Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 752

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Show His Sincerity

They were now in Snowland, and on top of that, they were having some problems with the Schmidt family. So the first and most

important thing they needed to focus on right now was to solve the problem.

Their original intention for visiting Snowland was to have a good time together. But then a series of unexpected events happened,

as they got into conflict with Abigail, and now the Schmidt family became involved. Obviously, this was not a good thing.

“No worries. You just need to stay in the hospital these two days to recover. Then we can go to visit the Schmidt family together.”

Westley, on the other hand, looked calm. After all, he already had a plan about what to do next, so he was confident to visit the

Schmidt family. He had nothing to worry about.

Gabrielle naturally stopped herself from fretting too much when she saw Westley’s calm demeanor. She believed that Westley

had the ability to deal with everything.

“Is the Schmidt family ruthless?” Still, this was what Gabrielle was most concerned about.

It was true that the Morris family was the most powerful family in Antawood. But now they were in Snowland, and this was the

Schmidt family’s territory. So, they needed to be careful with everything.

“Don’t worry. We have nothing to be afraid of. Not everyone in the Schmidt family is like Abigail. You’ll know when you meet

Wilton.” Westley had met Wilton before, so he knew how reasonable he was. Unlike Abigail, he was the type of person who

would take full responsibility. Abigail’s father Clifton should take the blame for Abigail’s stubbornness and unreasonableness.

“Then, I’m relieved. It seems that you know what to do.” Gabrielle knew that Westley was used to taking control of everything. If

he was not confident enough, he would not agree to visit the Schmidt family.

“Well, I have nothing to worry about.”

Gabrielle looked at him with a smile on her face.

“Have a good rest and think about what to have for dinner. I’ll ask Alexis to order the food for us.” Westley immediately changed

the topic.

Gabrielle’s attention was quickly switched to what to eat. She took out her phone and started looking for food to eat in Snowland.

Her mood completely brightened as she swiped across the phone, looking at various images of delicious-looking foods.

Gabrielle selected a bunch of foods she would like to try and showed them to Westley. “Westley, I want to eat this, this, and this

one, okay?”

Westley took her phone over and checked on them. They were all snacks and drinks. So, he picked up a couple of them and

rejected the rest. He then sent those to Alexis and instructed him to order more nutritious foods.

Gabrielle needed to eat more nutritious foods to help her recover. Of course, she couldn’t just have snacks and drinks.

“Westley, have you told Alexis?” Gabrielle looked at Westley with her eyes full of expectancy.

“Yes,” Westley answered with a smile.

“I want to drink milk tea.” A smile formed on her lips at the thought of the milk tea.

“I’ve ordered it for you. It will be sent here later. But you can’t drink too much.” Westley could indulge her, but only to a certain


“I know. I won’t drink milk tea all the time. I’ll eat other nutritious foods too. By the way, let’s not make a video call with Star tonight. I don’t want to let him see that we are in hospital. He will be very worried about us. Okay?”

Gabrielle said as she suddenly thought of Star.

They had made an agreement with Star that they would make a video call with him every night.

Gabnelle had no intention of letting Star see her like that now that she was in the hospital.

“It’s okay. I’ll call him later and explain that it’s not convenient for us to make a video call. He will understand. Star is so smart and well-behaved. He won’t have any psychological burden.” Westley comforted Gabrielle to put her at ease.

“Okay,” Gabrielle said. After all, what Westley said was right. Although Star was still a child, he was very sharp and could adapt well.

The news that Abigail had hurt more than dozen people in the snowfield was still making headlines and had not faded. Although Clifton held a press conference and made Abigail officially apologize in front of the cameras, the public was still unsatisfied.

After all, Abigail’s attitude during the conference was appalling, and she showed no repentance for her actions.

Therefore, the outcome of the press conference was not so good, and it failed to sway the public’s opinion.

At that time, Alexis came in with the cup of milk tea and handed it to Gabrielle. He then sat beside Gabrielle. “I don’t think

Abigail is willful. What a brainless girl! It’s such a good opportunity to make an explanation and restore her image. Stil, she

ruined it,” looking at his phone screen, Alexis couldn’t help but complain.

“The Schmidt family aimed to make Abigail admit her mistakes. However, the reporters’ words hurt her so much. How could a

spoiled and arrogant girl like Abigail tolerate the criticism of the public? So, she ran away,” Joseph said lightly.

He had spent a few hours in the car with Abigail and Gerry before. Although it wasn’t a long time, it was enough for him to

understand Abigail’s violent temper.

She could be unreasonable, but she would never let others misunderstand her. She was not someone who would bear some

unwarranted charges. This was the crime of intentional harming, a very serious crime.

How could a woman like Abigail be guilty? So she naturally left everyone behind and ran away. She was well aware that she

would be questioned and humiliated by the media if she did not run away.

“Abigail has such high self-esteem, so it’s normal for her to run away. I guess the Schmidt family didn’t discuss with her in

advance when they held the press conference, and they directly brought her to the scene. That’s why Abigail was so conflicted

and even left on the spot. It is rude, but that’s her character.” Gabrielle told her analysis of the matter from the perspective of a


“It’s her family’s business. It has nothing to do with us.” Westley showed his disinterest in the situation.

After all, whatever happened was the business of the Schmidt family, and it had nothing to do with him.

“Clifton held a press conference so suddenly. Does it really have nothing to do with you?” Gabrielle turned her head and looked

at Westley. She didn’t fully believe the fact that it had nothing to do with him.

Clifton specially came to visit them, but Westley directly shut him out. After that, Clifton went back and held the press conference.

After all these happenings, how could Westley still say that it had nothing to do with him?

Perhaps, could it be that Clifton held the press conference in such a hurry to show it to Westley rather than to apologize to the injured sincerely?

“What made you think so?” Westley knew that Gabrielle was smart enough to guess something out of the situation, so he just gave her a try.

“It must have to do with you. When Clifton came to see us before, you shut him out and told him to show his sincerity. Clifton

immediately held a press conference this afternoon. Isn’t it too obvious that this press conference was not for those injured people but you?” Gabrielle asked seriously.

“Am I right?” Her eyes fixed on Westley.

“Indeed, you are very smart. Your guess is right. Clifton indeed held the press conference for me to see. Since I refused his visit, he would naturally have other ways to show me his sincerity,” Westley said indifferently.

“So, he held a press conference without talking with Abigail, and then he asked her to apologize in front of the camera. The press conference was doomed to be screwed over,” Gabrielle couldn’t help but complain.

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