Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 756

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Spoiled

Wilton had already had such an idea. He did not have a grandchild as exceptional as Westley, but it would be ideal if he could

become his grandson-in-law.

However, he well knew that his granddaughter was unsuitable for Westley.

Even if Westley was not married at the time, he wouldn’t be attracted to Abigail.

“Mr. Schmidt, I didn’t foresee marrying so young as well, but I suppose when you meet someone you want to spend the rest of

your life with, you want to mamry. After meeting Gabrielle, I wished I could marry her immediately. She is really beautiful, and I

adore her. We are happy at the moment,” Westley said with a smile.

Gabrielle was speechless at hearing this and believed she was not as good as he described her.

“I’m not as wonderful as Westley claimed I am, Mr. Schmidt,” Gabrielle said shyly.

“I believe in Westley’s judgment, Gabrielle. You must be a wonderful woman. Additionally, I can tell how much you two adore

one another,” Wilton said sweetly.

“I appreciate it, Mr. Schmidt,” Gabrielle Said.

Abigail, who was standing away, glanced at Gabrielle with arrogance and contempt in her eyes. She despised Gabrielle.

She didn’t believe Gabrielle deserved a man as good as Westley.

“To be honest, it is rather chilly outdoors. Let us in and speak,” Wilton said hastily.

Alexis and the others followed them, carrying gifts. They couldn’t turn up empty-handed, as the Schmidt family had invited them


They entered the living room. Wilton invited them to seats and then requested the housekeeper to bring tea.

“Everyone, please have a seat and make yourselves at home,” Wilton said to them.

“Westley, I heard about what occurred on the ski slope, and one of the reasons I wanted you to come here is to have Abigail

apologize to you. Are you and Gabrielle feeling better at the moment?” Wilton said sincerely.

“We are alright now, as Miss Schmidt’s apology was shown on the news. It’s okay; we don’t require another apology from Miss

Schmidt. We are coming today primarily to pay you a visit,” Westley said graciously as if he had truly forgiven Abigail.

However, Wilton disagreed. It was one thing for Westley to choose to disregard it, but quite another for Abigail to apologize to


“Come here, Abigail, and apologize to Gabrielle and Westley,” Wilton hastily asked Abigail.

Of course, Abigail was adamantly opposed. She was already displeased when she was asked for an apology in front of a large

crowd without her agreement. And now her grandfather had requested her to personally apologize to Gabrielle and Westley.

Didn’t grandfather say he adored her most? Why was he attempting to embarrass her?

“Didn’t you hear what Mr. Morris said, Grandpa? He is no longer in need of an apology from me. Why should I make an apology?”

Abigail walked over to Wilton and expressed her sorrow.

Each time Abigail behaved childishly in front of Wilton, Wilton forgave her for everything. After all, she grew willful as a result

of her father and grandfather’s pampering.

This had always worked, which was why Abigail chose to repeat the technique.

She couldn’t say sorry to Gabrielle and Westley in front of the Schmidt family.

“Apologize, Abigail. You did something really wrong this time; I advised you not to ski in public since you were unable to ski; you

disregarded my advice, and look what happened.” This time, Wilton declined to buy it. He seemed solemn. Abigail was unlucky.

Abigail had been spoiled since she was a small child by the Schmidt family; she had never been coerced into doing anything she did not want to do.

However, her grandfather now desired that Abigail apologize to Gabrielle and Westley, which made her feel extremely mortified.

Wilton had stated that there would be significant visitors there and that the Schmidt family as a whole needed to be present.

Abigail was intrigued as to who they were; she had not anticipated it to be Westley and Gabrielle. And now she was being expected to apologize to them in front of her entire family; how was she to do so?

“Grandpa, I apologized for the accident already; why should I apologize again? I’m not going to!” Abigail flatly refused.

Wilton was an enlightened man. Normally, if Abigail committed an error, he would pardon her. However, he called Westley here today to demonstrate the Schmidt family’s regret.

“Mr. Schmidt, as long as Miss Schinidt truly does not wish to apologize, it is okay. What she just stated was true; she had

apologized to everyone who had been harmed in the accident, including us. We saw her distress. We’ve come to pay you a visit

today,” Westley said as he looked at Wilton.

Wilton was appreciative of westley’s thouyughtfulness and considered him to be indeed a Morris.

“How about this, Westley? The $2 mi t family owe you one this time; if you ever want our assistance, simply ask.” Obviously, Wilton would not allow Abigail t tart t Schmidt family’s name. 

while Westy sd hate en on ba pit pov hissing, 

‘Dad, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” Clifton said in a low tone to Wilton upon hearing this.

“Does it mean I no longer have a say in the Schmidt family? Wilton cast a peek his way. 

“I apologize, I did not intend that. Wesstley, please do not hestate to seek assistance from the Schmidt family at any moment”

Clifton was compelled to acquiesce. 

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