Why did you come to the Smiths? You could have called me over if there’s anything..”

Supported by the butler, Mrs.Hunt bent over and looked upstairs with a walking stick in her hand.

“Where’s Justin?” Joel coughed.

“He went out”

Mrs.Hunt asked again, “Went out? But I heard from his office that Justin doesn’t have to work overtime today.Where’s Miss Smith?”

Joel: “She went out too.”

Mrs.Hunt laughed dryly.

“So the two of them abandoned their children and went out together?”

Joel was a little awkward.

“Not really.”

“Why? Did they take the children out as well?”

Joel explained, “Mr.Hunt went to pick Nora up from work”

Mrs.Hunt lowered her eyes.

“Although we have a nanny at home, it’s really inappropriate for these two to leave the two children at home.” Joel nodded.

“You’re right.When they return, I’ll definitely tell them this.” Mrs.Hunt smiled.

“Mr.Smith, I wonder which room my Pete is in? I’ll go upstairs to see him”

As she spoke, she stood up and was supported by the butler as they walked to the elevator.Joel wanted to stop her.

“Mrs.Hunt, this isn’t quite appropriate.Mrs.Hunt stopped in her tracks.”

“Why not? As his great-grandmother, I’m going to see my great-grandson.Is there a problem?”

Joel was about to speak when Mrs.Hunt smiled.

“Of course, I can’t see her daughter without Miss Smith’s permission.But I don’t need to trouble you to worry about my great-grandson.Which room is he in?”

Mrs.Hunt was really angry! Justin had already stayed with the Smiths for more than half a month.

If this continued, The Hunts would become laughing stocks in New York! Hearing the faint disdain in her words, Joel’s expression darkened.

He suddenly smiled.

“In room 203 upstairs”

He accompanied Mrs.Hunt upstairs.

When they arrived at room 203, Mrs.Hunt frowned.

“This should be Miss Smith’ s room, right? Pete is sleeping here?”

“Yes” Joel said.

“Pete insisted on sleeping here”

Mrs.Hunt sneered in her heart.

“Then I’m going in to take a look! At the same time, I can see Cherry! But, Mr.Smith, your family is too careless.Although Cherry and Pete are only five years old, they’re not biological siblings.It’s not good for them to sleep together like this, right?”

Joel’s expression turned even uglier.

Before he could say anything, another voice said, “Mrs.Hunt is right”

Joel was stunned.He turned around and saw lan coming out.He was in good health and no longer needed to be hospitalized.

Today, Lily had finally agreed to let him be discharged.

He couldn’t wait to go home and meet his granddaughter and daughter.

However, he didn’t expect to see Mrs.Hunt right after he returned.

Especially after hearing what Mrs.Hunt said, he was furious.

lan endured the discomfort in his heart and pushed the wheelchair over.

Although he was sitting and was very thin, his aura was very strong.

Mrs.Hunt felt a little uncomfortable when she saw him.

Although Joel was very powerful when it came to managing Smith Corporation, he was still a grandson.

Just like Justin, no matter how powerful he was, he was still her grandson in front of her.

Therefore, she could still suppress him.

However, lan had been in power for so many years.

He was very dignified, especially back then when Justin had yet to grow up and her son had failed to live up to expectations.

In fact, the Hunts had always been suppressed by the Smiths until they could barely breathe.

Therefore, she was very afraid of lan.A smile immediately appeared on her face.

“How is your health? Have you been discharged?”

lan said nonchalantly, “I won’t die yet.At least I can support my daughter for a few years to prevent her from being bullied again at such a young age!”

When Mrs.Hunt heard this, she immediately said, “How could that be? Who dares to bully your daughter?”

lan looked at her and smiled.

“Mrs.Hunt, we both know that women are physically weaker than men.When they marry someone, won’t they become someone else’s? But as long as I’m still a father, I won’t allow my daughter to be looked down on!”

Mrs.Hunt lowered her eyes.

“If she wants to be looked at by others, her family background is one thing, but her character and capability must be passable, right?”

When he heard the word “capability; lan raised his eyebrows and smiled even brightly.

“Your words have reached the bottom of my heart.In the future, the person my daughter is going to marry will definitely admire her from the bottom of his heart.He will respect and love her.If there is even the slightest bit of contempt, I will not agree to it!”

Mrs.Hunt lowered her eyes and smiled.

“Even if it’s for your sake, I don’t think anyone in New York will dare to look down on her.But Miss Smiths’s daughter…she’s called Cherry, right? Well, with the Smiths protecting her, she should be fine…”

The Smiths were protecting her…

lan sneered.

“Yes, Cherry has nothing to do with the Hunts .ls that what you mean, Mrs.Hunt?”

Mrs.Hunt smiled.

“You can’t say that.Miss Smith and Justin are together now.Of course, Cherry is also half a daughter of Justin.It’s not that the Hunts can’t afford to raise a girl.It’s just that her status makes it a little awkward.”

lan interrupted her, “I understand what you mean.Don’t worry about this.I like Cherry very much.She wouldn’t be bothering the Hunts to take care of her!”

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