Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 745 The Schmidt Family Of Snowland

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 745 The Schmidt Family Of Snowland

Gabnelle was well aware of Westley’s character. In fact, he was a man of male chauvinism to some degree.

For him, protecting his wife and loving her at all costs was a matter of course.

His definition of a good husband would be showering his wife with affection and wonderful goods while shielding her from all

hardships. As a result, if there were any difficulties or hardships, he would not share them and would bear them all alone. On top

of that, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with that mentality of his. For him, that was how a man should act.

Therefore, as his wife and someone who was aware of his mindset, Gabrielle had to remind him over and over to share his

difficulties and hardships with her. She didn’t want him to cope with all the problems alone, as a wife who had vowed to share

weal and woe. .  –

She knew that she might not be a big help for Westley. Nonetheless, she still wanted to let him know that she would be there for

him through thick and thin

“Alright, we will share weal and woe together.” Under the serious gaze of Gabrielle, Westley couldn’t help but laugh.

Since his wife had such a request, he had no reason to tum her down. He would like to cooperate with her in everything.

After all, they were husband and wife who had made a vow and agreed to spend the rest of their lives with each other’s company.

So it was important for them to understand and think for each other in everything.

“Westley, this is what you promised me. You are not allowed to lie to me. Do you understand?” Gabrielle reminded him very


“How dare I lie to you? Let’s just focus on eating now.” Westley picked up some food for her.

They took a rest in the ward after finishing their lunch. At around four o’clock, Alexis and others came over.

“Westley, they are downstairs with Joseph. Are you sure you want to see them?” Alexis asked again while looking at Westley.

“Yes, think about it again, Westley. They are local people from Snowland, and their identities are somewhat special. That girl is

also related to the Sanderson Family in Ensfield. Are you sure you want to see them?” Jonas, who was in charge of doing the

background checks, likewise asked a follow-up question.

The result of the investigation surprised him at first, but on second thought, he felt it was reasonable.

After all, even when she was at the police station, the girl was very arrogant. There was not the attitude that someone from an

ordinary background would have after causing such chaos. She seemed to be so spoiled, and by looking at that, one could tell she

wasn’t any typical rich lady. Furthermore, she had an overbearing temperament and showed no sign of repentance regarding her


As someone from a wealthy family, she should be well educated and understand the importance of respecting others.

Nevertheless, she was so arrogant and outrageous. So it must be because of her powerful family background that she had such a

terrible temper.

Things became clearer after running a background check. Her name was Abigail, and indeed she was the youngest and the most

spoiled daughter of the Schmidt family. As for the man around her, he was Gerry Torres, the son of the Torres family. He was a

famous venture capital investor and financier in Snowland who had eamed his experience in Wall Street.

In the end, the news that those two, whose family backgrounds were extraordinary, were taken to the police station together

gained all the public’s attention. After all, Abigail had caused a big incident this time. As a result, the words spread like wildfire

among the locals and the media. Because of the media’s involvement, the consequences became very significant, and that

brought disadvantages to the reputation of Abigail and her family.

Naturally, for a family like that, reputation came first. So when the people from the Schmidt family came to pick up Abigail, they

told her what she should do to smooth over the bad impacts and protect the reputation of her and their family.

That was why Abigail agreed to take the initiative to apologize to the injured people and their families. Otherwise, with her

stubborn temperament, she would never bow her head and apologize.

“Westley, that’s their backgrounds. The girl is Abigail, the daughter of the number one Schmidt family here in Snowland, and the

man is Gerry, the son of the Torres family. Gerry is quite a gentleman and reasonable. But Abigail is so obstinate and arrogant.

She shouted and cursed in the police station like a mad cat. She behaved less aggressively only after someone from their family

came and picked her up at the police station. But she is still a wild cat with sharp claws.” Jonas informed Westley and the others of the results of his investigation.

‘The daughter of the Schmidt family? The most powerful family in Snowland?’ With that thought, a frown formed on Gabrielle’s face. Apparently, her guess was correct. That girl was not from an ordinary family. No wonder she was so arrogant before as if

the entire Snowland belonged to her.

“It seems that my guess is correct. She had a rich and powerful family background. What a spoiled lady! But I didn’t expect her to

have such a big background. What should we do now?” Gabrielle looked at Westley uneasily.

“It’s okay. It’s easy to deal with the problem if she is from the Schmidt family. Abigail may have been spoiled and has taken on

a bad temper, but the head of the Schmidt family will not be brainless. After all, she came to apologize because she was directed

to do so.” Westley didn’t appear to be concerned about the situation. Instead, he even seemed kind of relaxed.

After all, the Morris Group and the Schmidt Group had cooperated in some businesses before. Although their cooperation was not

too much, they could still be regarded as partners.

But he didn’t know much about Gerry from the Torres family. He only knew that he came back from Wall Street a few years ago

and that his return had caused a stir in the domestic financial circle. After all, he was a talented venture capital investor. Because

of his sharp vision, he had never failed in investment and had made a fortune. .

All those reputations and achievements of Gerry were published by the public media. So almost everyone was well aware of those,

not just Westley. As for other things that were not reported, no one could even have a piece of hearsay. Westley did not pay

attention to it, either.

After all, he didn’t expect them to become involved in such a situation one day.

Fate was really interesting.

Therefore, he was looking forward to this meeting with Abigail and Gerry.

Westley was not the type of person who gave a s**t about rules and regulations. Therefore, he was really interested in those

whom most people were afraid to provoke. He wondered what it would be like to provoke them. He had absolutely nothing to


“Westley, I don’t think that the Schmidt family and the Torres family are easy to deal with. They have a very high status in

Snowland.” Gabrielle looked at Westley with concern, but she completely believed in Westley. She knew what kind of person her

husband was, so she completely believed in his ability andjudgment. —

“Don’t worry. The Schmidt family and the Morris Group have cooperated a few times before. Although we don’t communicate

with each other frequently and have little contact in private, I believe in the character of the head of the Schmidt family. Since I’m

here in Snowland, I need to pay a visit to him.” Westley already had a plan in his mind.

Initially, he only intended to take Gabrielle to Snowland to go skiing and have a good time. He had never thought about meeting with the Schmidt family.

But since Abigail came to him voluntarily, there was no reason for him not to see the head of the Schmidt family. Wouldn’t he seem too impolite if he hid away?

After all, he was technically in the Schmidt family’s territory, so he should pay a visit to them.

“That’s good. So, is our accident with Abigail a good sign or not?” Gabrielle asked since she knew Westley had no intention of seeing the Schmidt family when they first came to Snowland. Furthermore, he said on his own that they rarely contacted each other in private. It was unnecessary for people who were not close to each other to pay a visit under such circumstances. So this whole meeting was definitely unplanned.

And this only occurred because Abigail bumped into them. The Schmidt family would look into who Abigail had crossed paths with to solve this problem. In that case, they would find out about Westley’s presence sooner or later.

“Maybe both. Some things are not predictable. But since it’s going to happen, let’s just accept it. Maybe it’s a good thing. Besides, even if it’s a bad thing, I can turn it into a good thing. Don’t worry about it.” Westley rubbed Gabrielle’s head to reassure her.

“Of course, I believe in you. You will solve this,” Gabrielle said with seriousness.

“With your trust, I can solve all the difficulties. Don’t worry. We will be fine.” Westley held her hand gently.

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