Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 744 Share Weal And Woe

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 744 Share Weal And Woe

Of course, Gabrielle knew that Westley’s indifferent attitude was towards the two people who had hurt them, and she also felt

deep resentment for them. There was no way she would be fine with her husband getting hurt. After all, the woman had hit

Westley’s back so hard.

“Westley, let’s listen to their apologies first. After all, this is not Antawood. We don’t know what their identity is.” Regardless, she

understood that she shouldn’t put her feelings first in this situation as there were other factors she needed to consider. They were,

after all, in Snowland, not Antawood. So, there were some limitations on Westley’s power and control in this place, which was

outside his territory.

This place was several provinces away from Antawood, and they had no idea who held the local power. Thus, if Westley

accidentally offended the local power in Snowland, he would get into trouble.

If only they were in Antawood, they wouldn’t have to consider particular factors and circumstances and could deal with those

people directly. They would not even get the chance to apologize.

In fact, what Gabrielle was most worried about was that Westley would really do things impulsively and get himself into trouble.

They just came to Snowland for skiing. They didn’t want to expose their identities, nor did they want to cause trouble. They just

wanted to have a good time skiing and returned to Antawood.

This was purely an accident.

“Okay, it’s up to you, my honey.” Sure enough, Westley naturally understood what Gabrielle meant and respected her opinion.

“Okay, I’ll ask them to come over this afternoon. You can have a rest after lunch.” Alexis left after saying that.

Gabrielle glanced at the dishes and found that those were the specialties of Snowland. She was really impressed by Alex’s


Sure enough, he was in the tourism industry. He was very much knowledgeable about interesting local landmarks and delicious

food. So traveling with such a person, she felt that it really saved a lot of energy.

Everything could be settled as long as they had Alexis by their side, whether it was eating, lodging, or commuting.

“Gabrielle, these are the specialties of Snowland. See if you like them or not,” Westley said as he handed her the chopsticks.

“It’s good. I think it’s necessary to have a good taste of the local specialties when we visit a place.” Gabrielle made up her mind to

try a variety of different foods in Snowland.

She reasoned that if she didn’t try it, she would never know if she liked it or not. So, she had to have a taste when she arrived at


Just like that, Gabrielle began to eat happily.

“Westley, will you be unhappy when I said that just now?” Gabrielle suddenly moved her focus to Westley and asked.

Westley didn’t respond to her question but picked up a large piece of sauce pig’s trotter, which was a well-known dish in


So, he had to let Gabrielle have a taste.

“Westley, this piece is too big for me. I can’t eat it,” Gabrielle looked at him with a bit of embarrassment and said. Indeed, the

piece Westley had picked up for her was much bigger than her fist. It was really difficult for her to eat such a large piece.

“Take your time. We’re not in a hurry. It is rich in collagen, which is very helpful for your beauty. Besides, this is one of the specialty dishes of Snowland. You must eat some believe you can eat it.” Westley explained the benefits of eating pig’s trotters upon seeing the other party’s refusal.

To be honest, Gabrielle didn’t have much interest in this pig’s trotter. Still, after hearing what Westley said, she really became somewhat interested.

“Westley, you really know a lot. You even know that pig’s trotters are rich in collagen for beauty. Where did you know that?”

Gabrielle deliberately asked in curiosity.

“I know everything that is good for you. So you don’t need to doubt anything,” Westley quickly responded with a smile on his lips.

Of course, Gabrielle didn’t doubt anything. It was Just that, as much as she knew about Westley, he didn’t like to pay attention to such things before. So she assumed he temporarily made up some legitimate-sounding reason to coax her into eating more.

“You are really good at finding excuses. For the sake of your excuses, I must eat it.” Gabrielle couldn’t help laughing and then started nibbling on the pig’s trotters.

She had to admit that the taste of the sauce pig’s trotters in Snowland was much better than any other pig’s trotters she had

eaten in Antawood. It was worthy of the title Snowland’s specialty. It was really delicious.

“Slow down. How does it taste?” Seeing how happy she was eating, Westley knew that it must be delicious

“It’s very delicious. It’s more delicious than any pig’s trotters I’ve ever eaten in Antawood. It’s really a specialty of Snowland,”

Gabnielle said while eating. She had refused to eat at first, but now she just couldn’t stop eating

There was only one word that sprang to her mind.  delicious.

“It’s delicious! It’s very delicious! You should hurry up and eat one.” Gabrielle looked at Westley with her eyes full of expectations

and urged him to eat.

Unable to resist her expectant gaze, Westley picked up a big pig’s trotter and began to eat it. The flavor spread throughout his

mouth the moment his tongue met the meat. It was really delicious.

Although Westley normally didn’t like eating this kind of cuisine with heavy flavor, it tasted good. Besides eating with Gabrielle,

he enjoyed it very much.

“Westley, when they come over in the afternoon, listen to what they say first. It’s best to let someone check their identities and where they came from.” Gabrielle said this, although she had already made a guess about their identities.

They had bumped into so many people. Yet, those two could still come out to find them without being imprisoned. It showed that their identities were not simple.

Gabrielle knew that Westley would also think of this.

“Gabrielle, I have asked them to investigate. Don’t worry. No matter who they are, they will be responsible for what they have done.” Westley, of course, knew what Gabrielle was worried about, so he gently comforted her. He didn’t want her to worry too much.

“I know. I just don’t want you to get into any trouble. We just came to Snowland to have fun, not to get into trouble.” Indeed, her sole intention in coming here was to have fun with Westley. So, she didn’t want anything unnecessary to ruin or interrupt her plan.

It was an accident. She really wished for it to be just an accident.

“I know. Don’t worry too much. Although I hold the most power in Antawood, I also have my own power all across the country.

Besides, we are still with the Campbell Family. Don’t worry too much. I want to solve everything peacefully. I don’t want to be violent. It’s time-consuming and costly.” Westley calmly told Gabrielle about the situation in order to make her feel more at ease.

Westley’s ability was not limited to Antawood. If he desired so, he could make anything happen in the whole world, let alone the whole country.

Money and power were the two major underlying forces that ruled today’s society. If one had those two, they could do whatever they wanted. Westley met that criterion, so it was unnecessary for Gabrielle to worry that much.

As Mrs. Morris, if Gabrielle ever wanted to, she had the privilege to be arrogant and do whatever she wanted.

“Violence will hurt people, and it would be better if we choose to deal with this matter peacefully.” Hearing Westley’s words, Gabrielle fully supported his idea.

As long as there was no violence and no harm to Westley, she would support him in any way.

“Well, let’s eat well and wait for them to come,” Westley said as he didn’t want Gabrielle to be so worried.

“Westley, we are husband and wife. We agreed to share weal and woe with each other.” Gabrielle knew exactly what he was thinking.

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