Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 746 Come And Apologize In Person

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 746 Come And Apologize In Person

Westley was never a fearful man. He even enjoyed causing problems on his own, which meant that he would confront any

difficulty or problem squarely, rather than avoiding it.

“Alexis. You find Clifton and Chaz at the Schmidt Group and inform them that I wish to visit Mr. Wilton Schmidt. I’m confident

they’ll grant me this opportunity. Prepare something for me.” Westley looked at Alexis calmly and directed him to perform the

task immediately.

Given that his identity would be exposed to the Schmidt family, he needed to take the initiative and do it first to demonstrate his


“Boss, I’m leaving night away.” Alexis was presumably aware of Westley’s intentions. He did not dare to delay Westley’s affair in

the slightest and rushed out

“I don’t believe you want to go there, Westley. Are you certain you would like to join the Schmidt family?” Gabrielle eyed him

with skepticism

“Let us go together. Believe me, I’m going to do fine.” Westley took her hand and consoled her. He then turned his gaze to Jonas.

“T’ll request that Joseph bring them up.” Jonas called Joseph instantly after comprehending Westley’s meaning.

Abigail and Gerry possessed unique identities. This irascible and stubborn lady was already famous in Snowland. Especially this

time, she knocked so many people down at the ski resort and caused such havoc, which increased her popularity. As a result, she

would be recognized everywhere she appeared.

Fortunately, it was a snowy season in Snowland, and those who ventured out were well covered. They hoped their eyes could

also be hidden. Nobody recognized them when they emerged in this state on the street.

However, once inside the hospital, they would remove their bulky jackets, which might be identified by others. If Abigail did

indeed visit the hospital at this time, a riot would ensue. Additionally, there were several reporters outside the hospital, as well

as numerous camouflaged media personnel inside.

Because the Schmidt family had not held an official press conference, they would not accept Abigail’s decision to visit the

hospital alone

Westley was willing to visit her because she had the bravery to go to the hospital.

“Is everything going to be all right, Westley?” Gabrielle inquired once again.

“At the very least, we’ll be alright. We are victims in this case, and as a result, we will be alright.” Westley was unworried in the


Now, those who were pressed for time should have been members of the Schmidt family. He had nothing to fear. He was relieved.

“Okay.” Gabrielle’s unease eventually dissipated as a result of Westley’s statements.

Joseph entered shortly thereafter, accompanied by a man and a lady. The two individuals’ faces were completely concealed, and

no one could see what they looked like. They could only be judged according to their height.

“Miss Schmidt, Westley, and Mr. Torres are here.” Joseph shut the door.

Westley requested to live in the hospital’s top luxury ward, which meant it was comfortable and no one could come in casually.

“We come to apologize, Mr. and Mrs. Morris.” Gerry swiftly removed his hat, scarf, and mask, and Abigail followed suit.

After removing them, Abigail’s face became visible. She had a youthful and lovely face, but one that appeared somewhat rebellious.

From her face, it was obvious what type of person she was. In any case, Abigail was a bad person.

Gabrielle immediately recognized her. Abigail was the lady who had requested Westley’s assistance in teaching her in the safety slope. When Westley did not instruct her, she was haughty.

Only such a self-centered lady would be so arrogant as to harm others in order to satisfy her own desires, uncaring of the safety of others.

Gabrielle despised Abigail.

“Do not take a position of honor, Mr. Torres,” said Westley, coldly glancing at Gerry.

“It is our fault, Mr. Morris and Mrs. Morris. Abigail and I would want to express our heartfelt apologies to you and hope you would forgive us. Of course, it is her responsibility for causing such havoc. It’s not easy to ask for forgiveness. Therefore, if you two have any requests, please inform us. We will adhere to your specifications,” Gerry said seriously. His attitude was real and willing.

But what was the meaning ef his honest apologies for Abigail’s behavior?

Atigall was to blame, not Ger I he defended her, he would simply encourage her to be more dishonest in the future.

Additionally, she did not appear to accept hin.

“T have seen your eenuineness, Mt. Torres. However, iff recall properly, Miss Schmidt was the one who harmed me and my wife

this time, not vou Shouldn’t Miss Schnndt be the one to apologize in person?” Westley spoke coldly, his eyes brimming with

contempt and disinterest.

“Are vou Mr. Moms trom Antawood. Are you?”

Abigail kept het eves on Westley. She found this man’s features rather attractive.

Furthermore. when she traveled to Antawood with her brother, she had seen Westley’s face from a distance, but not up close.

Abigail liked this face. After returning to Snowland, she occasionally thought of Westley’s face.

She had not anticipated seeing him there and injuring him so coincidentally, which convinced Abigail that the two of them were ‘ated to meet.

“My name is Westley, and I’m from Antawood. What do you wish to say, Miss Schmidt? This time, you not only struck me but aiso my wife. I believe you should make an apology to my wife.” Naturally, Westley defended his wife.

Gabrielle’s intuition told her that Abigail had feelings for Westley because she had been looking at him since she entered the room.

“his was the intuition of a woman, and it was always right. As a result, when Gabrielle returned her gaze to Abigail, her attitude was even more hostile. Not only did this lady run into her, but she also attempted to seduce her husband. Who would be comfortable with such a thing?

Gabrielle. on the other hand, did not wish for her husband to be recognized by other women. Previously, the two of them had no affections for one another, but now that she loved him, she naturally prevented other women from developing feelings for him.

“Did you say your wife? Are you married, Mr. Morris?” Abigail was flabbergasted by what she had heard.

She had dismissed Gerry’s remarks about Mrs. Morris as foolishness, but they suddenly appeared to be genuine.

But she knew that Westley was not married, and he claimed to be unmarried. Despite the fact that he had a fiancée, he was still unmarried. What difference did it make if he had a fiancée?

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