Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 759

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 759

Chapter 759 We All Have Girlfriends

The butler came shortly thereafter, but Abigail did not. It appeared as though she was not going to eat at all

Gabrielle was now astounded by Abigail’s fury.

“Mr. Schmidt, Miss Abigail…”

“Let her be. She will descend when she becomes hungry.” While Wilton loved his granddaughter, he was enraged by Abigail’s obstinacy.

He had hoped that Abigail and Gabrielle would get to know one another better over lunch, but Abigail was suddenly adamant about not

showing up.

Wilton decided to let her be because she was resolute about not coming down.

“Westley, Gabrielle I apologize. Abigail does not appear to be coming down for lunch today. Take no notice of her. Let us now eat.” Wilton’s

cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

However, he quickly recovered and retained his composure. .

“This wraps our list of Snowland’s unique cuisine. Have you ever visited Snowland, Gabrielle?” Wilton asked Gabrielle, with a nice smile on his


“No, Mr. Schmidt, this is my first visit to Snowland. Westley saw my want to experience snow and brought me here on vacation had not

anticipated meeting Miss Schmidt by chance.  perhaps it was part of God’s plan,” Gabrielle said with a weak smirk.

Gabrielle disliked Abigail completely, despite what she claimed.

“Perhaps you two would make excellent buddies.” Wilton was pleased to hear her remarks.

.  The older man sincerely hoped Gabrielle and Abigail could become friends.

“Lord knows,” Gabrielle said with a smile.

Gabrielle was not fond of making new acquaintances, and it was clear that Abigail was not someone she wished to befriend.

Simply put, she could never be friends with Abigail. 

“Maintain your presence here for a few more days feel you two are compatible. By the way, you should all be buddies with Westley; have

any of you boys ever come to Snowland before?” Wilton asked, looking at the other three young guys.

“We have come here several times before, Mr. Schmidt, but this is the first time we have visited the Schmidt family. Your home is stunning; if I didn’t know better, I would have assumed it was a castle.” Wilton was delighted by Alexis’s remarks.

Undoubtedly, he would be pleased if someone described his home as a castle.

“Then you must spend a few days here. On the back, there are various houses; you may choose one and stay there want each and every one of you to feel at ease here.” Wilton hoped that they had a pleasant visit.

Numerous residences?

Everyone exchanged glances.

Indeed, the Schmidt family was the wealthiest in Snowland. They reasoned that their forebears may have been members of a royal family in ancient times. 

From the look of things, they couldn’t afford to offend the Schmidt family.

In any case, except for Westley, none of them dared.

“How many houses are back there?” Gabrielle asked, astonished.

They were only able to see the main building when they entered just now. However, they were unaware of what was lurking in the rear.

The houses were joined by bridges and corridors, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a castle.

Gabrielle was, for some reason, a bit excited. While she majored in jewelry design, she also had an interest in architecture. When she first entered the Schmidt family home, she was captivated by the architectural style.

“According to what I’ve heard, the Schmidt family has a dozen homes. Are you intrigued?” Westley could tell Gabrielle was captivated by the questioning expression on her face.

“That I am. Are you uninterested?” Gabrielle asked quietly.

She truly had no idea. There were a dozen homes behind this property.  it was truly a castle. She was giddy with anticipation to view the houses. 

“I’m interested in what you’re interested in; thus, did you agree to spend a few days here appreciating the houses?” Westley made fun of her.

Gabrielle shook her head in denial. “No, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Gabrielle, are you not enjoying the dishes? These are local Snowland delicacies that I thought you would enjoy. If you’re not a fan of the local cuisine, I can ask the chef to prepare some Antawood meals for you. Is there anything else you’d want to eat?” When Wilton noticed

Gabrielle was not eating much and only shaking her head, he assumed she disliked the dish. 

“That’s not the case, Mr. Schmidt, The meal is excellent am not a picky eater, save for the fact that I avoid seafood.” Gabrielle emphasized, to avoid making an unwanted impression on Wilton. 

I Fortunately, no seafood Wasjon the menu. The meal was mostly comprised of various cuts of meat, which northemers enjoyed. 

And the ood was abot excelent. 

“”it’s great that you’re enjayind ‘yourself, Gabrielle.” Wilton appeared to be quite content.

“You three are all Westiey’s buddies. Are any of you engaged?” Wilton examined the young men and inquired. Bhp .

It appeared to be a casual query, but he was actually checking to see if they were married yet. 

“Mr. Schmidt, everyone has a giriiend in Antawood.” Alexis detected danger in Wilton’s words and spoke quickly. 

He was quite informed about the elders. If he revealed that. he was still single, the elders would take note and arrange for him to meet.

They would pair him up with someone he had never met and then ask them’to getengaged. 

Alexis was fully aware of this, which is why he lied about them already having girlfriends. 

“I assumed you were single. If you have a singte ‘outstanding buddy, I’d want to introduce him to my granddaughter.” Wilton was uncomplicated about whathe was planning,

Introduce Abigail to them? 

Alexis was completely relieved by what he heard. Right now, he felt grateful for his wits. If he hadn’t told Wilton the lie that they

all had girlfriends, he would’ve set Abigail up with them and choose one of them as her future husband.

Abigail had a nasty personality. Anyone who married her would have shitty luck. No matter how beautiful she was on the

outside, she had a terrible character. Alexis had no interest in women ne Abigail. Marrying a woman like her would be a call to


“We can go around and ask. Miss Schmidt is outstanding, and I Snow and has many young talents around. She could find

someone she likes.” Alexis desperately changed the topic. 

“Indeed, there are so many young and talented individuals in Snowland. But let’s leave it all to fate. Anyway, enough about

Abigail. We have to eat dinner first. After that, I’ll let the butler show you around our backyard to rest or walk if you’d like. Sadly,

the snow is too thick at the moment, and it’s hard to walk outside. It would be nice if you could visit in the summer. You’ll get to

see the most stunning scenery.” Wilton steered the. conversation. 

“You have a beautiful house. The sceneries would look stunning whatever season it is. Even when it’s covered by snow, it’s really

pretty.” Gabrielle turned to look out the window and smiled. 

The large French window in front of the dining hall was a sight to behold. When the curtains were ‘open, you could see the

scenery outside. It was incredible.

It felt like the most magical place on earth and people couldn’ take their eyes off it.

“I’m very flattered to hear that, Gabrielle.  You’re always welcome to visit my humble home whenever you want.” Wilton extended

a heartfelt welcome to them. 

Unlike the people that Abigail brought back home before, Wilton liked Gabrielle and the others better.

“That’s wonderful to hear. When I  come back to Snowland next time, I’ll come to visit you.” Gabrielle grinned.

She had no idea when she would return to Snowland,

So only time could tell when the next visit would be. 

Since she had so much to do back in ‘Antawood, she wasn’t a hundred percent sure. 

“Great! Please do visit when you’re available, Come, let’s have dinner first,” Wilton excitedly said, urging everyone to eat the food.

The butler escorted them to the backyard to select rooms after dinner, but Abigail had not come down to join them.

Since it wasn’t any of their business, ‘they didn’t ask anymore. 

“After passing through this long corridor, we will reach the guestrooms in the backyard. There are a dozen of rooms in total for

guests, You can choose any room you like.” The butler explained the layout as of the Schmidt’s estate. He described everything,

including each corridor, house, man-made rocks, and the yard’s summer splendor.

Everything was covered in snow for now, but when’ summer came, the place would become a yard filled with blooming flowers

and lush green plants. 

It was a vast courtyard that gave color to the seasons.

After strolling around the Schmidt family’s beautiful courtyard, Gabrielle was greatly intrigued by its unique style

. The plum trees that bloomed in the winter yard added to its charm. . 

“Wow… Snowland is as beautiful as the pictures I’ve seen. I can’t believe I’m finally here.” Gabrielle was obsessed. She stood in the corridor with her hands around her cheeks, and reveled in the beautiful view that laid in front of her.

“I didn’t expect you’d like the snow very much. What do you think about buying a house here? It would be our vacation house for the winter and we could enjoy the first snowfall of the year.” Westley gently hugged her from behind.

The butler then excused himself, leaving all the guests to rest.

Gabrielle smiled and shook her head in response. “Honey, the people from the north go to the south to spend the winter season.

But you’re choosing to do the opposite? It would be freezing, I bet.”

She thought it was sweet of Westley for considering such an idea. Gabrielle liked to see snow, but she kept in mind that doing all of these things for her was unnecessary.

Every time she would tell Westley about places she loved, he would instantly do things that would surprise her. What if Gabrielle told him that she liked the sea or the prairie? Would he buy houses there too? 

All of it was possible because he was a filthy rich man. An ordinary girl like Gabrielle never thought of it even once.

She didn’t want Westley to do all these things. It would be a waste to buy a house here since they weren’t locals. They weren’t even going to stay permanently. It was a better option to rent a villa or stay in a hotel if they ever planned on visiting in the winter season.

“There’s a heating system here though. It won’t be that cold. I know you love snow, so I want to take you here every winter.”

Westley chuckled as he placed his head on top of Gabrielle’s.

 His little wife was so cute and straightforward. 

 “I know, but there’s no need to buy. a house. Some sceneries are only good to look at once or twice. Seeing the same thing would eventually be boring.” Gabrielle breathed in the cold, crisp air.

‘Gabrielle was never arrogant nor impulsive, so Westley listened. She could thoroughly examine everything and exactly knew.

what she wanted. She was the boss. 

 Instead of answering directly, Gabrielle turned around and asked him face to face, “You adore your grandfather so much, right,

“Westley’s eyes widened in surprise. “Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?”

“My grandparents love their grandchildren. very much. I can-say our bond with them was deeper than our parents – Why do you

“Grandpa has been gone for a long time now. You must miss him terribly.” Gabrielle felt sad as she said this. 

“I do miss him a lot.” Westley didn’t try to mask his feelings for his grandfather at all. Gabrielle was the only person he could be vulnerable with. 

Perhaps it was true for all couples. It was a nice feeling to love someone and be so open with them. They didn’t need to keep any secrets from each other. Instead, they would always be open about emotions because they trusted each other. 

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