Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 743 If One Wouldn’t Do It, Make It Two

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 743 If One Wouldn’t Do It, Make It Two

Gabrielle quickly took off his clothes before Westley could protest, only to see a shocking wound on his back

The bruise had already tumed into a frightening shade of purple and the sight of it instantly made Gabrielle’s eyes red. It looked

so distinct and was as wide as her palm. No wonder he didn’t want her to see it. He must have been worried about her reacting

like this.

“Does it hurt very much?” Controlling her impulse to sob out of heartache, Gabrielle carefully touched the place. The damage

caused by the impact seemed to be more enormous than she had thought. If it weren’t for the fact that Westley covered her body

with his, the bruise would end up in her body, which might lead to a few of the broken bones.

“I don’t feel any pain, Gabrielle. I really am fine. You don’t have to worry about me. There is no broken skin, no broken bone, nor

any bleeding. Besides, I have applied medicine. Rest assured.” Westley coaxed Gabrielle in a gentle voice, trying to soothe her.

“How can you still say that when the bruise is this serious? Look at it, it’s a mess. Are you going to tell me only when you are

extremely injured?” Gabrielle couldn’t help yelling at him in worry and frustration. Even though she didn’t want to make him

feel worse, her heart ached terribly

“Gabrielle, don’t worry. Like I said, my waist is totally fine. It won’t affect our sexual life,” Westley joked as he spoke a few

frivolous words to lighten the mood. He wanted to relieve Gabrielle’s stress as it was obvious that her nerves were tensed at the


However, Gabrielle wasn’t in the mood to react to his joke. How could he still joke around in this kind of situation? Did their

sexual life matter right now? This was ridiculous.

“Westley, can you be more serious?” Gabrielle glared at him and scolded him angrily. She was not a person who liked to yell at

others, however, Westley was making her restless.

“Okay, okay, I won’t talk any more nonsense. So, don’t be mad. It’s bad for your health.” Westley didn’t dare to p**s Gabrielle off

as he knew her personality quite well. She was a tolerant person, but if it concemed with serious things like this, she could get

mad very easily. .

Usually, it was okay to tease her, but if it became too much, she would really get annoyed. Once she lost her temper, it would be

difficult to coax her.

“You know it’s bad for health, yet you still try to upset me. Lie down and rest quickly.” With her eyebrows scrunched together,

Gabrielle pulled off his clothes and told him to get some rest in an irritated tone.

“Gabrielle, the bruise is on my back. I can’t lie down,” Westley complained while gazing at her, looking deliberately so aggrieved.

Gabrielle’s mouth twitched as she tried her best not to smile. Amusedly, she took his hand and instructed him to sit on the sofa.

“Westley, we’ve made a deal. We won’t hide anything from each other. You are seriously injured, and yet you lied to me about it,

saying you are fine. No matter what it is, you’ve got to be honest with me, especially when it comes to your well-being. Only then,

I can be relieved,” Gabrielle uttered while looking at him seriously.

“Gabrielle, I know what you mean just didn’t want you to know because I’m afraid that you would worry about me. It doesn’t

matter at all. After all, it’ll heal within two days or so,” Westley countered genuinely, holding her hand reassuringly.

“What do you mean by saying that it doesn’t matter at all? Are you a doctor? You can’t just make up the decision all by yourself

when such a thing has happened to you. We are a couple, so stop hiding things like that from me next time.” Gabrielle demanded,

exuding a tinge of threatening in her tone. 

Who wouldn’t go crazy at the sight of that kind of wound on the back of their significant other?

“Alright, alright, don’t get angry. I heard that women age faster if they get angry all the time.” Westley lightly poked her nose with

his finger as he teased her.

It could be said that he had made things worse by saying that. He really didn’t know about the attitude of women. Yet that was

the man regarded as an idol by most of the women in Antawood. If they had heard how blunt and awkward the way he expressed

love for his wife, they wouldn’t know if they should laugh or cry bitterly.

“I don’t want to be angry with you either. But is it your way of coaxing your wife?” Gabrielle gave him a look which was exuding

full amount of complaints.

“Okay, okay, don’t be angry. I was wrong. Come here.” Westley pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the cheek.

This man was used to apologizing to her with his actions instead of words. 

If one kiss couldn’t solve the problem, then he would made it two.

Westley always employed such a domineering way to deal with stuffs, and Gabrielle couldn’t say she didn’t like it either.

Therefore, after being pampered with such kind of affection, his wife wasn’t mad anymore.

“Are you still angry, Gabrielle?” Westley inquired with a chuckle, looking at her blushed face.

“”Humph, don’t you ask me that.” Gabrielle sighed helplessly. She just couldn’t do anything about this man.

“Well, if you are still angry, we can do it again. I don’t mind how many kisses I would have to give you, as long as you feel better,”

Westley said as he stared at her face for a while, and then lowered his head and kissed her again.

For him, if one kiss couldn’t solve the problem, then two would do.

After being kissed by him three times on the lips, Gabrielle couldn’t resist his cheeky method anymore and burst into laughter.

“Mr. Morris, you are behaving like this for your own benefit, aren’t you? Do you think I don’t know?” Gabrielle raised her

eyebrows and accused him before grinning.

“No, Iam not. I am purely kissing my wife, that’s all,” Westley retorted reasonably.

Just then, Alexis the delivery guy arrived. Seeing that the atmosphere in the room was just nght, he became delighted too.

“Westley, Gabrielle, this super handsome delivery man has brought your lunch.” Alexis put the lunch box on the small table and

opened it for them before bowing towards them as if he was a waiter serving the food for the guests.

“Thank you, Alexis.” Gabrielle wasn’t hungry at first, but now that she smelled the fragrance of the dishes, she felt hungry at


Alexis was indeed an interesting guy who lived his life happily. He seemed to enjoy doing cosplay as he had already acted as the

airman and the delivery guy.

“You’re welcome. By the way, Westley, I just met Joseph and the rest outside. They have finished the trial, but that woman and

her man want to see you.” Alexis looked at Westley and informed.

Of course, with Westley’s personality, he didn’t want to give a glance to those who made such mistakes. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his rage and end up killing them.

Therefore, his attitude was negative and pessimistic. But he still turned to look at Gabrielle, taking her opinion into consideration.

“What do you think about it, Gabrielle? Do you want to meet them?” Alexis asked Gabrielle directly as he knew what Westley meant by looking at her.

“What did they say?” At least, Gabrielle wanted to know the woman’s attitude. Even though she had hurt so many people, it was not like she meant any harm in the beginning after all. Anyway, the punishment was inevitable for her.

“She is guilty about her fault and is willing to accept all the punishments. She is even trying to apologize to the injured ones and their families in person. Since you and Westley are one of the victims, she wants to see you two and apologize. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to accept or refuse it,” Alexis explained calmly.

Hearing this, Gabrielle wasn’t as upset as she was a moment ago. People made mistakes and some were willing to admit it while others bluntly ignored it. Nonetheless, it was indeed a rare spirit to admit their fault and ready to apologize humbly.

For people like them, they more or less deserved a chance to be forgiven. Gabrielle could give her such a chance.

“Alright, you can tell them to come to see us this afternoon. I want to see what they have to say.” Gabrielle nodded and agreed placidly.

“Gabrielle, there is no need to see people who got you injured. Let them take the punishments they deserve by themselves.”

Westley expressed his objection coldly.

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