Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 751

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 751

Chapter 751 I’m Not Jealous

Abigail disapproved of the questions. The aggressiveness of it all did not please her. Perhaps it was because the Schmidt family

failed to discuss the matter with the reporters in advance or maybe, it was a tad too late for such a discourse.

“What made you say that the incident was intentional? I’m not insane! Of course I didn’t mean it. Who the hell would want to

hurt them? Don’t ruin my reputation without concrete evidence. Do you understand?” Abigail warned.

“You should apologize, Abigail.” Abigail’s harsh words gave her father Clifton a terrible headache. Abigail had no regard for other

people despite the severity of the situation. She cared about her personal affairs.

“Dad, they’ve gone too far. Why would I admit something I did not do? They are insinuating that I hurt people just because I

want to. It’s defamation of character. I can take this to court if 1 wanted to!” Abigail sulked. She was unwilling to subject herself

to such atrocity, especially not when other people seemed to be against her.

She often misunderstood people but hated it when they did the same thing to her

“Abigail, say you’re sorry!” Clifton said in a whisper. Despite his low voice, his words sounded firm, much like a command. At

this point, he was already angry.

Abigail’s anger matched her father’s. Darkness filled her eyes as her gaze shifted to him. “Why would I do that?”

“You don’t have to answer their questions. Just apologize to the injured and their families so we can get this over and done with!”

Clifton exclaimed and grabbed her to force her into saying sorry.

With her best efforts, Abigail tried her hardest to repress her vexation. She did not want to do so but in the end, Abigail gave in to

her father’s incessant command. “I’m sorry.”

As if on cue, Abigail hastily left upon saying those words. Gerry chased after her. She was a lot to deal with but he did not have it

in him to ignore her.

Her dramatic exit took Clifton by surprise but it was not out of his expectations.

He knew exactly how short his daughter’s temper was so Clifton did not ask for anything more.

Gerry had always been a reliable man. Knowing that he chased after his daughter, Clifton could rest assured that Abigail would

be fine. After all, Gerry was one of her closest childhood friends.

“I apologize for my daughter’s behavior. She must have been feeling guilty because Abigail is overwhelmed with emotions right

now. A few hours ago, she went to the hospital and visit the injured.” Clifton quickly explained his daughter’s hasty departure.

He was determined to protect her by all means. It did not matter to him how awful her actions were. After all, she was his

favorite daughter. . 

This aroused a sense of jealousy in Gabrielle’s heart. Perhaps it was because of his paternal love that Abigail grew up spoiled and

happy. °

Despite her unruly behavior, Gabrielle envied Abigail for having such a loving father. It was something Gabrielle never had

growing up.

Her biological parents abandoned her when she was just a child. Gabrielle was left to live in an orphanage until she tumed two years old. She never had the chance to bask under the love and affection of her parents. When the Jones family adopted her, she lived a better life. However, her foster parents never treated her like their real daughter.

It was a clear segregation between how she and Abigail were brought up. Abigail was spoiled while she grew up deprived of parental love.

“Is something the matter?” Westley asked. He couldn’t help but worry when he saw the serious expression on Gabrielle’s face.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” Gabrielle responded as she shook her head.

She did not want to admit that she was jealous of Abigail. Putting this feeling into words would put her to shame.

“Are you sure? What can you say about Abigail’s apology?” Westley asked. His eyes gazed at her intently.

“I’m not surprised. This is really how Abigail is. She’s selfish and couldn’t take even just an ounce of criticism. Her ears are always shut towards other people’s opinions and grievances. Making such a ruckus is not so surprising coming from her. Besides, the reporters were too aggressive. How could she possibly just let them go?” Gabrielle understood where Abigail was coming from.

“You seem to really know her. How could you forgive her even after what she did to you?” Westley couldn’t help but pinch her cheek.

“It has nothing to do about forgiveness. I don’t hold anything against her. Except maybe the fact that she’s into you,” Gabrielle answered with calmness in her voice.

“You’re too kind. I don’t understand how you could forgive someone just like that.” Westley adored her attitude. She never let

other people’s mistakes get into her head.

“I just don’t want to stress myself out with other people’s affairs. Letting go sets you free. Why do I have to invest so much time

and effort on people who did me wrong? Besides, I don’t know Abigail too well. Why would I care about what she thinks?” For

twenty years, Gabrielle had been with the Jones family. In that long span of time, she learned how to be patient and indifferent.

Perhaps it was why people took her as a person who didn’t care at all

However, the reality was that Gabrielle cared. She just did not want to go through the hassle of putting herself in trouble so she

never initiated misunderstandings. If there was a choice to avoid a conflict, she would gladly take that path without regrets.

“I feel the same way.” Gabrielle’s attitude really put Westley in awe. He sided with her a hundred percent. It made sense that Gabrielle would act that way. Especially because she grew up in such an unconventional setting.

The Jones family never saw her as a real member of their family. They never treated her like a real daughter. Gabrielle had to learn how to be indifferent to protect herself.

“Don’t you think I’m selfish?” Gabrielle did not expect Westley to be on her side just because she was his wife.

“Anyone who claims that he is selfless is a liar. Being selfish is human nature,” Westley explained.

He really agreed with Gabrielle. Moreover, she was never one to put other people in jeopardy with her interests.

“You’re right my love. It’s never my intention to cause harm to others. I Just don’t want to cause trouble. All I long for is a quiet and simple life.” Gabrielle’s outlook was easy and uncomplicated. All she wanted was a peaceful life.

“I guess that’s great. I wouldn’t have to worry about you being with other men. If that happened, dealing with them every single day would be a pain in the a*s.” The corners of Westley’s lips spread with a handsome grin.

Gabrielle was stunned by the sudden change in topic.

“You’re one to talk! I’m not as popular as you are. My rival’s face is all over the country,” Gabrielle said as she returned his smile.

Her words put a smile on his face. Westley couldn’t believe that his wife would mention Abigail again. Without a word, his eyes intently stared at her.

For Westley, everything his wife did was adorable. He always found her quite charming even when she was jealous.

“My love, I’ve told you so many times that you are your only rival. There is nobody else who could possibly take your place. Stop overthinking,” Westley comforted.

“Mr. Mormis, don’t think too much. I’m not jealous,” Gabrielle said, putting emphasis on every word.

“Sure you’re not,” Westley replied, not wanting to start an argument.

“What are you going to do about the Schmidts?” Gabrielle asked, changing the topic.

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