Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 747 Popular With Women

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 747 Popular With Women

Seeing Westley’s name, Abigail knew at once that he was that man from Antawood. She couldn’t forget him. She agreed to come

so she could apologize to him in person. 

She met Westley on the day she had dragged Gerry to ski at the resort. She didn’t like skiing but she felt like doing it that day.

Wasn’t it fate taking a hand that they met again? She had long wanted to see Westley. She wanted to know him better.

So, Abigail decided to come to see Westley. She was the daughter of the Schmidt family. Apologizing to anyone was not in her

vocabulary but she would when she would see Westley.

And then, she learned that he was already married. What the hell was going on?

“Yes, you hit my wife Gabrielle and her forehead was hurt. I think you owe her an apology, Miss Schmidt,” said Westley as he

protectively held Gabrielle in his arms. 7

Seeing them like this was heartbreaking for Abigail. It shattered all her hopes.

Before she entered the room, she even had this fanciful idea that she and Westley might fall in love.

She didn’t expect to see a married man. Furthermore, his wife looked like someone tough to deal with.

Abigail was disheartened. She didn’t like feeling like this. She was a spoiled person. All these years, she had been getting all she

wanted in life.

“Oh, I didn’t know you’re married, Mr. Morris,” she said flippantly. “You were still unattached the last time I was in Antawood.”

She then changed the topic of their conversation.

She didn’t want to apologize to this woman. She didn’t know her. Moreover, she was Westley’s wife.

It was really annoying.

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, Miss Schmidt,” said Westley, looking straight at Abigail.

“My wife and I have been married for a long time now. A few people know about this because my wife likes to keep a low profile.

She doesn’t want to make our relationship public.” . 

“You’ve been married for some time now?” Abigail felt embarrassed knowing the truth.

“Before we get derailed in our conversation, Miss Schmidt; may I remind you that you bumped against my wife and me think it

is proper that you apologize to her.” It was obvious that Westley wanted Abigail to apologize to Gabrielle.

It seemed that it was not so important to Westley if she didn’t apologize to him.

“Abigail, just apologize to Mrs. Mormis. We have talked about this in the car and you agreed,” Gerry reminded her as he pulled her


Abigail angrily shook off his hand. She could think of anything else but the fact that Westley was married.

It was true that she did agree that she would apologize—to Westley, but not to his wife.

“Miss Schmidt, haven’t I made it clear enough?” Westley could tell what Abigail was thinking from the expression on her face.

“Maybe you think that my wife is not worthy of your apology.”

“Abigail,” Gerry said, pulling her hand again.

He knew all too well how Abigail would behave when her temper was running high. From the moment she walked into the room, she had not taken her eyes off Westley. Gerry knew what that look meant. She liked him.

This was the reason she didn’t explode in anger when she heard that she needed to apologize to Westley. She had made a lot of mistakes but she seldom apologized for them.

It turned out that she came to the hospital for Westley. She had bumped against a lot of people but she didn’t apologize to any of them. But with Westley, there was no second thought about it.

“Gerry, why don’t you do it if you have no problem with making an apology. As for me, I’m going back.” It hurt Abigail’s pride to apologize to Westley’s wife.

She could apologize to Westley, but never to his wife.

Abigail ran away as soon as she finished her words. Gerry was stunned.

“Abigail!” Gerry didn’t expect that Abigail would change her mind and run away.

“Mr. Morris, I’m sorry. I’ll go and check on her.” He then went after Abigail. 

The two of them had not apologized.

 “So, that is how they are taught int the Schmidt family, ” Jonas said sarcastically.

“That Abigail girl is such a spoiled brat,” said Joseph, frowning. They agreed that they would come and apologize properly. They didn’t do that. Moreover, they ran away.

“What else do you expect from.a daughter of the Schmidt family?” Jonas had been. with a lot of women but never had he seen someone with a temper like Abigail’s.

“She would have apologized had I not been’ here,” Gabrielle said calmly,

“Gabrielle, you are overthinking.” Westley. wrapped his arms artiind Gabrielle to comfort her.

“I know she likes you.  Arid you’ve. met a. long time ago,” Gabrielle Said quietly.

“Gabnelle, you have to believe in Westley. He didn’t have anything to-do with that woman ,” Jonas said, speaking for Westley.

“Of course, you would say that. You are his friend,” Gabrielle said purposefully. 

She had always believed in Westley. 

It was obvious that Abigail had a crush on him. But Westley was oblivious to her feelings. He couldn’t even remember her.

Westley was an attractive man. It seemed that there “ul always be women admiring him everywhere he would be.

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