Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 742 Lying

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 742 Lying

Although Gabrielle felt somewhat reassured, she remained apprehensive.

“With regards to this, you must conduct yourself professionally; any compensation or penalty is acceptable, but never lynch her.”

Gabrielle reminded Alexis solemnly.

This was also said to Westley. He had never shown mercy to anybody who had mistreated her.

The legal action was one thing; the treatment given by Westley was quite another. Gabrielle feared he might repeat the act behind

her back. ,

“Gabrielle, do not be worried. I dislike punishing someone on my own. First, let’s eat. Should we get meals here or at the

restaurant outside for lunch?” Alexis shifted the conversation.

“I’m not in the mood to eat. You continue without me.” Gabrielle didn’t feel hungry at all, although she had used a lot of energy

skiing all morning.

“Simply place an order and have it sent here,” Westley told Alexis. Gabrielle was still required to consume the food despite her

lack of hunger.

Westley was kind to Gabrielle, but he wouldn’t let her abuse her body like this.

As a result, it was generally forbidden for her not to eat.

“I have no urge for eating at the moment, honey. Why don’t you go out with Alexis and the others? Given the frigid temperature,

the takeaway dish may not be particularly good.” Gabrielle sent a coquettish glance towards Westley.

“I will not accompany them. I am your spouse, not theirs. I’ll eat with you. Furthermore, how am I to have anything if you are

not present?” Westley said calmly, stroking her temple.

What else could she possibly say? I

Alexis was once again forced to witness their public display of affection. He was supposed to be hungry as a result of not eating

lunch, but he didn’t even feel hungry now.

He almost said ‘sorry for the interruption’ before fleeing the scene as quickly as he could.

In any case, the lady was Westley’s most important possession at the moment, and the pals were just inferior and so could be

taken for granted

“I’m going to order some food for you, Westley and Gabrielle. I’ll return later.” Alexis immediately walked away. If he stayed

another second, he would witness the entire show-off scenario.

“Gabrielle, do you have something to do or are you simply feeling uneasy?” Westley asked, looking at her.

He was intimately acquainted with his wife. She wouldn’t have tried so hard to send him away if she hadn’t had other things to


“Indeed, I only want to see those injured youngsters. Are they also admitted to this hospital?” Gabrielle glanced at Westley. In any case, it was not a bad thing. It was unnecessary to conceal it from him.

She was determined not to take any food. She just wanted Westley and Alexis to enjoy lunch together while she went to check on the children on her own.

When she learned that several children had been hurt, she instantly thought of Star at home, and she was distraught for them and resolved to see them.

“I’m sure you were thinking of the children, Gabrielle. You can tell me directly, and I will accompany you. You are such an idiot.

I will not prevent you from leaving if you choose.” Westley rubbed her head, feeling that his girl was becoming a touch childish.

How could he say no to such a thing?

“Really? Take me to the children now. I’m eager to see them.” Gabrielle’s face was etched with a beautiful look. She locked her focus on his and spoke.

“Let’s proceed.” Without hesitation, Westley agreed.

“I’m about to put on my shoes. Wait a moment.” Gabrielle sprang out of bed immediately, her face flushed with anxiety.

“Would you like me to carry you there?” Westley asked directly, glancing at her.

Gabrielle became even madder. “No, No, No. I am capable of doing it on my own. I’m feeling good now.”

“All right, take your time.” Westley made no attempt to persuade her.

The majority of the injured youngsters were located on the first floor down, so the two of them rode the elevator to that level.

Two children were in critical condition. They were being watched in the intensive care unit. Gabrielle peered through the glass

from outside the ward at the youngsters lying inside.

“They appear to be in a great deal of discomfort. That reminds me of Star.” Gabrielle could only imagine how it felt when Star

was injured that time.

Star remained still as he lay on the bed. She was concerned at the moment that he might be unable to awaken. However, he was

awake. Although he had lost his memories, he regained consciousness, and that was all that counted.

Now, when she saw the children sleeping inside, she would recall Star, who had been in a coma all that time. How could she have remained unconcerned?

They had come here to ski but ended up meeting this undeserved tragedy. Such catastrophes befell the youngsters.

“It will be okay. They will reawaken.” To be really candid, this was the reason why Westley didn’t want to let Gabrielle come over.

When she saw such youngsters, she would think of Star, which would crush her.

“I believe they will awaken soon, but with the terrible injuries, they must be in pain.” Gabrielle felt pain as she watched.

“Westley, would I be lying here now if you hadn’t grabbed me at that moment?” Gabrielle returned the man’s stare and inquired.

“This will not occur. Avoid much thought. Now that you’ve seen them, let’s return. You require further rest.” Westley took her hand in his and was prepared to leave.

“Okay.” Gabrielle glanced back and noticed Westley’s forehead was dripping with little sweat. He appeared to be in immense pain.

“Do you feel uneasy, Westley? Is your back aching?” Gabrielle interrogated him quickly. He appeared to be afflicted.

“Gabrielle, I’m fine. Do not be afraid. My back is just good.” Westley consoled her immediately.

Gabrielle was no longer convinced. She clasped his hand in hers and made their way to the elevator. She hoped to ascertain the severity of the situation after returning to the ward and stripping him naked.

“Listen to me, Gabrielle. I’m perfectly well.” Westley attempted to soothe her as she was dragged him away.

“Westley, stop talking. Simply put an end to it!” Gabrielle snarled viciously at him. She dragged him back into the room, slammed the door shut, and pushed Westley to the bed.

“Gabrielle, I really…”

 “I’ve told you to keep your mouth shut, honey. Let’s discuss it more when I see the damage.” Gabrielle reprimanded him harshly.

Except for Gabrielle, he had never been treated this way even being the CEO of Morris Group.

He was not, however, unhappy. On the contrary, he was as content as taking honey.

His wife was really concerned about him, despite her sometimes impolite behavior.

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