King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha Chapter 62

62 There Was Once A Princess 


It was the following day, Alejandro had looked restless and had been distracted all morning. Although he had his block up, whatever was worrying him was obviously something he didn’t want to share with me. 

It did hurt, but I knew he had his reasons… I myself felt so uncertain after what had happened with Dante last night. I wanted to tell Alejandro about it, but I wasn’t managing to get him for even a moment alone. Plus, I didn’t want him to get too worried, however I wasn’t stupid enough to keep silent about it. 

“I’ll see you later, Amore Mio.” He cupped my face, giving me a deep kiss before he pulled away. 

I nodded, unable to even argue. I had to wait for a few minutes, knowing he was busy. 

“I love you.” I whispered. “Love you more.” He gave me a s**y smirk, placing another kiss on my lips. 

His actions made me close my eyes, enjoying the feel of his touch before he walked away. 

“Are you ok?” Mom’s soft voice came as she placed her hands on my shoulders from behind, she looked at me with concern. Well, I couldn’t tell Alejandro, but I could tell Mom at least. “Just something happened last night and it’s unnerving me.” I sighed, turning towards her. Mom smiled, brushing my hair off my face. 

“Come on, let’s go somewhere else.” She said, and I nodded as she led me through to the back garden. 

Taking a seat on a bench, Mom turned towards me. She remained silent, waiting for me to start talking “Last night I touched Dante and it burned… and then I had this terrifying urge to grab a knife. ” I whispered, my heart pounding at the horrible thoughts and actions that had tempted me. 

Mom’s smile vanished. She frowned, her eyes flashing silver before she placed a hand on my 

shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. 

“There is no way you would ever do that. Don’t feel bad Kia, that is not you wanting to do that. We are all here for you, and if it ever feels like it’s getting stronger, we are all around you. You will never be alone.” She said softly, hugging me tightly. I closed my eyes and nodded, hugging her back. Inhaling her comforting, warm scent. No matter how old we are, we will always need our parents’ comfort… 

“Mama!” Azura’s voice came as she stormed into the garden, hands on her hips. “Yes baby?” Mom replied, turning to her. 

She sighed dramatically and came over to us both, looking at us both before shaking her head. 

“Seriously, you two are out here, and me and Sky are trying to get Kataleya to come play with us.” She complained. 

Mom and I both frowned, as worry flitted through me. I didn’t like to see her so broken. I may not have my memories, but from the videos I have been watching, she was a happy child. 

Skyla ran over too and nodded in agreement with Azura. 

“She’s doing it again.” 

“Doing what?” Mom asked gently, despite the concern on her face. 

“Using one hand to do everything, she was buttoning her cardigan and she was refusing to put her teddy down, and then when I said I’ll help her, she refused and was going to cry.” Sky explained, her eyes were full of sadness and worry. I sighed heavily, feeling the pain in my chest only growing. “You girls play, I’ll go to Kat, ok?” I said, reaching over and giving both their cheeks a slight pull. “Owie!” Skyla giggled before smiling and giving me a nod. “Ok, Mama!” The girls ran off, and I stood up. 

“Don’t worry too much Kiara, we are here.” Mom promised, and I nodded. 

She was right, I wasn’t alone, and everyone was around. If I felt strange again, I would just call for help or tell someone instantly. “Thanks, Mom.” I replied before I headed inside to find my little Kataleya. 

I didn’t need to search, as the girls had said she was in her bedroom sitting on the bed clutching the same teddy bear tightly. Her long hair fell down her back, and although she looked like the cutest little angel sitting there, the sadness in her eyes remained and it broke my heart. 

I walked over to her, crouching before the bed, and placed my hands on her tiny knees. 

“Hey, my little princess. The weather is so warm outside, why are you sitting here?” I asked gently, cupping her cheek with one hand. Her arm tightened around her teddy, and she shrugged. 

“I don’t want to go outside.” She said, staring down at her lap. 

“Why not?” I asked softly. 

She shook her head, refusing to speak. So I stood up and sat next to her on the bed, putting my arm around her. 

“So where did you get this teddy from? I’m sure I haven’t seen it before.” I tried to make conversation. 

“Raihana ordered it online for me.” She said, brushing her hand over its fur gently. 

“Tell me, what your teddy bear’s name?” 

She remained quiet 

“Shall I name it? Hmm, what is a good name for a teddy bear as cute as this one?! Hmm hmm… 

I looked around, Maria had told me she had usually preferred to play with her array of pastel coloured teddies and unicorns, in comparison, this one was a rather interesting and a different choice. A quick scan of her bed and the room told me it was far different. Skyla’s toys were obvious from her action figures, Disney villain collection, and superhero dolls. Then there was Kataleya’s pile of pretty and fluffy teddies. Her porcelain and baby dolls were a stark contrast to the teddy in her hand. 

“What about Coco?” I suggested looking at its dark brown fur. 

She shook her head, tightening her hold on it, before she moved it and looked down at its face. 

“No? Ok, what about Brownie?” 

“No, his name is Kiké.” She said quietly. 

With sudden realisation, I stared down at the teddy. 

Hazel eyes and brown fur. 

Kiké – Enrique… 

Goddess, she had named it after him. 

I fought back the surge of tears that threatened to spill and scooped her into my arms, hugging her tightly. “Oh baby… I love the name.” I complimented her lightly, rocking her gently. “He is so cute.” 


“He is.” She whispered, hugging it tightly. 

I wish I could turn back time and make all her pain go away, make Enrique’s pain go away. I wish I could protect every child on this earth… 

“Shall I tell you a story, Kat?” I asked gently, looking down at the top of her head, a head of hair that was the exact same shade as mine. 

She nodded, I rested my chin on top of her head and gazed out of the window. 

“Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was brave, compassionate, and caring. But then… he was treated horribly, until he became cold and angry, but that was only because he was hurting inside… Then a little princess was kidnapped and kept locked away, and even though he knew he shouldn’t, he still took care of her, but in the process, he was punished severely.” 

Her little heart thumped, and I stroked her back as I rocked her gently. 

“He lost something special, but it wasn’t the princess’ fault, it was the monster’s fault. The very same one who was keeping the princess captive. But you know when the princess and the little boy were saved? He became angry and would say hurtful things to the princess, and she took it to heart.” 

I felt something wet spill onto my arm and hugged her tightly as I continued, letting her cry quietly. 

“And even when the time came for the little boy to leave, he refused to listen to the princess.. leaving her little heart broken. But fear not, that isn’t the end of the story.” I said softly, placing another kiss on her head. 

“It isn’t?” She asked quietly. 

“No, because that little princess grew up into a strong, pure-hearted woman and that little boy grew up into a strong, yet cold-hearted knight. They would meet again, and that little princess and the little boy would have their own journey to heal their hearts.” I frowned, confusion rippling through me. I don’t know why I had said those words, but they felt so… real. Almost as if I was certain of them. 

Kataleya looked up at me, hope lighting up her small face. 

“They will?” 

“Yes.” I promised, a small smile crossed my face. I was certain that one day Enrique Escarra and Kataleya Rossi would cross paths once again. 

A glimmer of hope washed across her face, she looked out of the window and nodded. 

“Then… I will work on being a strong woman, someone who can help others… not someone who always needs help.” She said quietly. 

I smiled and nodded. 

“Yes, always remember you are so much more than you think” I said softly. She nodded and a small smile crossed her lips. She turned her gaze to the teddy. 

“We will meet again, right Mama?” She asked again, as if she needed that certainty. 

I nodded, not only because of that feeling I had but because I would make sure they did. One day, I would let Kat go and find him. She didn’t get the closure she needed, so all I could do was give her some hope until that day came. 

A short while later, Kataleya agreed to go and play with the others. I fixed the bedding, deciding I would go and try to bake some brownies or something to keep myself busy. I left the girls’ room and was about to go down the stairs when I suddenly looked down the hall. 

It was currently empty, as the guards were now only stationed here during the night in case Dante needed something or if something happened… I walked to my room and entering it, I headed straight to the closet, frowning as I realised I had no idea what I was doing here. 

Fear suddenly rushed through me the moment I grabbed one of the daggers at the back of my wardrobe. Daggers that I saw every day yet didn’t think anything of. I tried to pull back, but my hands seemed to have a mind of their own. 

My chest was pounding as I slid the dagger from its leather sheath. No. What was I doing? 

I moved away from the drawer, closing it slowly, the panic within me growing 


I needed to tell Alejandro. 

I frowned, trying to concentrate on the mind link when a splitting pain rushed through my head, making my free hand grab my head as I groaned in agony, but even then, my feet continued towards the exit of my room. 

Emotions that were not my own flared inside of me; anger, hatred, vengeance. 

Please stop. 

I pushed against them, trying to mind link anyone, but I wasn’t able to. Alejandro… 

Could he feel my panic through the bond? Fear enveloped me, suffocating me. 

No… please no…. 

I couldn’t stop it; it was far too strong. 

Terror filled me as I realised where I was headed, my feet dragging me down the hallway without my consent. My grip was tight on the dagger, and my stomach sank as Dante’s bedroom came into sight… 

A/N: For those who are confused about Leo’s anger please re-read chapter 60 and 61 of her Destined Alpha where the rogue victims who were forced by magic to beat Del were punished ruthlessly by Rayhan as well and shackled in silver for a certain period of time. 

They were victims of Endora too yet were punished. 

For example, Kiara was forced under a spell to work for someone and is commanded to beat lets say Azura, she’s in her senses but her body is not under her control. She carries on doing this for months and when she is finally free suffers PTSD and the nightmares of what she was forced to do remain. She is promised a new start and begins her journey trying to heal and overcome her trauma, but then suddenly someone comes for revenge. 

Should she still be beaten and kept in prison chained with silver for a few weeks? Although she was a victim too? How would she feel given new hope and then it was taken away ruthlessly whilst her own Alpha simply watched? How would her children feel, not understanding why their mother is being punished and scared that they weren’t really safe in their own pack? 

The rogues were not main characters but they are still people with emotions and had painful lives, many suffering trauma just like real life soldiers do. There are always two sides of a story and Leo was born as a rogue and raised in this abusive environment, he used to even sneak Del food out of compassion. Yes he knows she was abused, but they were also suffering but in the end even the Rogues were punished once more. 

I hope this helps a little! Thank you 

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