Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 486

Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped, Chapter 486

Justin glanced at Nora and sighed softly.It was all because Nora wanted to keep it a secret.

At this moment, lan suddenly said, “Mrs.Hunt, it’s already so late.Since you’ve seen Pete now…Shouldn’t you be taking Justin back now?”

When Mrs.Hunt heard this, she choked.She looked at lan and said, “lan, look, it was a misunderstanding…What we said just now doesn’t count, right?”

Mrs.Hunt finally realized that she had made a mistake when she thought about how Justin had not mentioned anything about this biological mother all these years.

Now , Mrs.Hunt finally realized belatedly that she had made a mistake! However, lan said, “It counts.Why wouldn’t it count?!”

Mrs.Hunt hurriedly said, “How can it? Isn’t this breaking up a loving couple?”

lan smiled.

“Didn’t you also disagree with this marriage earlier? In that case, why should we force each other?”

Mrs.Hunt hurriedly said, “I agree now! For the sake of the two children, don’t be calculative with me, okay?”

lan’s expression was serious.

“Mrs.Hunt, you’re mistaken.Although she already has a child, my daughter doesn’t have to worry about not being able to find a good family” Mrs.Hunt became even more anxious.

“She’s Pete’s biological mother.Other than the Hunts, who else would marry her?”

These words were even more overboard.

As soon as she finished speaking, Justin shouted, “Grandmother!”

Mrs.Hunt instantly realized that she had said something wrong.

She hurriedly looked at lan and saw that his expression had darkened.

“What? The Hunts are already domineering to the point that if I don’t let my daughter marry into your family, others will not be allowed to marry my daughter? My family is not to be trifled with! If this doesn’t work out, and my daughter isn’t able to get married, I’ll take care of her forever!”

Mrs.Hunt still wanted to say something, but lan had already turned to look at Joel.

“Joel, it’s getting very late.See the guests out!”

Joel stood up immediately.

“Mrs.Hunt, please…”

When Mrs.Hunt saw that they did not care about their reputation, she was even angrier.

“There’s no need for you to chase us away.We’ll leave ourselves! Justin, Pete, Cherry, pack up and let’s go home!”

However, when she said this, there was no movement behind her for a long time.

Mrs.Hunt’s thoughts were simple.

Children were the ones who held their mothers back the most.

As long as she took the two children away, she would not have to worry about Nora not coming to their house! However, she did not expect there to be no movement behind her after she spoke.

She turned around and saw Pete and Cherry looking at her in a daze, while Justin’s mouth was pursed.

Mrs.Hunt was stunned.

“Justin, what are you waiting for? Carry the child! Look at how sleepy Cherry is…”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard lan’s voice.

“Mrs.Hunt, we just said that Cherry has nothing to do with the Hunts.You can only take Pete away”

As soon as she said this, Pete chimed in, “I’m not leaving.I want to stay with Mommy”


She was stunned.

Then, she said in shock, “These two children are from the Hunts.Of course, they have to come with me!”

lan was very domineering.

“What Hunts? This is my granddaughter.She has the Smith blood in her!”

Mrs.Hunt held her chin up.

“lan, I know that society is developing, but our wealthy families still care about passing on our daughters.Your daughter will get married sooner or later.The children of our Hunts can’t go to another family to suffer!”

lan smiled.

“Who said my daughter is going away? I’m going to find a househusband for my daughter in the future! Anyway, since I don’t have a son, Nora will take on the responsibilities!”

With that, he looked at Joel and asked, “Joel, do you mind? Joel stood up straight.”

“Of course, I don’t mind.Even if Nora manages Smith Corporation, I have no objections.”

lan raised his eyebrows and looked at Mrs.Hunt.

“Did you hear that?”


She could not win against lan, so she could only look at Justin.

“Justin, aren’t you going to say anything?”

With that, she whispered, “Justin, if you want to marry Miss Smith and make her bow her head in compromise, you have to take the two children away! I guarantee that she’ll chase after you!”

When she said this, Justin’s gaze turned even colder.He had long known that his grandmother did not like Nora.

She preferred traditional daughters who would be at home with her husband and children, just like a mother…

She would remain just as the children’s mother in the Hunts forever! However, with Nora’s personality, it was impossible for her to be trapped at home.

And this time, Mrs.Hunt had come to the Smiths, first, to look after Pete, and second to bring Nora down a notch! How could Justin allow Nora to be looked down upon at home in the future? Therefore… he knew what Mrs.Hunt said was true—as long as she took away the two children… or even one of them, Nora would not be able to escape.

But he could not do that.

He lowered his head and held Mrs.Hunt as he slowly said, “Grandmother, let’s go”

Mrs.Hunt was stunned.

“What about the children?” Justin sighed.

“Nora gave birth to the children in the first place.The children will only follow us if she asks them.”

Mrs.Hunt looked at Nora.

“Miss Smith, let the children come with us.At the very least, let Pete come back with us!”

Nora shook her head.

“Sorry, I can’t”

It was more probable for Cherry to go back with them.

However, it was impossible for Pete! Ever since she fell asleep a few days ago, she could clearly feel that Pete was more attached to her.

Now was the critical period to treat her son’s mild autism.

How could she let the Hunts take him away? Mrs.Hunt misunderstood.

“Are…are the Smiths really going to s****h our child?”

She turned to look at lan.

“lan, the two families had planned a marriage alliance in the first place.Letting Miss Smith marry Justin is the best choice.Why do you have to do this? Aren’t you afraid that we’ll turn against each other?!”

lan smiled arrogantly.

“My health is not good, and I don’t know how long I can live.Therefore, I don’t care about what happens in the future.I only know that my daughter should not be taken lightly!”

Mrs.Hunt choked.

Before she could say anything, Justin had already grabbed her arm forcefully and interrupted her.

“Uncle lan, Joel, Nora, we’ll head back first.I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Pete and Cherry.”

With that, he brought Mrs.Hunt downstairs forcefully.

After the group of people left the Smiths, lan sneered.

“At least this kid knows his place!”

Joel thought of his friendship with Justin during this period of time and said, “Mr.Hunt has always been quite good, right? But Mrs.Hunt is too unreasonable!”

After saying that, he seemed to be afraid that Nora would mind, so he explained, “Nora, Mr.Hunt left because he wanted to take Mrs.Hunt home.Don’t think too much about it.”

Nora did not think too much about this.She just felt that her ears had finally become much quieter.

No one would stare at her as she ate anymore, despising her for eating so much! She felt herself relax.She stretched her body and entered the bedroom.

“I understand”

After she closed the door, lan suddenly waved at Joel.

“Tell me, how does Nora feel about Justin? Does she like Justin?”

Joel touched his nose as confusion flashed across his fox -like eyes.

“Uncle lan, speaking of this, I also find it strange .Nora’s personality is more distant, and she’s cold to everyone.I didn’t see any intimacy between her and Justin, either…I really can’t say if she likes him or not.”

When lan heard this, he nodded thoughtfully and said, “In that case, you understand…”

His voice trailed off.

After hearing the entire sentence, Joel looked at lan in disbelief.

“This…isn’t too good, right?”

lan: “That’s what we’ll do!”

Joel: “…Alright”

On the way back to the Hunts.

Mrs.Hunt carefully observed Justin’s expression, but when she saw that her grandson’s expression was still dark, she couldn’t help but cough and say, “Justin, it really wasn’t my fault today.I didn’t say anything, but lan set me up!”

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