Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 755

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 755

Chapter 755 The Schmidt Family

The Schmidt family had a long history in Snowland, which made them a well-known family.

As a matter of fact, one might imagine how prominent the Schmidt family was in Snowland.

Gabrielle and Westley sat in the automobile as it approached the Schmidt family home, which was built in an antique style and

had a lengthy history.

Snow blanketed the rooftops of the building, showing just the walls and windows; it was breathtaking.

“Is this the Schmidt family?” Gabrielle was mesmerized by the view in front of her as she sat in her automobile.

For some reason, it felt like she’d entered a realm of fantasy and didn’t want to leave.

“Yes, this is the Schmidt family home, which is occupied by Mr. Wilton Schmidt. His kids and family all live here, and they place

a high emphasis on family.” Gabrielle received a quick explanation from Westley about the Schmidt family.

“I’d love to live in a place like this; I’m not sure I’d want to leave.” Gabrielle let out a sigh.

It appeared as though the Schmidt family was very famous and wealthy; the Schmidt family should all be well-educated.

Whatever the case, Westley must have been a pretty sensible man to be so certain that nothing would happen with Wilton here.

They were all intellectual individuals with comparable brains, which explained why Westley preferred to associate with sensible

and clever individuals.

It would save him considerable time. They were cognizant of each other’s thoughts and would not force others.

It must have been because Westley was well familiar with Wilton that he consented without hesitation to come here. Even if the

Schmidt family was the wealthiest and most powerful in Snowland, Westley would be unbothered if he was insulted.

“Would you like to live at the Morris’ Mansion when we return?” Westley well knew that she did not wish to live there, but he

Just had to taunt her. ,

“No, I can’t live there.” Gabrielle was baffled as soon as she heard Westley. Why would she wish to reside at the Morris’ Mansion?

Except for Miley, no one was friendly to her. Additionally, there was Liana present, who had never taken a liking to her.

Moving into such a place would be a recipe for trouble.

“I was joking. Just now, you were scared.” Westley laughed and thought that his wife was lovely.

“I know you were joking, but the prospect horrified me. I have no desire to reside there and am not welcome in any case.”

Gabrielle made a point. She would even never accept Westley’s invitation to live in the Morris’ Mansion.

“Don’t worry. I’m aware that you dislike living there, and I will not pressure you to do so. However, Grandma likes you there.”

Westley squeezed her fingers and wanted her to relax. Gabrielle had been happy moments ago, but he wrecked her mood.

“I can remain with her in Isido for a time,” Gabrielle said seriously.

In any case, she would not live in the Morris’ Mansion alone, even if Miley invited her.

“So you’re not a fan of the Morris’ Mansion,” Westley said with a warm smile and affectionate gaze.

“Would you like to return?” Gabrielle looked at Westley and inquired.

“No,” Westley explicitly stated. He seldom retumed to the Morris’ Mansion after he left.

He was just reluctant to see Liana and the others. He felt liberated living alone; he didn’t have to be subjected to daily lectures.

Additionally, he was now married to Gabrielle. He was having a good time with her; why would he retum to the Morms’ Mansion?

“If you don’t want to return, why are you asking me to?” Gabrielle locked her eyes on him looking angry.

“I was not requesting that you retum. I love our life together; why would we want to return and live amongst so many people

every day?” Westley had no intention of returning; he only desired to taunt Gabrielle.

“Here we are, Mr. Morris.” The automobile came to a halt in front of the Schmidt family mansion. The driver exited and assisted them in opening the door.

Westley exited the vehicle first, and then assisted Gabrielle. He turned to see Wilton standing there beside Clifton and other members of the Schmidt family.

It appeared to be a lavish welcome.

“I appreciate your presence, Mr. Morris.” He was hailed by Clifton.

“Mr. Schmidt, we appreciate you sending someone to pick us up. And it’s good to see you, Mr. Wilton Schmidt.” Westley approached Wilton and greeted him courteously.

“I haven’t seen you in a very long-time, Westley. You must spend a couple of days in Snowland.” Wilton was quite appreciative

of Westley.

Wilton was extremely envious of Zaid’s two outstanding grandsons.

Zaid and Wilton had been close friends, but following Zaid’s death, Wilton visited the Morris’ Mansion seldom.

Due to the considerable distance between Antawood and Snowland, there had been little communication between the Schmidt — and Mornis families. Exactly why Wilton wanted to see Westley when he learned he was in Snowland.

“This is my wife, Gabrielle, Mr. Schmidt.” Gabrielle was introduced to the old man by Westley.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Schmidt. My name is Gabrielle, and I am Westley’s wife.” Gabrielle made a wonderful and courteous introduction.

She had been told by Westley that Wilton was a really kind man, and now that she had met him, she believed it. Wilton was a kind soul, much like his grandpa.

Gabrielle had less nervousness and unease. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Gabrielle. I was unaware you were already married, Westley.” Wilton cast a disappointed look at Westley and said.

He had hoped to present his granddaughter, Abigail, to Westley, but Westley was already married.

Given Westley’s marriage, he was forced to abandon the goal of matching Westley and his grandchild.

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