King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha Chapter 60

60 Making 

A Choice ALEJANDRO “Please” She pleaded, taking a seat on a chair opposite my desk. 

“You’re asking me to f*****g send you to your death.” I said quietly. “How the f**k do you expect me to agree to that? I know that it’s hard living without your mate but…” I looked down at my hands, the slight scorch mark on my palm healing over before I took another cigarette out. “I am asking you to make the smarter choice. Someone who yearns to be by their mate’s side and has adult children, over someone who is leaving their eight-year-old as Alpha and their mate behind. It makes obvious sense which is the better option.” She explained quietly. “And how will you tell Raihana that her mother is going to sacrifice herself?” 

“The very same way you would have had to tell Skyla and Kataleya. The only difference is Raihana is a woman, not a child.” F**k her logic. Even if it made f*****g sense, I am not going to let her do this. I couldn’t… “No Maria.” I took a drag on my cigarette. “I’m doing this, if you don’t agree, then I will take this to Elijah.” She replied, her eyes flashing dangerously. “Don’t f*****g do that s**t, obviously he’ll f*****g side you.” I growled coldly. “Elijah will side with the one for who it makes more sense to do this. I force myself out of bed every morning to carry on, I love you all, but it’s hard without half your soul.” She sighed, sitting back in the seat and crossing her legs. A pose that wasn’t very Maria, who would usually sit with her legs tucked to the side and hands in her lap. Right now it was as if I was talking to a boss, not a prim and proper Ms Perfect, but she is a f*****g queen after all. Her grey eyes watched me sharply. “From heaven, I will watch over my family, but you have so much left to do. I don’t like to set an ultimatum but we both know that there’s more logic in me doing this. So please, if Rafael and I ever meant anything to you, you will allow me-” 1 

A menacing growl left my lips, my eyes blazing red. “Do not f*****g use that s**t on me, you know what Raf meant to me and that I consider you my f*****g sister. I am not letting you f*****g-” “Do not growl at me like an animal!” She snapped, irritation clear in her voice. 

Did she actually just call me a f*****g animal? We were, but she sure made it sound like a f*****g insult. 

I glared at her and she simply shook her head as if she was talking to a f*****g pup. 1 


“I am no longer asking your opinion. I am doing this because I want to… I have contemplated suicide, several times Alejandro, but I will not go against my beliefs… That is not what Rafael 

would have wanted, so let me go in an honourable way. All I want is to return to my mate.” She said softly, her eyes glittering with tears, yet even then she refused to let them fall. 1 

I sat back, letting out a breath. Yeah, I could see her fading with each passing year… She had held on for so long, when you are mated to an Alpha the bond is even stronger… 

“And what about Rayhan and Raihana… How will you tell them?” 

“I will talk to Raihana and Delsanra… but Rayhan…” 

“He’ll f*****g blow.” 

“Yes, so I will leave him a message. I will tell him how by oath I made you promise to let me do this and that I did not allow you to tell anyone.” “I ain’t lying or any of that s**t, especially when he won’t f*****g forgive me. Besides, we all know I don’t follow rules or keep secrets. I already have one nephew wanting to f*****g kill-” “You won’t be lying because I am holding you to one. If you loved Rafael, then you will uphold this promise.” 

A memory from long ago flashed through my mind… When I had said to her to answer me if she loved Raf, she was using that s**t on me now. 

“I ain’t promised s**t.” I growled. 

“You will promise me, for our family and for me. This is where my happiness lays, I wish to be released from these shackles…” She persisted, running her fingers lightly over her mate mark Her eyes looked haunted, and she did look tired. 

F**k it. 

Even if I understood she needed this… it still hurt, to agree to her demand wasn’t going to be f*****g easy. I ran my hand down my face as she stared at me, waiting for me to agree. Her grey eyes filled with sadness and hope, and it f*****g messed with me. Why the f**k did these Rossi women have a hold on me? I swear there is some shady s**t going on there, or I’m just getting f*****g soft. Maybe Ri did some voodoo s**t or something, can’t put anything past her and Del… “Fine. Talk to Ri… and I’m talking to her too, like I want to make sure she’s f*****g ok with it.” A small smile crossed her lips. “Thank you, I will.” She promised softly. Our eyes met and the severity of what I agreed to… No, this was wrong, she couldn’t do this s**t. I could tell Rayhan or stop her. But her next words made my thoughts come to a painful stop. “Thank you for understanding, I cannot wait to be by his side once more…” She whispered, a single tear escaping her eye. 




She looked as if a burden had been lifted from her, the spark of hope in those grey eyes told me just how hard living was for her and I realised it may be f*****g painful for us, but it was 

something Maria needed. For herself. 

I stood up, walking over to the window and stared at the moon in the night sky. Raf… We f*****g needed you… You left far too f*****g fast. 2. Was this the right choice? 

Her heels sounded on the wooden floors as she made her way over to me, stepping up beside me as she looked at the sky. – “He would be proud of you, so proud.” She whispered, as if knowing what I was thinking. I looked down at her, her eyes held so much emotion and I knew even the decision she had made wouldn’t be easy for her. Talking to Ri… having to say goodbye to everyone… “And of you. You carried on after him, standing in as Luna, so Del could live her life, get her degree. You remained f*****g strong even when I could see how much f*****g pain you were in. You’ve always been good at hiding your emotions.”…. 

I looked down at her and she smiled slightly. “Of course, I was born to be Rafael’s Luna, raised to be a queen and I will handle things just like he would expect of me.” She said proudly and I smirked. “Yeah…” A f*****g king and queen who deserved every ounce of the praise they were given. There would never be another Rafael or Maria. “I heard you’re quite good at being a flirt too.” I smirked, making her smile vanish, and was that a faint blush? “Whoever said that is-” 


“Liam doesn’t lie.” I mocked. “So I can actually start to believe that you and Raf actually consummated your bond and didn’t just adopt Ray and Ri. I swear you come off so f*****g stiff at times.” She frowned at me, and I snickered. “Even Marcel didn’t deny that s**t.” 

“I am going to have a word with Liam, I told him not to say anything.” “This is Liam, the guy’s smart but he’s also f*****g clueless. I think Kiara got the tact and brains from that duo.” She laughed lightly and shook her head. “Well, you are a tattle-tale too.” “I f*****g am not.” I growled. She gave me a look as if saying did I really believe that? Well… I do kinda like stirring s**t up… “It’s rather sad but men often don’t realise women can be more dangerous than a man. It’s a shame for them.” She said haughtily, and I knew she was still trying to hide her embarrassment. “Yeah, especially one of the Rossi Queens.” 

“Hmm… and this one cannot wait to return to her king.” Her voice was so quiet, yet her words were clear. The hope as clear as the moon in the sky. “Don’t feel guilty, a king must always make the right decision even if it’s not the easiest, and this is the right one.” She placed her hand on my cheek for a moment, giving me a small nod and smile. 

I looked down at her, then back at the night sky. “Yeah? Well, it sure isn’t f*****g easy.” For her happiness… 

Will you get angry at me Raf for allowing her to do this? 



I returned home; the weight of the decision made heavy on my shoulders. Right now, I felt useless. A Djinn from years ago still after this family, or more like waiting for Dante to be born. What powers did he possess? Or the bigger question was, what exactly was Dante? 

Something told me he was no ordinary wolf or Lycan. I get that history says no two Lycans are born at once, but with all the s**t and power that everyone seemed to have, I think those rules may no longer apply. But even as a Lycan, I didn’t have that power before I shifted… 

Born with red eyes… Like how Liam’s cerulean eyes were stuck magnetic blue like his wolves once he came into his power… His powers were always brimming to the max, a little like Dante … So what was the little f****r? I paused outside his bedroom, opening the door silently. I looked inside, he was fast asleep, his breathing steady and he looked at peace despite the angry veins that covered his skin. Dante Rossi… He looked more like the child he was meant to be when asleep than when awake. I closed the door silently, giving the guard outside his room a nod before I walked down the hall to my bedroom. I opened the door to see Kiara was fast asleep, but what f*****g surprised me was that she was still fully dressed, her arms wrapped around herself and a small frown on her forehead. Her b*****s practically spilled out of that s**y little dress, and her lush thighs were pressed together, only making me want to go over there and wake her up so I could f**k her. Had something happened? Pulling off my shirt, I walked over to the bed, and sat down. I brushed her long locks off her face, looking over her s**y body. No matter how f*****g messed up my head was, she kept me distracted and san… I wish I could talk to her about this… To ask her her opinion, but I f*****g couldn’t, and deep down the doubtful question remained. Was I doing the right thing?

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