Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 741 No Casualties

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 741 No Casualties

The ski resort’s staff had sent all the injured individuals to the nearest hospital for an overall examination. If their condition was

serious, they would be advised to stay there for further observation. Those who had minor injuries would be sent back to the

hotel so they can rest.

Gabrielle’s forehead was swollen with a big bruise, but fortunately, there wasn’t any bleeding. After getting treated, she intended

to leave the hospital, but Westley requested that she remain for a night to undergo additional check-ups. He was worried about

her having internal damages

Westley had a big wound on his back that looked incredibly terrifying. Gabrielle was a big worrywart, and he didn’t want her to

worry so much, that was why he didn’t let her see it when he was being patched up in the other room.

“I’m really fine, honey. It’s nothing serious, see? My forehead just had a small bump. It’ll be okay in the morning. Let’s go back, I

don’t want to stay here.” Gabrielle tugged on Westley’s shirt, acting like a spoiled child. But Westley didn’t buy it and insisted on

staying there for the night.

“Gabrielle, listen to me. It’s only one night, okay? If there are no serious results, we’ll go back early tomorrow morning.” Westley

caressed her cheek gently, then held her hand.

“Fine… just one night and we’ll go back. Don’t break your promise.” Gabrielle pouted.

Hearing this, Westley smiled. “Silly girl, when have I ever lied to you? I’ve never failed to follow through on anything I’ve

promised you. We’ll be back early tomorrow.”

“Okay. But still, we’re lucky for being able to come out of that with only minor injuries. If we went back in a disastrous shape,

Star and the others would be so worried.” Gabrielle lowered her head and clasped her hands together. She felt so lucky for not

getting badly done in this time. If she rolled down the mountain, she would have gotten grievous wounds or even lost her life.

“That won’t happen. You’ve been blessed and things will always turn out well for you.” Westley rubbed her head gently.

“Enough about me, how’s your back? Let me see.” Gabrielle clearly remembered that Westley had hurt his back very badly. She

wanted to check if there was anything wrong with it.

“Gabrielle, I’m fine. Don’t worry. You just lie down and get some rest.” Westley tapped her shoulders and pushed her down gently.

He had to distract her from asking.

He knew too well how his back looked right now. The bruise was glaring and that would shock her.

So, it was better she didn’t know about it.

“Why won’t you show me, Westley? Is it serious?” Gabrielle didn’t believe that his back was all right. Even though Westley

shielded her, she felt how strong the impact of the collision was. It was impossible that he didn’t get injured from such a

destructive impact.

She knew Westley quite well. He wouldn’t have kept it from her if it wasn’t serious.

Westley was always putting her feelings first. He didn’t want her to worry about him and would tell her all the good news but

never the bad ones. Even if it was about his condition.

“Gabrielle, I said it’s okay. Trust me.” Westley assured her.

“But I want to see it. We also have to get you checked. No matter what you say, I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.” Gabrielle would have none of his excuses.

Westley knew how stubborn she was. If he didn’t let her check it, it would make her more suspicious.


“Westley, Gabrielle, may I come in?” A sudden knock on the door was heard. Judging from the voice, it must be Alexis.

Westley was thinking of how to not get caught just now. Good thing, Alexis really came at the right time.

“Come in.”

Alexis walked right in, carrying a tray of hot drinks and treats for the two of them.

“How are you guys feeling? It must’ve been so scary.” Alexis asked them in concern.

“We’re feeling okay. Nothing serious, actually. There’s a small bump on my forehead and it didn’t even bleed. Westley insists we stay here till moming. I can actually get out of the hospital any moment.” Gabrielle sighed.

“Come on now, Gabrielle. Westley did it for your own good. Don’t be so hard on him. Here, have a sip of hot milk tea.” Alexis carefully placed the tray down and handed Gabrielle a cup of red bean milk tea that he had brought according to Westley’s request.

Westley was well-versed with Gabrielle’s preferences, so he wouldn’t make a mistake.

“Thank you, Alexis.” Gabrielle was quite delighted to see the milk tea. She accepted it and took a sip. Her mood immediately


“Don’t thank me. It was Westley who asked me to bring you some. Thank him instead.” Alexis grinned widely.

“This kind of ‘thank-you’ stuff isn’t necessary for me and Gabrielle. As long as she’s happy then I’m glad. Anyway, how’s

everything going on there?” Westley asked.

“Right. How is it going? The situation earlier seemed very serious. No one was gravely hurt or died, right?” Gabrielle asked Alexis

in a wormed tone.

Despite the fact that Gabrielle was also a victim in this accident, she was slightly injured compared to those people.

“No one was killed, but two children were seriously injured, and a few more had minor injuries. The woman who hit them is still

in the police station. She suffered a little injury herself, and Joseph is still there. I assume he will arrive later.” Alexis told them

briefly about the situation. +

Hearing this made Gabrielle frown. Apparently, what had just occurred was quite severe.

“It’s a good thing that no one died. But what’s up with that woman?” Hearing this irked Gabrielle.

Clearly, that woman was terrible at skiing. Her skill was comparable to hers. She lost control of the skis and rushed down,

colliding with a large number of people. Children and women were the biggest victims.

If you can’t ski, don’t do it. Any accident on the slope could harm others, including their lives. That’s homicide.

Fortunately, Westley held her in his arms and protected her from the impact. Otherwise, she would have suffered a broken hip.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she grew.

“She attempted to ski like a pro, but her rusty skill wouldn’t allow her to do so, and as a result, she couldn’t control the speed while skiing down the slope. She then dashed straight down and couldn’t break it. That’s why Westley asked you to practice in the safe slope for a while before the real thing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t only hurt yourself, but also other people like that woman.

Thankfully, no one has died, otherwise she’ll be charged with murder.” Alexis relayed the information with an angry tone.

The ski resort was open to the public. Anyone who committed anything harmful without regard for the life of others would be considered a crime.

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