King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha Chapter 59

59 This Emptiness ALEJANDRO 

“We’ve found a location, but we haven’t pinpointed it. Last time he f*****g knew Kiara was around, but I don’t think they were banking on the pup knowing those locations.” Darien was saying as we gathered around my desk 

Both my Deltas were here, as well as Carmen. 

“But if the Djinn does try to probe Enrique’s mind, there are chances he’ll learn of it. Either way, I have a plan.” I said, lighting a cigarette. “What plan?” Maria asked, doing her best not to wrinkle her nose. Got to love how she wasn’t able to hide her dislike for things like smoking, no matter how much she tried. 

“Kiara…” I said, hating that I was going to resort to this. 

Not everyone in this room knew what Dante had hinted at me, and as much as I f*****g hated it, I trusted everyone in this room and would share the truth with them. 

“What about her?” Scarlett asked sharply. 

“The Djinn still has a hold on her, and she’s feeling emotions that aren’t hers.” I told them quietly. 

It f*****g hurt but there was nothing I could f*****g do about it. Even the plan I had, I didn’t like it, not one f*****g bit. 

“Really… f**k…” Liam frowned. “And what exactly is your plan?” Scarlett asked, frowning as she glanced at Elijah. “I’ll make her learn of our plan indirectly, and the Djinn will most like hear it… I’m sure of it. Obviously, it won’t be our real plan, but if it comes off that she hears it by accident, the chances are they’ll believe it. If played out properly, she’ll eat it up and in turn, the Djinn will, so when we actually carry out our f*****g plan. They won’t know what f*****g hit them.” “Kiara can tell when someone’s lying.” Elijah added with a frown. “I know, that’s why I’m telling half of you one plan and the other half another plan. Then I’m having two of you have a conversation, and I’ll handle the rest.” I explained confidently. Rayhan frowned, running his hand through his hair. 

“So, if she can hear it all, see it all… then she knows most of what’s been going on?” He asked. “Is she safe around the kids?” 

A flash of irritation rushed through me; I know he was just f*****g worried but I also knew Kiara was f*****g strong. She would not hurt them. “She’s still my f*****g mate and she’s still the queen. Kiara is not f*****g weak.” I growled, my eyes flashing 

“I get that.” He replied, frowning “Rayhan’s concern is fair too.” Scarlett said quietly. 

“The Luna won’t fail us.” Drake added. “We will await your plan Alpha, and act accordingly.” 

I nodded, yeah that’s f*****g more like it. 

“I agree. Luna Kiara is strong, she is the queen for a reason. Let’s not forget she is a blessed wolf.” Carmen added, crossing her arms. 

“What is the cost to kill him anyway?” Darien asked. “Just that blade and got to be done in one stab.” I replied lightly, not wanting to share the actual f*****g price. 

I knew I had people who would try to take that chance in my stead… and I couldn’t do that. Not to any one of them… Plus I needed to make sure it gets done. I was the fastest and most powerful… 2 

We talked for a little while longer, and I told half of them to wait outside. I gave Elijah, Scarlett, Liam, and Darien one plan, which was actually the fake one. Then I called the others back in and told them the real plan. 

“Dismissed.” I said, taking a drag on my cigarette, motioning for them to all leave. 

Rayhan nodded, about to walk out. He paused and glanced at Maria, who was holding a book from the shelf behind me. 

“You go along, there’s a few things I wanted to discuss with Alejandro, ya hayati.” She said, giving him a small smile. 

He nodded, although I knew he was curious as to what we wanted to talk about. 

“Run along kid, it’s adult talk.” I mocked. 

“You know, I’m the same age as Kiara, right? Ah, I guess compared to the old man you are, I must seem like a kid.” Smirking, he shut the door before I could reply. 

“F****r.” I growled as Maria shut the book and slid it back onto the shelf. “What did you want to discuss?” 

“I want to know the actual price of killing a Djinn.” My stomach twisted, caught off guard. Like always, she had that emotionless, perfectly sculpted face that didn’t betray any thoughts. Our eyes met and in that f*****g moment, I realised she had been the one in the garden earlier. 2 

As quiet as a f*****g assassin.2 

Which meant Maria already knew what the price was… 

“You already know what it is.” I said coldly. 

“A life. The wielder will die, correct?” She asked. She walked over to the desk, standing on the opposite side, her hands folded in front of her. 

“That’s not your concern, I will handle it.” 

“You will die to save Kiara, Delsanra, and Dante.” She stated, her eyes hard. 

“Three lives in return for one, it’s pretty fair…” I replied emotionlessly. 

It’s f*****g weird, but there was once a time, I didn’t care if I died… but now… I wanted to live, for them. For Kiara, for my kids, for my family. I wanted to be part of all the weird family s**t we did together. The celebrations, the movie nights, the meals, and time together. I wanted to see Ray and Raihana’s kids grow up. I wanted to play that role as their grandfather, to be there for them where I know Rafael would have been… I wanted to show Leo he f*****g isn’t alone. To bid the kids goodnight, to wake to Kiara’s smile every f*****g day… 2 

“Fair. Then I will ask you to allow me to do it.” 

Her words sent a flash of coldness through me, my eyes blazing red as I looked at her, narrowing my eyes. 

“No.” I growled, but she didn’t even flinch. 

“Why not?” She asked icily, folding her arms. Even with her sparkly dress, she meant business. “Do not forget that I am from the Ahmar Qamar pack. We pride ourselves in stealth. Where do you think Rayhan gets it from? I can sneak up on him when others keep him busy.” She snapped as if she was talking to a f*****g kid. 

“I don’t care if he got it from you or f*****g Santa Claus. I am not letting you f*****g sacrifice yourself.” I growled, my aura rolling off of me. 2 

That made her step back, but even then, she stood her ground defiantly. 

“I have far less to lose Alejandro. Unlike you, my children have grown up, started lives of their own… I am not needed.” 

“I don’t care if they are ten or f*****g fifty, they will always need you. You can’t leave them, when they have already lost their dad.” 

“But your children are barely even ten! Kataleya needs you more than ever… Dante is holding the world upon his shoulders. He will need a father’s guidance, that much power in such a young boy. He needs a father to support him, to be there for him, to show him the way and tell him that it’s going to be ok.” 

“He has Elijah, Liam, and Rayhan. He won’t be alone” 

“Really Alejandro? and Kiara? Will you just leave her in this world alone? Will you be so cruel?” 

That felt like a f*****g gut punch 

Kiara. Life without me… She would feel it as much as I f*****g would if I had to live a life without her… I wouldn’t even want to live without her… 

“I am not trying to be f*****g cruel. I have to do this.” 

“You have an option to be here with her. Can you imagine how hard it will be for her? To be queen until Dante is old enough, to carry on all alone?” 

“I know it’ll be f*****g hard!” I growled, crushing my cigarette in my fist. 

“Exactly, and just how it would be hard for her, that is how I find my life without Rafael.” 

I looked up sharply, her poised front cracking and the agony in her eyes f*****g killed. “Maria… Look, it’s just -” 

“I’m tired, Alejandro… I want to be with him. I’m living my days without my sunshine, I spend the nights without my stars. The emptiness inside, it’s only growing. I miss him and I just want to return to him. Let me do this, Alejandro, for my sake, because I can’t carry on like this. I told myself I would never beg anyone for anything. However, I am pleading with everything I have. Please let me do this.” 

I looked into her grey eyes that held raw pain, but what she was asking for… to let her sacrifice herself… How do I accept that? 

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