Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 753

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 753

Chapter 753 A Friend Of His Grandpa

Gabrielle could now tell that Clifton was really averse of offending Westley. If that was not the case, he wouldn’t be holding the


However, it was ineffective.

Clifton called while they were discussing him. Because Alexis had been dealing with this, Clifton contacted him.

“It’s Clifton, boss. Should we answer?” Alexis asked Westley.

Clifton had just concluded his news conference. Given that he made it for Westley, he would naturally want to know if Westley

bought it.

“Sure, Alexis,” Westley said coldly.

“Greetings, Mr. Schmidt.” Alexis answered the phone and spoke in a pleasant tone.

“Mr. Williams, is Mr. Morris available at the moment? I need to speak with him about something.” Clifton was direct.

“All right, hang on.” Alexis then handed the phone to Westley.

“Mr. Schmidt.”

“Have you seen the news, Mr. Morris?” Clifton inquired plainly. He attempted to be courteous to Westley, but he couldn’t afford to

be too modest in his presence. After all, he was the CEO and elder of the Schmidt Group.

Although he was mortified when Westley drove him away a few hours ago.

He did believe Westley was a capable individual.

As a result, he endured the embarrassment Just now.

“Yes, Mr. Schmidt, I have seen it,” Westley answered readily.

“We sincerely apologize. I hope you could allow Abigail to make amends to you and your wife,” Clifton said with a much more

comfortable tone.

Clearly, Westley was aware that his true goal was to invite him to see the Schmidt family.

“When my wife gets better, we’ll go see Wilton together, and then we’ll be able to talk.” Westley disliked conversing with new

people; he was only attempting to be pleasant.

“All well, then I’ll wait for you at home,” Clifton said, smiling.

“I’ll see you then, Mr. Schmidt.” Then Westley hung up and returned the phone to Alexis.

“Are you sure you’re going to the Schmidt family, boss?” Alexis picked up the phone and asked.

“Obviously. Why would I not? It is not a risky place. In any case, I’d want to meet Mr. Wilton Schmidt,” Westley said gently.

“But, it may be quite risky. The Schmidt family was humiliated this time; perhaps he has ill will against you.” Alexis was

absolutely correct.

The Schmidt family was the wealthiest and most powerful in Snowland, implying that they were all intelligent individuals.

People at the top were frequently like this; Westley was no exception. Individuals like him were frequently viewed as cunning and brutal, which was the only way to maintain their positions.

Naturally, this was also true for the Schmidt family. Given that the Schmidt and Morris families were equally wealthy and powerful, it would be preferable if they did not become rivals.

“Do not be afraid. It’s not significant. After all, Mr. Wilton Schmidt is the Schmidt family’s last decider,” Westley said resolutely.

“Are you familiar with Wilton, Westley?” Gabrielle had a distinct impression that he knew Wilton after hearing Westley speak.

“Mr. Schmidt is a friend of my grandfather’s; we’ve met numerous times previously. Wilton is a reasonable man; we will not be in danger with him in the Schmidt family. You can drink your milk tea now.” Westley patted her head to appease her.

Gabrielle exhaled a sigh of relief and offered him the milk tea. “I’m unable to drink it all, Westley. Can you help me?”

Westley had never been fond of sweets, but he sipped the milk tea Gabrielle offered him.

‘Just a little.” When the three guys witnessed this scene, they felt compelled to leave.

“We need to return immediately. We do not want to be third wheels in this situation.” Alexis rose to his feet and was about to depart.

“Leave. In any case, there is nothing here.” Westley wanted alone time with Gabrielle as well.

“Then we’re leaving. Contact us immediately in case of anything.” They then departed.

Gabrielle intended to depart as well once they went. She hated her time in the hospital.

While they were not at their own house, it was preferable to being in the hospital.

“Let us go, Westley. I’m not interested in staying in the hospital; my injury is not significant in any case,” Gabrielle said softly.

“But, Clifton and the others believe your injury was severe. Stay for a few days. Anyway, with Clifton’s men around, we are unable to move around,” Westley said bnefly. 

“You mean the Schmidt family is keeping an eye on us? Then they should have realized that we are all nght.” Gabrielle was not dumb; she saw how simple it would be for Clifton to learn about it. 

“Of course he is aware, but it’s irrelevant. What matters is what I said,” Westley said with a slight smile.

So he singled him out? But Westley had justifications. . 

“Will his men take us to the Schmidt family if we go out now?” Gabrielle conjured up the scene of the kidnapping. 

“Something along those lines. Therefore, remain here; they will not attempt to capture us,” Westley said calmly.

“Have you anticipated everything?” Gabrielle received the impression, from the look on his face, that he had everything all under control. 

“Gabrielle, I am incapable of foreseeing events. I am a common man.” Westley guessed what Gabrielle was thinking by the expression on her face.

“To me, you are a wonderful man,” Gabrielle said proudly. 

“All I’m going to do is be your hero and protéct you” Westley put the milk tea back in her hand. 

“You are my idol, and I adore you. You just said that Mr. Wilton Schmidt is a friend of your grandfather; thus, he should not harm

us, right?” with a questioning gaze, Gabrielle asked.

“You don’t have to worry. He will not. in any case, we did ng wrong. Drink your milk tea, honey.” Westley massaged her head gently, not wanting her to panic too much. 

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