Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 754

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 754

Chapter 754 I Recognized You At The First Sight

Gabrielle had spent three days in the hospital. Finally, the day had arrived to pay a visit to the Schmidt family. She awoke early,

expectant and worried.

After all, she had formed an unfavorable opinion of the Schmidt family from the start, and as a result, she was understandably

timid and insecure.

“Do we have to visit the Schmidt family, Westley?” Gabrielle cast a worried glance towards Westley. She even discarded the idea

of visiting the Schmidt family.

And besides, Clifton compelled his daughter to apologize for Westley’s sake. For two days, news of Abigail’s apologies circulated

online. Worse yet, her apologies increased people’s hatred towards her, and they began digging up dirt on her. They even had

photographs to substantiate their claims.

According to their claims, Abigail was a horrible person. As arrogant and purposefully offensive as she was, she did really offend

a large number of people. No one dared criticize her in the past, but by taking the initiative to apologize, she allowed those who

had been bullied by her a second opportunity. They would undoubtedly use the circumstance to add insult to injury.

Gabrielle was obviously aware of this. The upper class’s seeming sisterhood was completely fictional and based on mutual

interests. When they were unable to obtain what they sought from others, they seized the chance to trample on others.

It was revolting. While girls like Abigail were obnoxious, it was more annoying to risk adding insult to injury.

“We need to pay a visit to the Schmidt family. What do you fear?” Westley asked, clasping her hand.

Gabrielle’s hand was sweaty, yet she appeared to be in a state of serenity.

“I am not afraid. I’m mildly concerned. After all, I am unacquainted with the Schmidt family. I have no idea who they are.”

Gabrielle was justified in being concerned.

After all, humans have a natural fear of the unknown.

As a result, Gabrielle’s concern was reasonable.

“Worry not. I will take care of everything.” Westley held her hand and kissed her forehead.

“I’m confident that I don’t have to worry about anything when I’m with you. What concerns me is that Abigail was coerced into

making an apology by Clifton. If she realizes it’s because of you, I’m scared she’ll turn on you.” That was Gabrielle’s fear. After

all, Abigail was bound to be self-centered. If she was abruptly treated in this manner, her self-esteem would be severely damaged,

and she would undoubtedly find a means to reclaim it.

“Forget that. Regardless of how capable Abigail is, she is still a girl. She was earlier so willful as a result of Clifton. This time, she

will not dare to act rashly. Clifton won’t let that happen. Don’t worry.” Westley was unbothered in the least. He was quite well

aware of Abigail’s character, yet he was unconcerned.

“I see.”

“Westley, Gabrielle, the Schmidt family’s automobile has come.” Alexis interrupted them and reminded them.

Clifton had already arranged for a car to take them up nght from the hospital, as though he was scared they might not go to visit

the Schmidt family.

“That is actually right. I’ll make my way downstairs later,” Westley said flatly.

Gabrielle finally got it. They had to go to the Schmidt family. They were forced to go since Clifton had dispatched a vehicle there

early in the morning.

“How thoughtful Mr. Schmidt must be!” Gabrielle couldn’t keep herself from teasing.

In general, a high-ranking executive such as Clifton, CEO of the Schmidt Group, did not have to deal with these issues directly.

And he even sent a car there, perhaps to demonstrate how much he valued Westley or to assuage his fears that Westley would leave.

Which one Clifton was planning?

“We’d best accept his generosity; it’ll spare us the trouble of arranging the car on our own.” On the other side, Westley was unsurprised. He had envisioned Clifton sending a car to pick them up.

As a result, he took it calmly and without astonishment.

“Are we now proceeding downstairs?” Gabrielle well knew that they would have to use the vehicle Clifton had prepared for them today.

“Pause a second. Have you had enough rest?” Westley questioned, his attention fixed on Gabrielle.

Westley was more worried about whether she had a good rest or not. Anyway, it was still early, and it wouldn’t take long to ride

from the hospital to the Schmidt’s.

“I’m perfectly well. I might have been discharged two days ago, but you would disagree.” Gabrielle made a complaint.

It was a little wound on her forehead, and she was able to leave the hospital following treatment. However, Westley disagreed

and forced her to pretend to be seriously injured and spend three days in the hospital. This feeling was quite unpleasant.

“Are you attempting to blame me?” Westley gave a small smile at hearing her complaint.

“Iam not accusing you. I’m perfectly fine. I was supposed to be released from the hospital. You compelled me to remain here for

three days.” Gabrielle stood helpless, Staring at him.

“This is a performance for the Schmidt family. How could they know how vital you were to me if my wife was not badly injured?

Otherwise, they would not call a press conference apologizing for Abigail.” Westley was unconvinced that anything was wrong.

He only intended to protect his wife and convey to the world how vital she was to him.

“I lack the courage to meet them in the Schmidt family for my own good.” Gabrielle was unable to refrain from teasing.

“Mrs. Morris, you are the Schmidt family’s guest. You need not be concerned. It is about time. Let us proceed downstairs.” Westley

removed her hat and scarf and assisted Gabrielle in donning them.

“Iam capable of doing it. You make me out to be a moron who has lost the capacity to live.” Gabrielle grabbed the scarf and

draped it around her shoulders in front of the mirror.

“I only hope that you can continue to rely on me indefinitely. I can assist you with whatever,” Westley said solemnly, his glance

locked on Gabrielle.

He was obligated to defend his wife and let her rely on him in perpetuity. He could take care of anything for her.

“Iam nota little child. [am capable of performing these minor tasks on my own. However, I love the weather in Snowland. When

I go out dressed like this, nobody will know me. I’m feeling at liberty to step outdoors.” Gabrielle smiled as she examined herself in the mirror.

“Don’t worry. I will recognize you regardless of what you are wearing.” Westley did the sweet words thing again.

“Put on your coat; we’re about to go,” Gabrielle pleaded with him. This man was constantly flirting with her, using a variety of beautiful phrases.

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