Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 749 Press Conference

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 749 Press Conference

Gabrielle didn’t believe she needed to be concerned about anything since Westley understood what he was doing.

She had faith in her husband.

“l understand what you’re saying, but I’m a little uncomfortable.” Gabrielle sat there, concerned.

She had no disagreement with Westley’s choice. She was simply concerned about him.

After all, the Schmidt family were not to be taken lightly. A look at Abigail was enough to demonstrate that.

“Do not be scared. The Schmidt family does not worry me. Additionally, they should all be intelligent individuals who understand

the importance of avoiding offending the Morris family. We committed no wrongdoing; their daughter did.” Westley patted

Gabnielle’s back, seeking to reassure her

“Okay.” Gabnelle breathed deeply.

Alexis reappeared shortly thereafter. He looked Gabrielle and Westley in the eyes before speaking. “Clifton is outside. Should we

allow him in?” I

“No. Simply inform him that Gabrielle is badly injured and needs rest in bed, and tell the Schmidt family to apologize first to

those who have sustained more serious injuries,” Westley declined categorically. .

Westley had anticipated that Clifton would come. If Clifton had apologized then, he would have admitted him. However, he did


“Gabrielle, please lie down and relax.” Gabrielle was taken to the bed by Westley.

Gabrielle complied without hesitation and lay on the bed.

Alexis looked out the window, turned around, and exited.

“Is it too much, Westley?” Gabrielle spoke to Westley in whisper. 

After all, Clifton Schmidt was the Schmidt Group’s CEO. It was a bit humiliating him in this manner.

“It’s fine. He is aware of what is more critical.” Westley dared to do so since he was aware of Clifton’s character. If Clifton were a

close-minded man, he would not do such a thing,

“That is fair. I only want us to get home safely.” Gabrielle made a half-joking remark.

“Have a nice rest. Nothing negative will occur.” Westley rubbed her head to make her feel better.

Alexis arrived shortly thereafter, bringing the outcome Westley expected.

“He has returned, boss. He said that he would return to deal with Abigail’s actions and would pay you a visit once Gabrielle

recovered. Additionally, he said that Wilton Schmidt is awaiting your arrival in the Schmidt family,” Alexis said as he looked at


“That is valid. Clifton is a rational individual. Inform him that we will visit Mr. Wilton Schmidt the day after tomorrow at noon.”

Westley would not make things tough for Clifton now that he had taken a step back.

It would work out for everyone.

“I see what you’re saying, boss,” Alexis responded instantly.

Westley sat silently beside Gabrielle, his face expressionless.

Gabrielle wanted to say something but paused on a second thought while staring at Westley’s face. Westley inquired as to why she was staring at him in this manner. “Gabrielle, please express yourself if you have anything to say to me.”

“Do you believe this is a good idea, Westley?” Gabrielle remained slightly concerned. After all, Clifton appeared in person, and Westley humiliated him by driving him away. 

Clifton was the CEO of the Schmidt Group.

“It’s alright. Take it easy. We’ll pay them a visit later.” Westley had always shown respect for his elders.

This time, it was Abigail who did something wrong, not the Schmidt family, so Westley didn’t think he was going too far.

Furthermore, Clifton had been here just now, he would have apologized to them already if he truly desired their forgiveness. He did not, though; he just informed Alexis that his father was awaiting them.

It was as if they were the ones who were wrong and that they were forcing the Schmidt family to apologize.

That was why Westley decided to make the Schmidt family embarrassed.

It was the Schmidt family’s responsibility, and they should demonstrate some seriousness at the very least.

“You are so smart, honey!” GabrieHe gave Westley a thumbs up and admired him.

“Am I being rewarded for my intelligence?” Westley would use any opportunity to solicit a reward from Gabrielle. He only desired a kiss. 

When Gabrielle heard this, she clutched his neck and kissed Westley on the cheek. After all, Alexis and Jonas were both here now, and she felt a little self-conscious in their presence.

The Schmidt family held a press conference in the afternoon to explain Abigail’s incident on the ski run today.

Gabrielle and Westley sat in bed, watching the conference.

Clifton and Abigail were being filmed as they sat there. However, Abigail’s dissatisfaction was so clear that she was obliged to glance at the camera

Abigail had always possessed a strong will and an air of arrogance. She did what she pleased. She would never apologize for whatever she did wrong.

However, this time, Abigail’s parents compelled her to apologize to a large number of people in front of the camera, which was exceedingly embarrassing. 

She had a distinct impression that she was going insane. Everyone knew she was the daughter of Snowland’s wealthiest family,

yet now she had to apologize in public. Her pride forbade her from doing so. a Oo rs a

She would be humiliated if her friends learned. If she had been aware of this possibility, she would have taken a holiday abroad with her elder brother. 

“I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience caused by your presenice here at the Schmidt Group headquarters. We’re conducting this news conference to express our regret for Abigail’s accident on the ski run today. We are all honest individuals, and we are prepared to accept whatever consequences for any wrongdoing, ” Clifton arose and said solemnly.

They were in the Schmidt Group building’s foyer~The fact that Clifton was ready to conduct such a serious news conference today in response to Abigail’s doing demonstrated how seriously he took the situation.

But Westley knew that he only held the press conference because they didn’t want the Schmidt family’s reputation to be damaged, also, he wanted to show Westley their attitude towards this matter. ’

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