Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 758

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 758

Chapter 758 No Rejection

Gabrielle simply spoke it verbally. Abigail had, after all, been haughty for twenty years. Her transformation was almost impossible.

Wilton, on the other hand, believed what Gabrielle said. He believed Abigail would change. Otherwise, Abigail would incur losses regardless of

her future location. She was fine now that she was safeguarded by the Schmidt family.

With the Schmidt family’s protection, she could intimidate anybody.

“You are correct, Gabrielle. You and Abigail are almost the same age hope you two can become good friends. This way, you can connect

with her more effectively, and Abigail may benefit from your knowledge.” Wilton appeared to have sensed a spark of optimism when he saw


Abigail had a nasty temper, which Wilton was well acquainted with for a long period of time. He would have a tough time inciting her to

change her character.

However, if a girl like Gabrielle stayed with Abigail as a friend, it would assist in subconsciously altering Abigail’s anger. After all, Abigail’s

friends were all females with the same temperament as her, and they would have no beneficial effect on her other than to exacerbate her

nasty temper I .

As a result, Wilton never counted on her friends to intervene in Abigail’s outbursts. Gabrielle, on the other hand, was unique. She was an

honorable and polite young lady I

If Gabrielle was Abigail’s friend, she may have an effect on her temper, forcing her to repair it as soon as possible.

“Mr. Schmidt, I, too, wish to be friends with Miss Schmidt, but judging by her current attitude toward me, I doubt she does.” Gabrielle gave a

kind smile. . 

‘Gabrielle had deduced Wilton’s meaning. He wanted Gabrielle’s assistance in assisting Abigail in regaining her composure. Gabrielle,

however, would be unable to change Abigail, regardless of how even-tempered Gabrielle was. Admittedly, Abigail had such a short fuse.

Furthermore, Abigail detested her. She would prefer to expel Gabrielle from Snowland than to become friends with her.

Wilton’s thoughts were far too straightforward. Abigail would strongly disagree.

“Gabrielle, Abigail was only being fussy. Indeed, she is rather simple. The most critical aspect is that she makes the appropriate friends.

Gabrielle, you are the type of girl who puts me at ease. If Abigail truly becomes a friend of yours, she will undoubtedly transform.” Wilton knew

that he was probably asking too much of Gabrielle. . 

Nonetheless, he liked such an exceptional person as Gabrielle. He hoped Abigail would grow up to be such a wonderful and loving girl.

“I will make every effort to befriend Miss Schmidt, but friendship, like love, requires reciprocal sentiments.” Gabrielle reminded him in advance,

in case she and Abigail would not get along. . 

“Gabrielle, I understand what you’re saying will not be compelled to do anything. If you are unable to become friends with Abigail, that’s also

fate.” Wilton was a rational man.

Wilton wished the younger generation happiness, but more importantly, he wished for them to remain optimistic.

Wilton stayed concerned about Abigail.

It was all their responsibility for choosing Abigail’s pampering, which resulted in her nasty mood today. Every day, she caused havoc

everywhere. Normally, Clifton would immediately assist her in resolving issues and concealing them from Wilton.

They couldn’t cover up the truth that Abigail had harmed folks in the snow field from Wilton.

“I suppose you come to Snowland to have fun with Westley and your friends, Gabrielle. You can stay at my house for a few further days.”

Wilton thought they might stay at the Schmidt family’s home a few more days. In that event, he would allow Abigail to have a better

relationship with Gabrielle.

Gabrielle could sense Wilton’s sincerity. She was powerless to resist.

“Then I apologize for bothering you.’ Gabrielle smiled.

“I will be quite glad if you can stay here for a few more days.” Wilton invited them to reside here.

“Then how about we eat lunch first?” Wilton smiled and extended an invitation to everyone for lunch.

“Get Abigail down.” Wilton directed the butler to call Abigail from upstairs.

The butler dashed upstairs in search of Abigail. Even though she indicated that she did not wish to eat before going upstairs, the butler

followed Wilton’s instructions to go upstairs and call Abigail.

Today, the Schmidt family cooked a particularly exquisite meal to delight them.

As it was shortly after the festival, the majority of the Schmidt family members were not in the house. As a result, just a few members sat at the table.

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