Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 750 Abigail Had To Apologize

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 750 Abigail Had To Apologize

Clifton’s efforts were in Westley’s knowledge, so he didn’t bother to make the life of the Schmidt family more miserable.

Nevertheless, Abigail was unfortunate now that she had to go through the press.

“How bad does Miss Schmidt feel right now? She wasn’t sorry in front of us. But she has to apologize in front of the whole media

of Snowland now. Wouldn’t she rather want to die, Westley?” Gabrielle could sense the hint of Abigail’s complacent feelings.

They were together in the ward for some moments, and that time was enough for Gabrielle to know Abigail’s nature. She was an

arrogant and rebellious type of girl. Girls with such attributes had one thing in common.  they never accepted their mistakes, no

matter how many blunders they created.

That was the reason for Abigail’s disdainful refusal to make any kind of apology, let alone one in front of so many media

reporters. Westley’s presence was the only basis for Abigail’s visit to the hospital, so what happened to her instead made her burn

in a rage.

“Who cares how she feels, Gabrielle? It’s her fault, and she has to admit it whether she likes it or not. It isn’t the first time

Abigail has caused such big trouble for the Schmidt family. So, fortunately enough, her blunder didn’t become the cause of death

for someone, or her family would have had to suffer considerably. Although she hurt more than a dozen people, I will make her

pay for hurting you anyway.” Westley radiated coldness as his jaw ticked like a bomb.

It wasn’t his nature to meddle with others’ affairs until and unless they reached his territory.

And this time, Abigail indeed invaded his territory by hurting Gabrielle. She was a willful girl, and Westley wanted to make sure

that hurting Gabrielle was the last time Abigail would cause any trouble.

“Il agree, Westley, for one thing. This isn’t the first time she’s caused such a dangerous situation. If she had killed someone this

time, an apology wouldn’t have been enough. She really needs to learn her lesson today.” Gabrielle nodded, agreeing with

Westley. No one’s arrogance should matter more than someone’s life, let alone a lot of lives. Abigail crossed the limit this time.

Westley turned his head and looked at Gabrielle. “I am happy that you agree with me, and I am happy that we think alike.” There

was a hint of a smile on his serious face.

Gabrielle smiled as she felt the deep sincerity in Westley’s words. “We are a couple meant to be together. There’s no doubt that

we are alike, Westley.”

Westley nodded. “We should visit the Schmidt family mansion the day after tomorrow. Abigail has yet to apologize to you.” The

coldness retumed to Westley’s face.

“Why apologize to me?” Gabrielle tilted her head before smiling and shaking her head. “Abigail hit you, Westley, so that makes

her apologetic towards you, not me. Plus…” Gabrielle’s smile widened as she said, “She has a really big crush on you.”

Westley suddenly looked at Gabrielle. “But…” he hastily said, “I swear I didn’t even know her before this, Gabrielle.” His brows

furrowed in agitation. Gabrielle getting all jealous was the last thing he wanted from their encounter with Abigail.

Looking at her husband’s uneasy look, Gabrielle finally burst into laughter, happy as she teased Westley enough. “Westley,”

Gabrielle looked at him before continuing, “I know that. You told me before that you didn’t know her, and it isn’t your fault that she likes you. After all, she isn’t my first rival in love. There are women all over the country who want to have a hit on you.”

Gabrielle sighed dramatically. For a moment, her ironically sarcastic abilities made Westley wordless.

“L.. didn’t want it to turn out this way, Gabrielle. I meant no women to bother you or become your rivals in love. Trust me! You only have one rival in love, and that’s yourself. So, don’t give others a s**t, will you? I d**n care about them, and no matter how hard they try, you’ll forever be my one and only. Don’t let them bother you.” Westley’s eyes had a vague question of worry.

Gabrielle smiled. “If that’s it, then I like myself very… much!”

“Me too!” Westley’s eyes were filled with affection as he tucked her hair behind her ear lovingly.

Then, turning their gazes towards the TV screen, they both happened to catch a glimpse of a very arrogant and unhappy Abigail, who was looking directly into the camera.

“Apologize, Abigail.” Clifton patted his daughter’s shoulder, silently forcing her to do the act.

With the words of her father, anger bubbled inside Abigail’s veins. Clifton had never treated her like this no matter what she had done, but today, he, himself, fetched her in front of the media to tell the world how sorry she was. It was a blow to her impudence.

‘Even if I have to do it, how will I keep my head up in Snowland after this?!’ Abigail kept her jaw tightly shut with mortification “Abigail.” Clifton rubbed her shoulder again. “Your one apology will bring us to a much better position, but if you don’t do it,

\ we’ll suffer more, and the situation will get worse. Please, apologize.” Clifton’s voice was barely a whisper. Even for an apology for her own mistake, Clifton knew he had to pamper Abigail. This was the limit to which he had let her get spoiled and become rebellious.

There was a saying which fit in the current situation of Abigail and Clifton. ‘If a child made a mistake, his father should be blamed. ‘

“But, dad…” Abigail barely uttered an excuse when Clifton stopped her.

“Abigail, it’s enough now.” There was a hint of an irritated frown on his face. “Your grandfather is already aware of today’s incident. Don’t make him angrier,” Clifton warned her seriously.

Abigail flinched, being reminded of her angry and menacing grandfather.

Clifton finally looked in the front, whispering one last sentence to his spoiled daughter, “Do as I say. I’ll make it up to you later.”

Abigail was the apple of his eyes, so it didn’t matter what she did or what she wanted. Clifton was always there to fulfill her wishes, which led her to become an arrogant and willful girl. He was the kind of father who even helped cover her steps in the troubles she had caused.

At last, she cleared her throat. “I’m Abigail.” Grudgingly, Abigail took a step forward, and all the cameras focused on her. Catching everyone’s eye didn’t bother her even a bit because she was used to being the celeb who attracted attention. But being embarrassed while apologizing in front of the same focus was aggravating, yet Abigail didn’t let any of it show.

Even in a press where she was brought to apologize, she carried the best posture to flash her beautiful self to the camera.

“Today, in the ski resort, more than a dozen people were injured because of my improper behavior. I am sincerely guilty and want to apologize for this big accident. I am sorry.” She made a curt bow before raising her head high again as if the bow never happened. “Although I clearly don’t expect anyone to forgive me, I just wanted to tell you all that I admit my mistake. Other than that, the Schmidt family will make compensation.” As Abigail finished and stepped back, her sincerity with the apology deceived all the viewers watching her. But not the ones who could clearly see through the mask of seriousness how unwilling she was to bring herself down to apologize. –

If Clifton hadn’t forced her, and if she hadn’t been scared of her grandfather, there wouldn’t have been a chance of her presence in front of all of Snowland, watching her apologize on TV screens.

“Do you really mean what you’re saying, Miss Schmidt?”

“Are you sincere at realizing your mistake?” . 

“Miss Schmidt, everyone knows that you’re no good at skiing, yet you went for it in a public snowfield. More than a dozen people were hurt this time, making it an international injury.”

“Miss Schmidt, what do you know about an intentional injury?”

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