Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 748 The Arrogant Schmidts

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 748 The Arrogant Schmidts

What was it like to have an attractive spouse who drew women’s attention wherever he went?

Gabrielle had sufficient cause to respond to this question, since she was the one who had her competitors in love all throughout

the country.

Gabrielle was fully cognizant of Westley’s charisma and popularity with females. However, she had not anticipated meeting a

love rival on their long journey here. Gabrielle became a mistress when her love rival was as difficult to cope with as if Westley were her husband. .

This caused Gabrielle some distress. She was legally Westley’s wife. Who could stand to be treated in the same manner as his mistress?

“I’m not saying this because Westley is a buddy of mine, Gabrielle. I am being truthful. He is never concerned with persons for

whom he has no concern. Of course, he has no interest in Abigail. It’s natural for him to be unacquainted with her.

Please be certain that you are the one lady Westley truly loves, Gabrielle.” Jonas meant it, and he didn’t want Gabrielle to make

the incorrect assumption about Westley. It was foolish to feel envious of a girl who appeared out of nowhere like Abigail.

“I love you, Gabrielle. I have no such emotions for others. As for Abigail, I have no recollection of her,” Westley said seriously.

“Okay.” Gabrielle was not truly enraged, but only desired to taunt Westley. .

After all, she could sense Westley’s lack of affection for Abigail. She was not a fool. 

“Gabrielle, I’m scared you’re going to be upset with me.” Westley cradled her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

Westley would have felt horribly wronged if Gabrielle had been furious with him about Abigail. He had never met Abigail


“I am not a fool. Do I. lack any sense of judgment? I will be completely useless if I am envious of all the ladies who prefer you.”

Gabrielle gave him a smile. ‘

“Gabrielle, I am aware that you have confidence in me. You are quite intelligent.”

Westley appeared to be in a better mood at the moment

He would be relieved as long as Gabrielle trusted him completely.

“You are my spouse. Of course, I have faith in you. Is it reasonable for me to trust Abigail?” Gabrielle extended her hand and

squeezed his. As a couple, trust was essential. ;

Apart from that, Abigail was a complete stranger to Westley. She’d be a fool to be envious of her.

“However, what are your plans? After all, Abigail is the Schmidt family’s daughter. She appears to have a short fuse. Snowland is

the Schmidt family’s domain. Will they give you problems if Abigail informs her parents about you?” That was Gabrielle’s concern.

After all, the Schmidt family’s domain, and they needed to maintain their composure in an unfamiliar environment. As the

proverb went, “A local thug is above the law.”

“No need to be concerned. Abigail is a member of the Schmidt family, which makes peace easier to achieve. Not everyone in her

family is as unreasonable and obstinate as she is. The Schmidt family has risen to prominence and influence as a result of their

foresight and, most importantly, their ability to connect with others. I’ve already requested that Alexis notify the Schmidt family.

We should use the opportunity to pay a visit to Wilton Schmidt, the Schmidt family leader. After all, we’ve entered their domain.

We should pay him a visit out of respect.” Westley appeared to have devised a solution.

Abigail must have made quite a scene upon her retum home.

“It appears as though you have an idea.” Gabrielle had regained her composure, and she no longer had to worry about Westley.

He had always been adept at problem-solving. He was incapable of submitting even on other people’s land.

“Gabrielle, do not be concerned. Abigail owes you an apology. I will compel her to apologize to you voluntarily,” Westley said seriously. 

He was willing to endure any wrongs, but he would not allow Gabrielle to feel mistreated.

“Westley set that aside! I don’t wish to give you any inconvenience.” Gabrielle feared Westley would run afoul of the Schmidt family.

“Do not be worried. There will be no conflict. I’m simply going to see Wilton. As a junior, I should pay him a visit since we arrived in Snowland. Simply unwind. Nothing will transpire.” Westley caressed her temples in an attempt to console her.

“I see.”

Alexis retumed from the Schmidt family shortly after Abigail and the others departed. According to the smile on his face,

everything was going swimmingly. 

“Not only Clifton, but even Wilton were aware of your situation, Westley. He hosted a feast at the Schmidt home and invited us

all. Clifton is currently in the underground parking lot, and he has requested that I escort you and Gabrielle down the elevator. Do you wish to depart immediately?” Alexis asked Westley seriously.

“Alexis, inform him that Gabrielle was severely hurt and required hospitalization. Today, we will not make it. We will see Wilton

and Clifton another day once Gabrielle heals,” Westley said matter-of-factly. oo I

Clifton did not personally invite them, which indicated that the Schmidt family was insincere. They would submit to the Schmidt

family if Westley consented today. 

Unsurprisingly, Westley refused to see the Schmidt family at this point. He’d want to go with perfect assurance.

“That is fair. I’m going to decline Clifton right now, Westley.” Alexis immediately realized what Westley was doing and agreed.

“Westley, didn’t Clifton personally come to pick us? Wilton is hosting a banquet at his residence for us. Why are we not going there?” Gabrielle eyed Westley with bewilderment. She was unfamiliar with the business, and as a result, she was unable to comprehend a. great deal. 

“Gabrielle, you are not required to know why. All you need to know is that I sincerély hope the Schmidt family treats you with

dignity. We will not consent to accompany them unless they demonstrate their seriousness. Abigail’s actions today should leave

them guilty. They asked us over, but Clifton was. uninterested in coming in person.” Westley was not malicious; he simply

insisted on being treated with respect by the Schmidt family 

“That I understand. The Schmidt family maintained ‘their airs ‘and refused’ to apologize to us, much less acknowledge Abigail’s wrongdoing. If we visit the Schmidt fainily’ today, ‘that implies that we submit to them, correct?” Gabrielle posed a serious question to Westley. 

“You are smart, Gabrielle. They ought to feel repentant. Why were they putting on a show? We couldn’t afford to follow the Schmidt family blindly. Simply rest and recuperate at the hospital for the next two days,” Westley said calmly.

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